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Project information

Reach Ova

Reach Ova is a new project that will engage with and provide support to women with ovarian cancer from under-represented groups. It will also raise awareness of the symptoms among marginalized and under-represented communities of women generally.

February 2019 - December 2019

Charity information: Ovacome, ovarian cancer

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  • Need


    Ovarian Cancer is diagnosed in 1 in 52 women in the UK, however because the symptoms are often misdiagnosed and the disease is often diagnosed at a late stage this means that survival rates are low. These factors can lead to feelings of isolation among women with ovarian cancer and their family members, particularly those who are from under represented groups. Early identification, patient advocacy and awareness raising are crucial as there is no national screening program.


    We will adapt our services and create resources to specifically target those who are unlikely to access our mainstream support service, such as BAME women, lesbian, transgender, those living in poverty, those over the age of 75 and younger women who are diagnosed as well as those who do not have English as a first language. We will systematically work with other charities and healthcare providers to ensure that our symptom awareness raising campaigns are delivered to harder to reach groups.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer among harder to reach groups of women


    » To create a more visual and diverse set of awareness raising materials
    » To network with other charities to enable us to better reach women who would otherwise not see the mainstream campaigns that we run

    What success will look like

    Measuring the numbers attending community awareness raising groups and the volume of resources being requested by other charities who work with our target groups.

    Aim 2

    To provide support services to more women from these harder to reach groups


    » Adapt services, ensure we are running more accessible support (eg running more local support groups outside London & translating our support leaflet)
    » Provide better access to our existing support services. EG giving bursaries to those on a low income unable to travel without support

    What success will look like

    Increase over the course of the project in the number of women from our target groups accessing our support services. Likewise, feedback from community health groups and women

  • Impact


    This project will strengthen the ovarian cancer community and ensure that we become more truly representative of the ovarian cancer population in the UK. We will continue to build on this project by maintaining the relationships with partner organisations and by monitoring the diversity of our membership regularly. We will be able to demonstrate the change by monitoring the diversity of our membership and through feedback from those accessing our services.


    The risks are that we will find it difficult to adapt our resources to enable us to reach those that we really want to target effectively. We will mitigate against this by working with community groups already working with these women and taking their advice as to how to adapt resources and existing service provision.
    Also, we could increase demand for our service beyond what we can currently manage, we have already planned to increase and build capacity in our team to cope with this.


    For smaller donors from our community via our new website (due to be launched in September 2018) and our quarterly newsletter. We also give stats and achievements via social media regularly.
    For larger donors we would send them a specific report tailored to this project including all outcomes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,200 Staff Support service staff days 24 working days out of office running groups and support sessions
      £1,780 Venue Hire Venue hire for 10 support groups across the UK
      £820 Travel Staff and volunteer costs
      £2,800 Materials Awareness raising and support materials/posters/leaflets/film
      £400 Service user costs Bursary for service users for travel, accommodation etc if they are on a low income
  • Background


    We will run a monthly younger womens group in London (@Maggies centre in Hammersmith) but we will also be running support sessions in; Birmingham; Bath; Liverpool; Glasgow and Liverpool. We will also be engaging with other charities that work across the UK at community level and will be going to visit them to deliver training, awareness and support sessions. These individual sessions will be in many different areas to enable us to reach rurally isolated and those unable to travel distances.


    Women from the following groups as well as their family members.
    Women from BME groups
    Lesbian and non hetero sexual women
    Younger women – aged 44 years and under at point of diagnosis
    Women aged 75 and over
    Women living in rurally isolated areas of the country
    Women with English as a second language
    Women living in poverty/under financial pressures

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Because we are the only charity working across the UK focussed solely on supporting those affected by ovarian cancer. We have a very highly skilled and knowledgeable staff team and the charity has been working in this specific area for 22 years so we are well known, well established and well respected for the work that we do. We also have a medical advisory board made up of top clinicians across the UK working in Gynae cancers so we can tap in to their expertise when needed to for information

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    Anna Hudson

    Anna is the Support Services Manager, she manages our online forum, support groups, phone line and instant chat services. Anna is medically qualified

    Ruth Grigg

    Ruth is our information manager, she manages production of the resources that are provided to our beneficiaries. She also manages our volunteers