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Project information

Dandelion Time Service Expansion

Dandelion Time will expand its service to a new area of Kent, to reach children impacted by trauma and abuse who need support but cannot access our mid-Kent service. We wish to develop 3 new sites over 3 years in Medway, North & East Kent. The Big Give will help us launch the first of these.

September 2019 - September 2020

Charity information: Dandelion Time

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  • Need


    From a farm in mid Kent, we deliver therapeutic programmes for children affected by mental health issues, triggered by abuse or trauma. We help children with complex needs, who are struggling with school, family life and relationships. Working with child and family to ensure sustainable change, Dandelion Time supports them to re-engage. Many families and professionals working with them contact us from other parts of the county desperate for support, but are too far away to access our service.


    Dandelion Time will deliver intensive programmes for children and families in a new area of Kent. They will engage in hands-on farming, animal care, craft and cooking activities combined with therapeutic support. Children will overcome issues related to trauma or abuse, and associated emotional or behavioural difficulties. They will gain self-worth and resilience, a sense of purpose, have better relationships at home, and re/engage with school, feeling less isolated and more able to cope.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Deliver a farm-based therapeutic service for children in Kent with emotional and behavioural issues


    » Develop a new site in East/North Kent with facilities for food growing, cooking, animal care and outdoor/sensory crafts such as woodwork & pottery
    » Promote the new service to schools, social services & early help teams in the districts surrounding the new service
    » Deliver a programme of weekly farm/activity-based sessions over 10-15 weeks for children affected by serious emotional difficulties and their carers
    » Evaluate the new Dandelion Time service provision and impact, to inform planning and implementation of further additional sites in Kent.

    What success will look like

    Through development of a new Dandelion Time project and delivery of an intensive programme with 45 individuals (children and carers) in year 1 of operation.

  • Impact


    Dandelion Time transforms the lives of traumatised children in Kent. Our therapeutic approach uses farm-based and creative activities that help children build self-belief, strengthen relationships and develop skills and aspirations. We will assess the impact on each child using individual goal-setting/scoring and mental wellbeing measures, assessed at the start and end of the intervention. A new centre will benefit hundreds of children in future years.


    The main risks presented by moving into new areas of Kent are identifying a suitable site to develop, and not receiving sufficient/appropriate referrals for the programme. We already receive many enquiries from Medway, North and East Kent, and do not expect a lack of demand. To ensure this, we will be delivering a 9-month outreach programme from September 2018, working with agencies in the regions to promote the service and establish specific local issues, and identify a site to develop.


    Dandelion Time uses several measures to record & evaluate service provision and impact; Goal-based outcomes (GBOs), outcome questionnaires, and CORS, a mental health impact tool. We will produce a report to funders on the impact of the programme on children using this data & case studies.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,636

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,491 Case Worker Deliver sessions for families in new site
      £8,550 Senior Caseworker Develop site & oversee programme delivery
      £1,500 Computer PC & support costs: Case Worker
      £7,600 Rent Rental of new site
      £2,000 Site adaption Developing/adapting site
      £2,000 Travel Travel costs to/from new site
      £1,000 Materials & catering Equipment/craft materials/catering
      £8,495 Management/overheads Site insurance, management & utilities etc

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Dandelion Time Reserves £10,636 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We have identified areas within Kent with high levels of social and economic deprivation, currently outside reach of our mid-Kent service. We aim to start ‘satellite’ services in each of these areas; North Kent, East Kent & Medway. We are investigating through an outreach programme potential referrers and sites in each of the areas, and establishing a more detailed analysis of specific needs. Following this, we will open a satellite in one of the 3 areas with The Big Give campaign funds.


    100 children and families benefit from Dandelion Time’s services each year. The new service will aim to reach 45 individuals (children and carers) in the first year of operation, to increase by 10-15% annually. Those referred will have experienced trauma, abuse or domestic violence, leading to emotional/behavioural issues. They may have been excluded from school, or involved with social/mental health services. Carers are usually struggling to cope with their child’s emotional needs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Dandelion Time is often seen as a last resort to help children to overcome trauma and re-engage, when other interventions have been unsuccessful. The charity fills a gap in local services for children & families who are affected by trauma or abuse, and has gained a reputation in Kent for offering a unique and successful approach to resolving serious emotional issues. Since 2003, Dandelion Time’s programmes have consistently achieved positive outcomes for children with serious difficulties.

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    Graham Carpenter

    CEO: Graham has 20+ yrs experience in charity management and therapeutic provision for children and adults & has developed DT’s service over 15 yrs.

    Carol Bridges

    Senior Practitioner: Oversees all therapeutic delivery and is a BACP registered counsellor with 15+ years’ experience of therapeutic provision.

    Caroline Jessel

    Fundraising/PR Lead: Oversees Community, Events, Individual & Corporate fundraising. Manages team and all income in these areas; over £140k annually.