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Project information

Be Aware Take Care (BATC)

Nearly half of young people (47%) worldwide have received intimidating, threatening or nasty messages online!
BATC will equip 50 vulnerable YP with resilience, inspiration, tips and knowledge to make informed choices when using the internet, through an intense 30 week accredited programme.

January 2019 - July 2019

Charity information: JTAG LTD

  • Need


    '72% of YP want their school to teach them about cyber-bullying...However 1 in 10 said they haven't been taught this.'
    This is true in the OJ community where internet usage is not encouraged during the younger years. As YP mature and start entering the workforce they begin facing the dangers of internet and need to be informed accordingly in a culturally appropriate manner.
    Lack of information can be detrimental for YP.
    This is especially true for girls who are 40.6% more likely to be bullied


    BATC will be a programme designed for OJ teens, involving sessions, workshops, accreditation, competitions and a Safer Internet Day event to raise awareness of the dangers lurking out there; especially cyber-bullying and the effects of social media.
    As a result YP will be able to draw up their own boundaries, make informed choices about internet usage and stay safe, reducing the amount of abused and hurt teens.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Inform YP about the dangers of internet, prevent cyber-bullying and promote the safe use of internet


    » 30 tutor led sessions on the dangers of internet in all its forms and ways to protect oneself and set boundaries. (AQA Unit Award Scheme accredited)
    » 10 interactive workshops exploring ways to use the internet safely.
    » A video competition for participating YP on the dangers of cyber-bullying.
    » Safer Internet Day event for all participants, staff, parents and visitors.

    What success will look like

    We will demonstrate the success of this through and through outputs such as accreditation and competition videos.

  • Impact


    BATC will inform YP about the dangers of internet and how to protect themselves for life. This will ensure that the next generation will not be susceptible to cyber-bullying attacks and won't be picked as vulnerable targets for abuse.
    We will follow up with YP a year after the programme to gather statistics on the success of the project and count the amount of possible cyber attacks that were avoided due to their training.


    There is a risk of breaches in Safeguarding and Data Protection. To combat this all staff will be subject to an enhanced DBS check and will be compliant with our Child Protection, Safeguarding and Data Protection policies..
    There is a slight risk of a lack of users. This has been covered by compiling a list of more than 80 YP who expressed interest in this project.


    We will send a short written report in April (in the middle of the programme) updating funders about how its progressing, whats been covered and comments from YP. A full report will be sent at the end of August along with pictures, videos, feedback, statistics and some samples from the competition

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,100

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Project Manager Project manager to oversee recruitment, events, registration, evaluation & budget
      £2,500 Curriculum Developement Developement of curriculum according to cultural requirements of OJ girls
      £1,800 Tutor costs Tutor wages @ £30/hour for 60 hours
      £3,000 Workshops 10 interactive workshops
      £800 Competiton Internet safety video competiton
      £1,000 Refreshments Light refreshments for workshops and Safer Internet Day event
      £3,000 Event Safer Internet Day public event
  • Background


    The programme will take place in JTAG's large premises at the heart of Hackney. The Safer Internet Day event will take place in a local hall for the general public.


    50 vulnerable YP will take part in the full programme with an estimated 300 members of the public, parents and staff joining the Safer Internet Day event.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    JTAG ltd has extensive experience running quality educational courses many of them in conjunction with Hackney Community College. We have a high rate of success and are strongly youth led.
    We are also embedded in our community and serve at a local level, putting us in a better place to understand the finer needs of our users.

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    Mrs Goldie Rosenberg

    Programme Co-ordinator

“They withdraw and their confidence goes down. It can go as far as children committing suicide."

Sgt Turner