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Lambeth Boxing Awards

The Lambeth Boxing Awards initiative was formed to provide a programme of non-contact boxing courses that now benefit several hundred-inner city young people who live in areas of the borough that suffer from urban deprivation, gang, gun and violent crime.

The new round of 12 week boxing courses start in March 2018

Charity information: Parallel Youth Enterprise

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  • Need


    We are looking to create opportunities and engage multi-cultural boys and girls in this very diverse area, the local community, also those who have disabilities, learning difficulties or special needs.
    The community and local police will work together in partnership to run12-week non-contact boxing courses and which give young people, through our partners, ETE opportunities along the way.


    The LBA aims are supported by the following features:
    • Fitness and well-being. Exercise and diet training aimed looking after their bodies.
    • Life skills such as discipline, time keeping, following instructions, completing stages, team work, helping others, goal setting.
    • Having a purpose and interest in their lives which motivates them away from street crime (victim or perpetrator).
    • Being a vehicle to introduce young people to mentors and education training and employment (ETE) provider

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Our aims are, through early intervention, to help young people who they live under adverse daily con


    » We will be running 12-week non-contact boxing courses for up to 20 young people on each course

    What success will look like

    The boxing project will encompass neighbourhood improvement and local problem-solving, youth development, education and cultural enrichment, help for the disadvantaged.

    Aim 2

    To be able to open courses at two new venues


    » Demand for these courses has now become so great that, with funding courses will run in Norwood and Kennington

    What success will look like

    We will welcome the young people’s observations, views and criticism about the activities, staffing or any other issues acquired through dialogue with the young people themselves

  • Impact


    For many young people they will: continue on to an established boxing club, go into employment, training or education or join the Police Cadets or other community youth organisations.
    Also employment (ETE) providers who will attend the LBA venue and engage with the young people direct. This could involve apprenticeships, internships, scholarships, further education courses etc;


    The LBA project had already become well known within the local Brixton community, hence the need was identified for a second in Norwood, an area accepted by the local authority as void of out of school youth provisions, and third venue in Kennington. Demand for these courses has now shows that without the support of charitable organisations the Lambeth Boxing Awards just will not be able to continue with confidence.


    We will invite those from the charitable organisations who donate to make a site visit and will send an end of year Annual Review to every sponsor.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £27,896

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,400 Training courses Boxing courses for coaches
      £4,996 Coaching costs Project managers costs
      £3,400 Equipment Boxing gloves, pads, ropes mats
      £2,100 Admin cleanin& publicity costs Project admin work, cleaning, flyers etc.
      £400 Refreshements Water coolers at all sites
      £1,800 Volunteer costs Volunteers expenses
      £8,700 Rent and electricity Venue hire and electricity
      £5,100 Awards, presentations Award ceremoniy costs
  • Background


    Present site - Brixton - Myatts Field
    New site 1 - Park Campus Academy West Norwood
    New site 3 -Lilian Baylis School Kennington


    20 young people at each of the 3 sites = 60per course x 4 courses during 2018 = 960
    The community will benefit from engaging young people in out of school activities.
    The local police will benefit by working alongside young people in a non-confrontational atmosphere

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    PROJECT DELIVERY (We have the Ability, Experience and are fully aware of our DUTY of CARE)
    All coaches are trained to an Amateur Boxing Association level or GB Boxing awards level. The police - community approach works very well since it improves relationships in one of Lambeth’s wards with a high mistrust of the police (especially in young people). Additionally, the police are resourceful and can supply many staff and (especially young people) and equipment.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Pastor Lorraine Jones

    Mother of Dwayne Simpson murdered while trying so save the life of another boy who was being attacked who started the LBA

    Superintendent Oxley

    Brixton police officer who oversees the running of the boxing club