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Support Group Meetings & Helpline

We are looking to continue running our helpline and Monthly Support Group Meetings which provides support and access to mental health counselling, financial and legal advice for Dads going through family breakdown, or victims of emotional/domestic abuse or contact breakdown with their children.

December 2017 - December 2018

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  • Need


    The issues we are trying to solve by supporting Dads who are going through a family breakdown, or are being unjustifiably denied contact with their children, are:
    1. To Improve outcomes/lives for children of separated parents;
    2. Reduce Parental Conflict;
    3. Improve Co-Parenting Relationships;
    4. Raise awareness of emotional/domestic abuse of men.
    5. Tackle the high suicide rates of this population of men.


    Sometimes friends simply aren’t enough and you need to talk to someone who can be objective, who can offer useful insights and practical advice, and other Dads who are in a similar situation or worse, who can relate to your emotional strain and issues. The support groups are a place Dads can meet other Dads, share their problems, gain advice and seek help, and solve issues like loneliness in a confidential setting. The helpline also acts as a consistent source of support outside of the SGM.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support Dads who are going through a family breakdown, or unjustified denial of contact.


    » The Helpline offers confidential support and guidance outside of the monthly Support Group Meetings (SGM).

    What success will look like

    1. Increasing mental health support - improving MH Scores.
    2. Dads gaining access to their children via Court Orders or through Mediation or otherwise.

    Aim 2

    Improving outcomes for children of separated parents.


    » The Support Group Meetings is a safe and confidential place to discuss their issues, and help to improve their post separation relationships.
    » The SGM is also attended by Influential Stakeholders who are committed to helping us on our mission, and help this population of Dads in Kent.

    What success will look like

    Working with Partners should realise:
    1. Improved academic performance;
    2. Improved mental health;
    3. Improved physical health;
    4. Improved emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Impact


    Long term we want to see a huge reduction in parental conflict during separation, and a marked reduction in cases involving parental alienation. We want to run courses on improving co-parenting relationships, and highlight the importance of harmony between former partners, which will benefit their children.
    We should be able to evidence this via a reduction of Court Applications, and / or Mediation Agreements, and more use of our services to facilitate this change through our Stakeholders.


    The infrastructure is fully established to support the project as it will be part of the ongoing work we do at Dads Unlimited. We do not forsee any threat to the success of the project if we receive the funds needed. We have staff in place to carry this work out currently, and we are seeing a rise in the number of service users. the risk will be not providing this service, which is clearly needed.


    We issue a Funder's Update every 6 months which allows funders and donors to see what services we have provided, and the numbers supported, as well as any MH improvement scores. We will also invite funders/donors to events throughout the year where appropriate.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £16,812

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,200 Venue Hire Support Group Meetings x 24
      £500 Helpline Helpline Cost
      £432 Refreshments Drinks for Support Group Meeting attendees
      £1,680 Counsellor Mental Health Counsellor Attendance for Support Group Meeting
      £13,000 Staff Costs 40-60 Hours per month to assist SGM and staff the Helpline

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Police and Crime Commissioner £9,786 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Charity is based in Kent, though we have a national reach and are often contacted by individuals throughout the UK.

    The Support Group Meetings are in Ashford, Kent, however due to the increase in the awareness of our service, we need to expand the Meetings to cover other towns in Kent.

    It is clear to us that this service is very much needed, especially if you consider that Kent is a national outlier in terms of the high suicide rates of men under 50.


    Ultimately Dads who are going through family breakdown will benefit. However taking a more holistic approach to this, the other beneficiaries will be the children, grandparents, co-parents, Schools, reduction in use of Police services, reduction in Family Courts use, reduction in Secondary Care NHS services, and hence Society will benefit from the de-escalation and reduction in parental conflict. And it is hoped children will grow to be better and more rounded adults.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only Charity who is carrying out this work, as there is not another Charity focused on the mission we have given ourselves to improve outcomes/lives for Dads and their children. Nor is there, to our knowledge, any other organisation committed to reducing parental conflict during separation, nor committed to improving the mental health of Dads going through family breakdown. We believe we are unique in this regards.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Nav Mirza

    Manages the Charity, and runs the Support Group Meetings and Helpline.

    Becky Stone

    Provides all of our Dads with Mental Health Support, as our dedicated MH Counsellor, and helps at the Support Group Meetings.

    Adam Colthorpe

    Co-manages the Charity and supports the Helpline and Support Group Meetings.

I hit a really low period following my separation from my ex partner and our young son. Thanks to Dads Unlimited, who helped me out at every stage through a long, grueling and often soul-destroying process I now have regular access to my son and can look forward to many good times ahead! Thank you.

Mr. R.