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Sponsor a Play Worker

Donations will allow us to recruit the extra play staff we desperately need for our oversubscribed holiday playschemes during summer and half-term. Sessional staff allow us to support a greater number of children during the times of the year when parents need safe, high quality childcare most!

June 2018 - June 2019

Charity information: The Winchester Project

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  • Need


    The Winch provides a low-cost, subsidised Holiday Playscheme service in an area where many children are from low-income, single parent or working. Our Playscheme ensures children are able to attend without putting additional financial pressure on struggling parents/carers and enabling single parent families to work. This service is needed in Camden where 40% of children continue to live below the poverty line (Child Poverty Profile, 2018).


    We have a small core team and are dependent on sessional staff to offer a high quality service to such a large number of children. Sessional Play Workers ensure that we can provide a broad range of activities daily to a high number of children. It also enables us to foster strong, consistent relationships with every child is crucial and having sessional workers allows us to increase the time dedicated to building one-to-one relationships.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To deliver Holiday Playschemes for up to 50 children a day throughout 2018/19


    » We will run a summer Playscheme for 4 weeks in July and August.
    » We will run half-term and Easter Playschemes in February, Easter and October.
    » We will recruit four sessional staff members to assist during the Playschemes.

    What success will look like

    Using our attendance database Lamplight, we will register the number of children participating in holiday playschemes and HR will keep track of the number of play staff recruited.

  • Impact


    Playschemes helps develop children’s social skills. Activities are structured to help children build and understand relationships and with the guidance of our play workers, we developed the children’s conflict resolution capacity.

    Secondly by providing a stimulating and safe environment, we ensure that children do not engage in risky or anti-social behaviour. We provide positive adult role models and prevent early engagement with gangs and other risky groups during the holidays.


    The main risk is that we do not manage to hire sufficient play workers. We have dealt with this risk by building strong relationships with returning staff members, many of whom have other careers but return to The Winch out of love for the organisation. We also have good local employment referral pathways, ensuring candidates who have an interest in Play Work are aware of opportunities at The Winch.


    We will report to donors using our monthly newsletter as well as a bespoke communications package for those who donate and opt-in for regular updates. this will feature an update on the Playschemes specifically as well as an event for donors at the completion of the Summer Playscheme.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £19,936

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,675 Salary (play worker) Sessional staff @ £9.75 for 465.5 hours a year
      £5,293 Salary (play worker) Sessional staff @ £11.05 for 465.5.hours a year
      £4,675 Salary (play worker) Sessional staff @ £9.75 for 465.5 hours a year
      £5,293 Salary (play worker) Sessional staff @ £11.05 for 465.5.hours a year
  • Background


    Child poverty in Camden is a persistent, ongoing problem. 36% of children continue to live below the poverty line. In the past ten years, poverty has become more entrenched: 2015 IMD and census results show decreases in economic well-being for the four most deprived local wards where many our children live. The index of multiple deprivation shows that several of the communities we work with are in the worst 10% (one in the top 2%) for income deprivation affecting children.


    Children aged from 4-12 years old in North Camden will benefit from this project. The children who will benefit most are our many beneficiaries from local council estates on Lithos road, Rowley Way and The Chalcot's Estate. These areas score poorly on living environment and children often are growing up in cramped living conditions without safe or fit-for-purpose play areas. These children will benefit from regular access to a safe, engaging Adventure Playground.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?


    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Kim Mabutt

    Kim leads the Primary Years Programme and will ensure buy-in from children and parents.

    Lydia Scott

    Lydia Scott is our community fundraiser and will be responsible for comms and publicity during the Big Give campaign.

    Sudanshu Weerasuriya

    Sudanshu is our buildings manager and will oversee the delivery of all building works to the highest possible standard.

    Daniel Hall

    Daniel is a trusts and foundations fundraising officer and will be responsible for raising the remaining funds needed for the project.