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Project information

East London Community Transformation Programme

An innovative & much needed 'Grit' project for young people in East London experiencing disadvantage or in challenging circumstances.
An exciting cross-sector consortium, including local businesses & colleges, will mobilise 1,000 aspirational adults to support 500 young people to change their lives

January 2019 - March 2020

Charity information: Grit: breakthrough programmes

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  • Need


    We’ve spoken to 103 young people across East London since June 2016, getting to grips with what’s going on for them. They’ve described complex issues, fragmented families and difficult home-lives. They want things to be different but can’t see a way out of their current situation, lifestyle or habits.

    And, we’ve heard from staff in sixth form colleges in the area that young people’s aspirations and motivation are at an all-time low, with around a third of students dropping out completely.


    The 3-year project will focus on tackling the mind-sets and attitudes at the heart of young people’s challenges, through proven ‘tough love’ group personal development workshops.

    We will support young people to realise their talents, developing their self-belief and the resilience needed to take control of their lives.

    Ongoing coaching support from trained community volunteers and local work placements will create the opportunity for long-term, sustainable life changes.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Transform the way adults & young people in East London behave & engage with each other


    » Recruit, screen & train min. 200 community adults in our coaching methodology, preparing them to coach and support young people one to one
    » Supervision of 121 solution-focused coaching by community adults for young people in the project
    » End of programme celebration event, showcasing young people’s progress & achievements, demonstrating what’s possible when communities come together

    What success will look like

    By mobilising 1,000 aspirational adults from across East London into volunteer roles, supporting and coaching 500 young people over 3 years

    Aim 2

    Enrol young people from across East London so that 500 young people engage in project activities


    » Our Youth Engagement Manager will work intensively across East London, engaging with and recruiting min. 500 young people for the project

    What success will look like

    By having at least 500 young people from East London participate in the project

    Aim 3

    Young people being responsible for their lives and transforming their behaviour


    » Each yr, deliver 6-day personal development residential workshop to approx. 50 young people, tackling the root causes of their behaviours & attitudes
    » Deliver monthly group personal development workshops, supporting young people to sustain and embed changes, ensuring long-lasting impact to lives

    What success will look like

    By young people displaying transformed behaviours and actions, e.g. reduced/ceased criminal activity, anti-social behaviour and/or substance misuse

    Aim 4

    Transform how staff in E. London colleges, community services & businesses engage with young people


    » Train min. 200 youth professionals from E. London services in Grit's approach, e.g. staff from local authorities, 6th form colleges & the police

    What success will look like

    By training min. 200 adults in Grit's 3-day workshops. Analysis shows that each will use the training with approx 25 young people, indirectly impacting 5,000 young people

    Aim 5

    Support young people to positively engage with and be successful in employment and/or training


    » Genuine 3-6 month work placements/apprenticeships at reputable businesses, providing young people with valuable & essential work skills & experienc
    » Each year, deliver 9 months of activities including skills-based employment sessions and young people-led group community projects

    What success will look like

    By having at least 100 young people successfully engaging with & maintaining work-based placements or apprenticeships, accessing support to move into full time employment/training

  • Impact


    We expect these long-term changes in young people:
    85% increased self-esteem, resilience & aspirations
    75% taking responsibility for their lives, e.g. reducing/ceasing criminal activity, ASB and/or substance misuse, etc
    75% with no current engagement in education/employment will be positively engaged by the end of the project
    We have a robust evaluation system to capture changes in young people & will produce an end of programme report demonstrating the project’s results


    1. R: low young people numbers
    M: Grit’s experienced Youth Engagement Manager has various recruitment strategies and a strong network of East London youth partners

    2. R: breakdown of partnerships
    M: Delivery partners have committed fully to the project. Partnership agreements are signed ensuring role/responsibility clarity

    3. R: not achieving planned outcomes
    M: Monitoring systems in place to pick up issues quickly and assess project delivery


    Donors will receive a monthly project newsletter, including a summary of the month’s activities/progress, a preview of the coming month and details of how donors can get involved or visit activities. They will also receive the mid-point progress and end of programme performance reports

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,690 Youth outeach and engagement 6-8 weeks of Grit's Youth Engagement Manager working in E. London to recruit min. 180 young people
      £12,305 Volunteer preparation Recruitment, screening & training of min. 70 community adult volunteers
      £10,395 Volunteer supervision Supervision of volunteers during 9-months coaching with young people
      £7,380 Volunteers' expenses Travel & refreshment costs incurred during coaching sessions
      £10,230 Young people's 5-day workshop Contribution towards costs of young people's 5-day intensive personal development workshop

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Garfield Weston Foundation £15,000 Guaranteed
    Prevista Ltd £50,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    East London is a vibrant, diverse area of London. But with many parts ranked in the 10% most deprived areas of England, communities face real challenges:
    A quarter of Tower Hamlets is in the 10% most deprived areas of the country.
    Over a third of children/young people in Hackney and Newham live in poverty, much higher than most of London and almost double the national average.
    And, Waltham Forest is one of the worst London boroughs for the proportion of residents who are homeless.


    500 young people in East London, aged 16-21 years, who are experiencing disadvantage & living in challenging circumstances. E.G. Young people who are: care experienced; involved in ASB or criminal activity; living in poverty; not engaging in education/employment; and/or, misusing substances.
    Analysis shows each adult trained in Grit’s approach uses it with 25 young people in the first 12 months. By training min 200 adults in our 3-day workshops approx. 5,000 young people will indirectly benefit

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our rigorous, compassionate approach builds cohesive community networks of support: producing extraordinary results.
    Work with 18,000+ young people & 20,000+ adults shows:
    66% young people out of work, find employment by the project end
    Crime reduces by up to 75% post-programme
    Over 90% young people who engage with us, increase self-esteem & 65% raise educational attainment
    Financial analysis shows every £1 spent on a Grit project creates an average £3 community saving.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Anthony Olanipekun – Youth Engagement Manager.

    2 years service. Highly skilled at engaging with young people in communities. Excellent at quickly building trust, respect and effective relationships

    Amira Asantewa – Communities Director.

    19 yrs service. Very effective project manager. Managed 75+ community programmes. Well networked with youth organisations across East London

    Cara Rule – Head Of Curriculum.

    18 ys service. Worked with over 2,000 young people. Exceptionally skilled youth trainer. Creates high challenge and intensely supportive environment

Grit's Youth Congress, London community programme (2017-18) completion celebration