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Project information

Platform for young opera singers and musicians

since 2003 young musicians & singers from all over the world arrive in Bauge in July to make friends, learn, enhance their CV & make great music in 3 fully staged operas. A new theatre was needed but has no stage. Our appeal for £10.000 for our acclaimed education project is to give singers a stage

February 2018 - August 2018

Charity information: Opera de Bauge

Opera de Bauge
  • Need


    The theatre we used since 2004 is now defunct and we hired another. It is more expensive than the last and has no stage. Our singers look to us to provide a showcase for their talents. Our productions have been praised by critics and the professional skills, self confidence and experience we give has helped many of our alumni who have made good careers and are now performing in great houses all over the world. We will not be able to give world class productions in 2018 without a stage.


    We own steeldeck legs for staging. We need to buy/hire the platforms to go on top. For a 12x 8m stage the cost is £12,000 of which we can pay £2,000. It would be best to buy as we won't need to spend further sums in future years.
    We will be able to continue to put on opera of the highest standard, supporting young singers and musicians well into the future.
    Without a stage our 49th, 50th & 51st productions will be less convincing than our previous ones and a less worthy platform for our singers

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    A stage for our 3 operas in 2018 so we can give world class productions to showcase young singers


    » Appeal on the Big Give to find donors who support our education aims of supporting the careers of young musicians and singers
    » Appeal for donations from our Friends Group, previous donors, audiences & mailing list by e-mail newsletters and circulars & presentation at the AGM
    » Fund raising concert in Paris hosted by the Ecole Normale where our singers will perform to selected donors without fee in order to support us .

    What success will look like

    We'll show the success of our 2018 productions by publishing videos of all 3 operas, putting them on youtube & by publishing critical reviews on our website & sending to donors

  • Impact


    The steeldeck stage is robust & will last many years. It will be used for all our productions (3-4 each year). By purchasing other sets of legs, as and when we can afford, we can set a stage on multiple levels which allows more interesting and dramatic staging.
    Videos of our future productions will be available on our website and youtube. If we don't need to hire a stage each year funds will be released for lighting, costumes and properties whose enhanced quality will show on our videos


    If we don't collect the necessary sum we would not be able to buy the whole stage.
    Health and safety concerns mean we also need to buy steps and railings which we might not be able to afford.

    Should that be the case we will

    Buy as much as we can & use it to best advantage
    Seek a loan to buy the rest
    Not compromise on safety

    Our box office is reliable from year to year and is increasing. A significant drop in receipts is unlikely but if sales fall we can increase advertising or reduce prices


    Announcements on our website
    Publicising critical reviews on our website
    Delivering videos to our donors
    Youtube extracts of our productions
    Free tickets for certain donors who wish to visit
    and see performances
    Letters of thanks to donors including specifications of the staging bought

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,000 purchase of stage for 10 productions of 3 operas

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Opera de Bauge £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Most performances are given in Bauge-en-Anjou though some have been in London. All auditions and some rehearsals are in London. In Bauge we have free use of a chateau and grounds for performance and picnic intervals. Taking the company abroad is a working holiday for them, promotes esprit de corps and encourages singers to think of a career in world terms rather than UK alone. The company lodges, eats, works & plays together so strong working relationships and friendships are formed.


    Young singers & musicians at the start of their careers get coaching, stagecraft & experience They are cast in fully staged productions with full orchestra (singing with orchestra is different from singing with piano and more difficult to arrange) a useful addition to their CV & making them eligible to sing the role elsewhere. Our alumni tend to be very successful in a hard business For musicians experience of opera is less available but several of our players now play in opera houses

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have 17 years experience in supporting the careers of young musicians with performing opportunities, training and mentoring.
    We have a proven track record in the success of a high proportion of our alumni
    We have a large resource of present & former company members now established, who willingly return to perform for absurdly low fees, teach & support younger members.
    We are an established opera company with a high reputation in the business & praise from critics a useful addition to a CV

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    Dr Bernadette Grimmett

    Artistic Director has produced plays, Shakespeare & other classics for schools & universities & 51 operas for Opera de Bauge. She is 17 years in post

    Philip Hesketh

    Music director He is also Music Director of London Childrens' Ballet, West London Symphonia & Norfolk Symphony Orchestra. He is 15 years in post

    Ji Min Park

    Consultant & mentor. Internationally acclaimed tenor who sings at the world's great houses including Covent Garden & made his debut at Opera de Bauge

    Monika-Evelin Liiv

    Consultant/mentor International mezzo-soprano who has often sung with Opera de Bauge (& Covent Garden Mariinsky Finnish National and Tel Aviv operas