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Project information

Managing Trauma experienced by Refugees

Providing support for the many refugees and Asylum seekers and their families who have exerience trauma. Improving their health and wellbeing through compassion, care, community support and specialist counselling. Providing a safe space for families in crisis at our 'Hub'.

January 2019 - December 2021

Charity information: Aid Box Community

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  • Need


    When refugees resettle to a host country, in a place that is likely not to be of the refugeeā€™s choosing, the refugee must adapt to a new place and language under uncertain circumstances and with uncertain futures. Re-establishing a home and identity, while trying to juggle the tasks of daily living, is yet another significant challenge that the refugee must undertake on top of the pre existing trauma. This project aims to reverse the effects of trauma across the lifespan of the refugee.


    Recent research has verified that post-migration stress significantly influences the emotional well-being of refugees, and often provides a risk similar to or greater than war-related trauma. Stress is high during the period of resettlement and the refugee may be reminded of other traumatic events of their lives. ABC aims to provide culturally sensitive care that gives the refugee support during the first few years of their resettlement.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide culturally sensitive support to refugees experiencing trauma.


    » Providing a safe 'space' for refugees to come, talk, learn new skills, share existing skills and develop friendships.
    » Providing access to culturally appropriate support that may include counselling, alternative therapies, refugee run 'support' groups
    » Providing volunteering opportunities that will help enable integration. These will reflect their individual skills .

    What success will look like

    Collection of pre and post involvement 'stories'/case studies reflecting their journey with ABC, changes to their emotional well being as defined by them.

  • Impact


    ABC supports and provides opportunities for resettlement and integration in Bristol by strengthening the ability of refugees to make adaptations that maximize access to support, livelihoods, services and which thereby contribute to individual and family wellbeing. We will demonstrate this through the monitoring/recording of the activities they are involved in, significant events during their time with ABC and a video of their story.


    Lack of funding - we have a partnership approach with other refugee organisations, submitting joint funding applications; we also have a diverse fundraising strategy (general fundraising/events/sales of goods/sponsorship etc) and a healthy amount of reserves
    Poor Governance - we have an established central team and trustees that oversee all projects with all projects reviewed at trustee meetings.
    Lack of volunteers - we have regular recruitment sessions every year promoting opportunities


    We produce newsletters and update Facebook regularly. Each year we will send donors information on the years work and impact. Donors are invited along to local events.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £38,250

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Salaries part time co-ordinator post
      £4,000 training 8 training sessions for volunteers to include safeguarding, working with refugees
      £4,750 room and equipment hire renting rooms for events/therapy sessions. Hire of kitchens for skills sessions
      £10,000 evaluation/monitoring cost of evaluation by Gloucester University
      £1,000 publicity profile raising, marketing in a number of languages
      £3,500 central costs contribution to central overheads
  • Background


    The project will be based in Bristol but cover the surrounding areas of South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset. The main venue of the work will be at our Hub in Redland.


    The main beneficiaries will be the refugees and asylum seekers (and families) of Bristol and surrounding areas. Communities will also benefit as cultural awareness is raised and embraced through the general activities of ABC as well as the individual skills shared by refugees within local communities and schools.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Aid Box Community has a very strong supporter base offering a wealth of skills that will support the delivery of the project. We have excellent professional relationships with trauma focussed organisations and have a strong track record of fundraising. The majority of our funds are unrestricted which means we are better able to respond to individual needs rather than be directed by funding restrictions. We have carried out a consulations that clearly demonstrate the need.

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    Imogen McIntosh

    CEO - Imogen manages the charity and has an excellent track record in business development. Imogen will oversee the delivery as a whole

    Yasmin Wolfe

    Yasmin will have Trustee responsibility for goverannce of the project and partnership development.

    Jez Spencer

    Jez will lead the ongoing fundraising strategy and manage the monitoring and evaluation of the project.