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Ark Cancer Treatment Centre

We are raising £5Million towards a cancer centre to be built in North Hampshire. The centre will provide core treatments together with complementary therapies and will be provided in an uplifting environment. Currently we are on phase 1 with 1 Linac machine .

2 years

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  • Need


    Basically people in North Hampshire are required to travel outside of the area to Guildford and Southampton for treatment. For many this is a tiresome and long day when they could be seen on their doorstep. When you have to travel for the very north of the county right down to Southampton. Try to park, have treatment and then travel back again. On a very regular basis. Its a strain both mentally and financially on whole families


    Bringing the patients to our centre will not only assist by shortening their journey. But we aim to provide support services. Research has proved that the healing process of patients and their ability to cope with illness improves in a psychologically supportive environment. Our design of the centre will be nurturing, therapeutic and stress reducing. The aim is to assist the patients resilience to managing the treatment they need to undergo.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide or assist in the provision of equipment, facilities & services ancillary or supplemental


    » We are presently fundraising to built the new centre on the grounds of the North Hampshire Hospital.

    What success will look like

    We will be able to provide statistics of patients who will be seen quickly and efficiently in the centre who would have had to travel much further for treament.

  • Impact


    Once again, we will be able to show when patients choose to use our centre rather than go outside of their area for treatment. We already have one linac and on the rare occasion it was not working the patients chose to wait for their treatment rather than take up the opportunity to be seen in other hospitals outside of the area. We will reduce waiting times for patients and generally assist on a quicker recovery plan.


    We were dealt a blow when the CCG chose not to go ahead with anew Critical Care Hospital of which we were to be attached. However, we have a great team with boundless ideas. Plan B was always if the new hospital wasnt built - we would continue and build in the grounds of the present Basingstoke Hospital. We are now re-looking at new plans and redesign our Treament centre to fit our present location.


    We have always written personal letters directly to those who have supported and donated to use where possible. We regulary are in the news locally and have quite a good profile on social media. We also produce newsletters with updates.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,629,000 supportive care Supportive care centre
      £137,000 car park covered walkway to car park
      £183,000 landscape landscaping to respite area
      £155,000 lighting enhanced lighting to patient areas
      £201,000 artwork artwork to patient areas
      £365,000 Lighting lighting to linac bunkers
      £330,000 joinery chemo chairs for storage/TV and privacy
  • Background


    We are looking to build this centre on the grounds of the present Basingstoke Hospital.


    The people of North Hampshire and local will benefit from our Cancer Centre. Cancer sufferers, carers and families will benefit from a centre. Specifically built for their which will promote and influence effective care, involvement and support for those affected by cancer. Travel outside of the area eliminated. Appointment wait times reduced.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been set up by Cancer Services at the Basingstoke Hospital in order to bring this centre to the community. As they did not have this service. We believe that we have the support of the clinicians at the Hospital to ensure that the service will be run efficiently and with care to the patients.

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    Merv Rees

    Merv Rees is not only our trustee but is a well known surgical consultant who has the vision and knowledge to bring this centre to Basingstoke

    Mark Jones

    Director of Fundraising - Mark has engaged with the lcoal community and businesses, raising awareness and running events. He works endlessly.