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Summer time counselling

Parents and their children are alone during summer time without support; many are unable to find help since schools are shut. Thus, many of them suffer without adequate support. This is the gap we would like to fill, by providing the necessary intervention during this crucial time.

July 2018 - September 2018

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  • Need


    Parents are alone during summer holiday without any support in place for their children. Many do not know where to turn for help since schools are shut for holiday. Consequently, we are hoping to fill this gap by providing necessary services. This is the reason we are seeking for funding to offer this service. Six weeks is a long time for anyone to suffer without support.


    We provide services in schools and are supporting many children/young people and their families in the community during school time. We noticed a few years ago that some of these young people were without support during the summer holidays. Lack of support can lead to self-harm and suicide thoughts among them. We have been offering summer time counselling for four years. But now schools are unable to fund this service because of funding cuts and many parents cannot afford to pay for it.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To reduce the number of children/young people suffering from mental health problems during summer.


    » To liaise and work alongside schools in regards to the project activities, so that parents are aware of what we are offering during summer time.
    » Print flyers and distribute to parents, family centres, libraries, GP surgeries etc

    What success will look like

    We will use a monitoring assessment sheet to demonstrate the success of intervention. We are confident this can lead to significant improvements in mental health and wellbeing.

    Aim 2

    We will offer family sessions, in order to promote understanding and togetherness within the family.


    » We will liaise and work with family and youth centres in order to reach families in the community.

    What success will look like

    We will use a graduated scale of points to identify and measure the level of individual problems to monitor the progress of the client and the performance of the counselling itself

  • Impact


    We will be providing mental health support to reduce symptoms of psychological distress amongst young people and their families. This will aid long lasting change for young people and their families.
    We will undertake initial assessment, and seek feedback and review from the children throughout the time they are undergoing counselling.
    We anticipate that 90% of participants will report improvements in their mental health following their counselling.


    Loss of premises - low risk, but we have identified possible alternatives locally.

    Loss of key staff - low risk. Our team is flexible and we would be able to find someone suitable to cover.


    We would write a comprehensive report of what we have achieved with the money donated to You and Me Counselling, which will include how many children, young people and their families we have supported and how we have supported them, and their feedback.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £7,700

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,600 Counselling for young people Providing one to one counselling session for 15 young people at £40 per session for six session each
      £3,600 Family sessions Six sessions per family at £60 per session for family of 10
      £500 Play and Art therapy Purchase materials for play and art therapy
  • Background


    We are in an outer London borough with some areas of urban poverty. About 30% of the population is under 25. The demographic profile is changing and becoming more diverse. In Havering, the waiting list for mental health services for young people is over eight weeks. Havering has seen a number of violent incidents recently including shootings and stabbings.


    This project will benefit young people whose families cannot afford to pay for counselling during the school summer holidays. There are no other organisations providing these services in this borough. The benefit will extend to the whole family, who would otherwise suffer psychological distress. School funding cuts mean that schools can no longer fund the project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Seven years of experience providing counselling in schools and in the community. We can provide a range of psychological support from our multi-disciplinary team: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); integrative; person-centred; play therapy; and art therapy. This makes us unique as we are the only provider in the borough. We have run summer counselling for the last four years.

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    David Hall

    Therapist who will plan and implement the project.

    Bolaji Olagunju

    Overseeing project delivery

    Clare Beasley

    Therapist providing counselling services within the project

    Jade Maragaki

    Therapist who will plan and implement the project