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Project information

Champion club

4/10 students fail to achieve an A*-C on core GCSEs!
Champion Club will provide a welcoming, learning & nurturing environment for YP who need to resit exams.
They'll have access to mentors, learning activities, quiet learning spaces, resources, refreshments,
learning schedules, 1:1 help and more.

January 2019 - July 2019

Charity information: Teen Action

Teen Action logo
  • Need


    'Almost 80% of pupils in England who don't achieve A*-C grade in GCSE Maths/English fail to attain this mark during their resits!'
    This year at TA 27/65 YP who signed up for accredited Childcare/Financial Capability courses were rejected due to failing core subjects.
    When questioning why they didn't re-sit, 25 mentioned lack of support!
    This is especially rampant in disadvantaged places where 'just 1/3 disadvantaged students hit the GCSE pass target, compared to 60% of their better off peers.'


    Champion Club will be an out of hours support group for YP who need to re-sit core GCSEs.
    It will be open on Sundays & Monday/Thursday evenings beginning from Jan-June '19.
    It will be free, ensuring equal opportunities for all.
    YP will have the necessary support in order to study and revise. There will be computers, textbooks & resources for YP to access.
    We'll have trained volunteer mentors, and an experienced tutor on-site.
    The Club will be a place where YP feel like champions not failures.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase attainment in core GCSE subjects


    » The club will provide learning resources, specimen papers, 1:1 support, learning schedules, volunteer mentors & study partners, helping YP achieve.

    What success will look like

    Success will be improved GCSE results for over 90 YP. We will record results achieved after attending the programme to measure success in numbers.

    Aim 2

    Reduce the amount of YP at risk of becoming NEET


    » We'll provide support so that YP will continue to persevere & retake their GCSEs in order to access further qualifications & remain in education.

    What success will look like

    We will keep a log in sheet of all YP attending our club to measure the amount of YP we've kept in education through Champion Club.

    Aim 3

    Boost self-confidence and motivation


    » YP will get the support they need to achieve and this will increase self-confidence and motivation towards learning

    What success will look like

    We will measure these soft skills through questionnaires completed by YP attending Champion Club asking them to rate their confidence and more at the start and end.

  • Impact


    Champion Club will increase attainment in core subjects for over 90 disadvantaged YP and allow them to achieve required grades in their GCSE resits, preparing them for further education and additional qualifications.
    It will also boost self-esteem and motivation amongst weaker learners who have failed GCSEs and may feel down and unsupported.
    We will measure impact through amount of attendances, actual re-take GCSE results and feedback from YP and mentors attending the club.


    1. Not enough users -low risk as there are no similar provisions and a high demand.
    2. Health and Safety Risks/ Fire risk - We have risk assessments for the building and every activity/room that runs on our premises.
    3. There may not be enough funding to cover the project - we've planned a detailed budget along with quotes for items over £100 and included everything we need so as to avoid any unexpected costs. We are fundraising extensively for this.


    We will send a detailed report to all funders in September 2019 (after YP have received GCSE results and we can measure successes) with comments from YP, pictures of our club and a complete evaluation highlighting successes and impact achieved.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,430

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,750 Project Manager Project manager for the duration of the project @ £150/week
      £4,400 Tutor Key Stage 4 GCSE tutor @ £22/hour for 8 hours per week
      £2,000 Travel Travel for 8 volunteer mentors
      £800 Publicity Advertisements and flyers
      £280 Volunteer training Volunteer mentor training day (7 hours)
      £4,000 Equipment Bean bags, computers, textbooks, resources...
      £200 Printing Printing and office stationary
  • Background


    Our young people are all from Hackney and Haringey –two of the most deprived boroughs in London (“Over 44 per cent of children in Hackney are living below the poverty line – more than double the national average” -Hackney Post). London Poverty Profile research suggests there are improvements but still 41% in Inner London did not achieve five A*–C GCSEs including English and maths and therefore lack a Level 2 qualification. The area is known for lower than expected levels of achievement.


    over 90 15-18 year olds who reside primarily in the London boroughs of Hackney and Haringey.
    The attainment levels are low in this area compared to other London boroughs.
    We want to ensure every young person will go on to secure required grades and move onto further education.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Recently Teen Action reached a major milestone, achieving our Gold Quality Mark from London Youth, a programme accredited by City & Guilds. Working on this has improved our management, the scope of our work, business plan, operations and quality of work with YP.
    We are supported by major players such as BBC CiN, Awards for All, Peoples Postcode Trust... To date we've served over 480 teens and have achieved an 87% employment rate, an
    increase of 17% since 2010.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ms Ellie Phirer

    Project Developer

“There was an atmosphere of warmth and encouragement. The quality of relationships with young people came across very strongly... ”

Beth Williams. Quality and Membership Officer, London Youth