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Feel Great Hub

Some kids are dreading holidays.They will travel-but to excruciating cancer treatment or
are relied on to care for a sick family member,or to manage domestic front.
A proposal to open cancer hub for these kids,and sleep away,for sibs;an oasis of fun,friends and laughter away from pain & stress.

July 2018 - September 2018

Charity information: One Heart - Lev Echod

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  • Need


    1)Social exclusion:Our users are embarrassed of their sickly looks-bald heads,loss of weight, which also alienate peers.Frequents school absences and extended hospital stays add to loneliness.
    Similarly,siblings tend to feel stigmatized too.
    With medical expenses escalating and existing poverty prevalent in Hackney affecting more than 41% of kids(after housing costs)most parents can`t afford swimming fare,forget camp.

    MedicalLimitations:sick kids must stay close to care


    The Feel Great Hub will be a special safe space, a supervised haven for sick children, siblings and child carers where they feel comfortable and enjoy stimulating yet unstructured activity,free of charge. There will be a library,fish tank, outdoor games and sports,electronic entertainment therapeutic and skills workshops e.g yoga,mindfulness,pilates,cake decorating,drama,music,clowns,comedies,concerts, food corner and mentoring arrangement and 1-1 therapy.
    1 week sleepaway camp for siblings.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reducing social isolation for children ill with Cancer or for child carers of a cancer parent/sib


    » Free style social hub where members can chill out and meet other children who can emphasize,validate and support each other. Hub open 20 hrs weekly.
    » Organised Weekly Support Group facilitated by licensed therapist or teacher who has been in trenches of Cancer combat.
    » Mentoring arrangement. Cancer Survivers and grown up `cancer siblings/child carers` are paired with child and support child like BIG BUDDY.
    » An amazing 1 week sleep away camp for siblings, packed with trips,entertainment,socials and emotional support to build resilience and happiness bank.

    What success will look like

    Feedback forms will indicate:We anticipate that 60% of users will make a new friend, usually with someone they would not be friends with under normal circumstances. Big Buddy logs

    Aim 2

    Reducing boredom Alleviate pain,by giving children something to look forwards too and simply enjoy.


    » We offer an equipped library, game room and snack corner at users disposal to enjoy and distract themselves from stress at Cancer front or at home
    » Workshops like cake decorating, make up workshop, woodwork for boys to teach skills, stimulate, build confidence and entertain.
    » Comedies, concerts and performances to make users feel special and grant them unique opportunities
    » siblings of cancer patient won`t suffer because parents are too involved in ill child`s care. They will enjoy a high quality camp,with unlimited fun.

    What success will look like

    We anticipate 70 daily users plus drop ins.Children who use the hub will sign in and out. This and feedback forms will indicate about users` enjoyment of camp and hub.

    Aim 3

    Therapeutic workshops which supports emotional and mental health and speeds healing process


    » Drama,Dance and Music and art sessions delivered by qualified instructor helps users relax, express emotions and great for mind.
    » Yoga, mindfulness, CBT and other group therapies. Exercise which slows process of depression

    What success will look like

    Therapist observation, assessments and reports.
    Stakeholders meeting.

    Aim 4

    We want our users to have a safe space, away from scary hospital rooms or frenzy home fronts.


    » The Feel Great Hub is a safe supervised setting offering ample space to relax, chill, meet friends and have fun.

    What success will look like

    Feedback forms. We will create a special poster at hub about what it means to users. Parent feedback about children`s eagerness to come and increased calm and content after visit.

  • Impact


    Our users will benefit from a supportive social network on a consistent basis where they get-together with people experiencing similar struggles and they emphasis and support each other.
    Therapeutic activities, and opportunity to share struggles and triumphs with others,mindfulness and CBT skills will help users regulate complex emotions, manage the trauma, and go on with life despite emotional overload and thereby boosting users personal resilience.
    Positive childhood summer experiences.


    The first and formost risk is are health and Saftey risks considering that we are supporting Cancer patients.
    1)Qualified first Aiders supervising
    2)Fully equipped first aid corner
    3)Connections with paramedic through special bell
    4)Detailed risk assessments and baseline medical information for each participant.




    We will file quarterly reports on our services to donors so that the work they fund is clear and transparent. Our board meet on monthly basis and minutes can be shared too.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £98,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Rent and Admin Rent for premises, 5 weeks hire of 4 rooms,office and garden,overheads and ADMIN
      £6,250 Salary Youth Head Salary for Youth head and safegaurding officer-2 staff members-35 hrs weeklyx5 weeks @£15 p/h, chef
      £7,000 Food corner Warm soup, cut up fruits, veg, cookies, drinks,sandwiches available daily. Cake decorating course
      £2,250 Medical supportComfort Seating First Aid,medical support,Bean bags,couches,warm blankets,resting mattresses,special slippers
      £7,000 Hub features to enjoy tank, music system games,library,sports paraphenialia,DVD plasma screen,piano,Fish,Wi games
      £12,000 Entertainment Daily entertainment including,concerts, clown shows,acrobatic shows, dancing sessions,drama,arts,
      £10,500 Physcotherapist salary 1-1 therapy,workshops,facilitate support group sessions,supervise mentor scheme,be available for ki
      £47,000 Sleepaway 1 week sleep away,transport,trips,accommodation,entertainment,medical support
  • Background


    Locally there are on average between 600 and 700 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year inHackney and this has increased 10% over
    the last 15 years. (
    This means that many children are affected,peripherally or directly.In addition to children with cancer,we advocate for 30 child carers, who care for sibling and parent and desperate for a break and to feel like a kid again.
    With medical expenses inflating;paying for things like,roller blades,theater,trips, even meals out of reach.


    Children who are combating Cancer, or in Cancer remission.
    Siblings of these children
    Child Carers who are responsible for un-age appropriate duties due to their sibling or parent illness.
    We have 70 children who expressed interest in this project. Their age ranges from 8-18

    These children live in Haringey, Hackney, Barnet,Edgeware,Hendon.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    One heart is becoming a household name in families affected by cancer. We receive daily texts telling us how one-heart is the silver-lining on grey cloud ofcancer.Although we are relatively new,we have been approached by other charities supporting people with Anaphlaxis,Colites,Mental illness for ideas on how they can replicate our work,which reflects that our outcomes are positively impacting community in-addition to users. We are not scared to step out of box-when it comes to helping 1 kid.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Shia Sprung

    Project Manager. A wealth of expertise in supporting ill and disabled children through her connections with hospitals,other charities and welfare.

    Dr Shneider

    Medical Patron

    L Gross

    Paramedic volunteering services, administrating medicine,corresponding care and ensuring highest level of health and safety.


Will pay for a warm robe,throw and fluffy slippers as a comfort for cold kids combating Cancer,

“I WISH I had Breast Cancer,” Esher,11 told his support worker at One Heart`s annual cycling expedition. Esher is not mad.Having a mother in the oncology ward in Royal London Hospital is tough. “I often feel like I have to be a MOTHER to my MOTHER. Being a young career is no fun for a child.

Esher, 11 Child Carer