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Camden Unity Cup Festival

We are seeking funding towards a youth run community and sports project for more than 600 local young people and residents. The Camden Unity Cup is a football festival for all ages, male and female, and includes a wide range of fun, creative and educational activities as well as live performances

April 2018 - September 2018

Charity information: Fitzrovia Youth In Action

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  • Need


    A driving need for this project comes from poor living conditions, high rates of crime and anti-social behaviour and the barriers to opportunities that many YP in our area experience. Camden is the 12th worst local authority (or equivalent area) for children living in poverty in the country (2014 End Child Poverty report) with extremely high living (housing) costs and as the main reasons. There are also issues around gangs
    operating through 'postcode' territory and a lack of community cohesion.


    The project is co-produced throughout with young people leading at all stages. All project participants will research, consult, plan and deliver aspects of the event ensuring that they gain a variety of skills and experience, improving confidence, widening aspirations and building strengthening a sense of belonging to the community. Project leaders will gain from follow-on work building their employability skills and will be encouraged to take part in future activities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To build a sense of community belonging and cohesion by bringing together people from across Camden


    » Football Tournament
    » Festival activities (performances, pop-up cinema, stalls, BBQ etc.)
    » Young people and others volunteering on the day and young people planning and delivering the event

    What success will look like

    All youth volunteer (12 planning and 60 on the day) will surveys at the start and end of the project and we will record case studies. We will also survey 50+ residents attending

    Aim 2

    To improve the skills and experience of young people


    » Young people will gain a range of skills and experience by planning and delivering a large community event while being supported by staff

    What success will look like

    The young people planning and delivering the event will receive AQA qualifications and we will also use baseline and exit forms and staff feedback to assess

    Aim 3

    To improve the health and wellbeing of young people


    » The festival will consist of physical activities and learning opportunities for young people and provide signposting to many local activities

    What success will look like

    All participants in the tournament will take part in healthy living questionnaires and we will test the knowledge of young people at the event as well as promote sport locally

  • Impact


    Improved community relations through people from 'all walks of life' taking part in fun sport and festival activities.

    A better connected and supported community - There will be plenty of signposting opportunities for young people and other residents to take part in other community, sports, arts and supporting programmes and activities.

    Young people planning and delivering the event will gain skills, experience and confidence to aid them with further education and employment opportunities.


    Risks include:

    1) Ensuring we have a suitable venue in place for the event and all health and safety regulations and safeguarding measures are in place

    We have worked with the venue 'Corams Fields', for many years

    2) Ensuring adequate youth football teams, exhibitors, volunteers and support for the event. This event has been run for more than a decade so already has local buy-in

    3) Ensuring we have adequate funding in place so that the event can go ahead.

    We have reserves to cover if need


    We will provide a full report of the consultation, planning elements, the event itself and feedback. We will also provide photos of the event and a youth made short film.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,300

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Event Planning Sessions 1 x youth project manager for peparations and sessions delivery and a support worker for sessions
      £500 Venue Hire of facilities
      £3,000 Equipment hire (stage etc.) Cost of hiring the stage, bouncy castles and games as well extras such as fencing
      £700 Refreshments/Food Lunch for volunteers and refreshments for participants of the football tournament
      £1,300 Volunteer costs travel espenses for stewards who are 16+, as well as AQA costs for certificates
      £800 Day staffing Additional staffing from the venue (Coram's Fields)
      £500 Printing/Promotion Printing of posters and leaflets for community hubs and youth centres in the area
      £500 Evaluation Costs associated with short film, media and report writing

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    LB Camden Festival Grant £650 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The event will take place at Coram's Fields, a 7 acre site, in Bloomsbury, that provides a playing field and sports pitch. The area is close to the Somers Town and Regent Park Estate areas of south Camden which suffer from multiple disadvantages, not least with the disruption caused by the HS2 works around Euston which means many families are being relocated and the area is experience disruption and a loss of green space. The event will attract young people and their families from across Camden


    The young people who will volunteer to plan and deliver the event will gain a range of skills and experiences while a larger number (350+) of young people across the borough of Camden and beyond gain access to an exciting tournament, learning and fun activities, live entertainment and opportunities to learn about and join other programmes operating in the area.

    Other local residents, families of participants etc. (est 250+) will enjoy a fun community event with opportunities to socialise.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a twenty-year track record of supporting and championing young people within our community so that they are more empowered and able to succeed in life and during that time we have worked directly with over 5,000 YP and reached thousands more through our events and activities.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Eleanor Rudd

    Youth Leadership Manager - recruits youth planning and steering committee and responsible for event on the day

    Shipon Hussain

    Peer Education and Media Manager - responsible for media and short film of the event, also a football coach with FYA so assists with the tournament

Our Community Cup Festival in 2017!