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Project information

Pop-Up Cookery Workshops for Kids

Teaching disadvantaged children how to prepare and cook healthy, fresh food from scratch with our mobile pop-up kitchen. Targeting areas of poverty and deprivation in London, to alleviate children going hungry over the Long Summer Holidays.

July 2019 - August 2019

Charity information: The Kids' Cookery School

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  • Need


    Too many children are not learning how to prepare and cook, a vital life skill that is lacking among the younger generation. Low income families are struggling to provide healthy, wholesome meals, therefore rely on cheap alternatives, high in fat, sugar and salt, resulting in health related diseases. Our project aims to educate these children about the importance of a healthy diet and give them the opportunity to cook low-cost, healthy meals, an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise get.


    Many children are often left hungry and lack the nutrition they need to stay fit and healthy. Our mobile pop-up kitchen allows us to target areas of poverty and teach disadvantaged young children how to cook, ensuring these individuals don't go hungry. Our cookery workshops are fun, creative, socially interacting, and hands-on, whilst also being educational in food and basic nutrition.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To educate young people about nutrition and how to prepare and cook healthy food from scratch.


    » Use our mobile pop-up kitchen to teach them how to prepare and cook fresh food, entirely from scratch.

    What success will look like

    A higher number of young people will show an interest and desire to take part in learning how to prepare and cook and will eat a higher portion of fruit and vegetables

    Aim 2

    Boost children's mental and physical well-being, increase confidence and take responsibility


    » All the children work individually to create their own dishes, requiring them to make their own decisions and be creative

    What success will look like

    Changes in behaviour due to an improved, balanced diet allows the children to be more active and better behaved. They will be more sociable because they feel better in themselves

    Aim 3

    Teach children new skills, both culinary and social and about kitchen safety and hygiene


    » Children interact with other students during the class, they learn how to whisk, knead, crack eggs etc. and participate in a quiz

    What success will look like

    Students will participate in a fun and engaging quiz after each cookery session, which demonstrates what they've learnt.

  • Impact


    With cookery taken off many school curriculum's and schools having a lack of kitchen facilities, KCS provides those children who don’t have the access to cooking, the opportunity to do so and open their eyes to learning a new found culinary skill, one that will be vital throughout their lives. By eating a healthy diet, these children can gain an education, sustain a healthy weight, thus avoiding diet-related health problems, and feel good about themselves.


    The risk is that we are unable to find suitable venues to deliver our cookery sessions at. To deal with this, we work with/alongside like-minded charities and organisations to find suitable venues for our pop-up kitchen and work in disadvantages areas of London .


    At the end of the project we will put together an evaluation to demonstrate the number of children we have taught and the overall outcome of the cookery sessions, using feedback from the young people themselves and their staff and workers in the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,700 Head Chef Head chef leading cookery sessions
      £800 Junior Chef Junior chef assisting head chef
      £500 Van Driver Individual driving the van (mobile kitchen)
      £60 Public Liability Insurance and Public Liability
      £200 Van On-Costs Road tax, congestion, parking, petrol etc.
      £840 Admin and Risk Assesments Administration costs
      £400 Ingredients and Materials Ingredients, cooking and kitchen materials
  • Background


    Disadvantaged areas of poverty and disadvantage in and around the London Boroughs. Being mobile allows us to be very flexible and deliver our cookery project in the areas that need it most and to those who wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook healthy fresh food from scratch if it wasn't for our cookery project.


    Young children, aged between 5-16 years, living in deprived area's of London. We would hope to teach approx 40-60 children per day with our pop-up cookery Kitchen. We should teach over the 8 days approx 400 Children in total.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    KCS has extensive experience (over 18 years) of delivering a wide variety of cookery sessions to children and young people. Our mobile pop-up kitchen is so unique, which allows us to go out and deliver hands-on cookery sessions at any given venue or space with minimal requirements. Being mobile allows us to reach out to more students, serve the most deprived and indigent areas in London and give those the opportunity to cook. All our staff are highly experienced and qualified.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Fiona Hamilton-Fairley

    CEO and Founder of the charity who has over 20 years experience teaching young children how to prepare and cook fresh food from scratch.