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Help Grow our Legal Fund!

Asylum seekers face large legal fees that act as barriers in applying for refugee status. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work by law and many are destitute, meaning they cannot pay legal fees. Help us grow our Legal Fund to support our friends to apply for asylum and secure safety in the UK.

Ongoing. We will continue to support people applying for the right to remain as long as it is needed.

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  • Need


    Achieving Leave to Remain is the biggest barrier to a safe life in the UK and those denied face deportation to the very countries they are fleeing. All individuals should have a fair chance to apply for asylum. Around 2/3 of cases are refused upon the first application. Asylum seekers then have the right to appeal and judges’ decisions are often shown to be legally flawed and thus overthrown, however, many cannot afford the costs - between £500-£5000. Our expensive legal systems costs lives.


    Increasing our Legal Fund will allow many more individuals to apply for the right to remain. From 2005, 56% of legal aid has been lost. Our fund is unique in the level of support it provides. This year, we have helped individuals and families from Somalia, Afghanistan, Burundi to Eritrea - fleeing persecution, fatwas and terrorist groups. Having assessed a case, we provide a large portion of the overall cost and then work with the community to secure the rest.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support as many asylum seekers as possible to apply for right to remain in the UK.


    » By fundraising amongst our community. We will reach out for support from individuals through crowdfunding appeals and regular donations.

    What success will look like

    Success means providing as many vulnerable people as possible with financial support to apply for asylum. As we grow in beneficiaries, we know we have done what we can to help.

  • Impact


    The project challenges the hostile environment and a steady increase in refusals by the Home Office. The HO is in crisis, with a huge backlog of cases (50,000 in Feb 2018), overworked staff and a serious culture of disbelief of asylum seekers ( This project is essential in fighting this hostile environment and fighting for the freedom and safety of asylum seekers. We will demonstrate the numbers we have supported through annual reports and our AOM.


    One of the main risks is case's being refused and having to pay again for a claim/appeal. This does not result in risk to the project itself, but as we cannot control the ultimate decision of the judge, this does compromise the impacts of the funds spent in terms of successfully securing the right to remain. We work hard to limit these risks as best we can by working closely with our beneficiaries and securing good lawyers and experts to give them the best representation possible.


    We record all the beneficiaries of our Legal Fund. We have a system of communicating with those who have contributed to the Legal Fund through crowdfunding pages and social media. Communication is key when working with donors that support individuals in their journey for a safer and dignifying life

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,000

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      £12,000 Legal Fund Payments of the Legal Fund

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Designated fund allocated from our annual budget £12,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Borderlands is based in Bristol. All refugees and asylum seekers are based here at the time that they first access our services. However, many that we support may be moved. For example, individuals who live in governmental asylum accommodation are often moved to new cities, sometimes at different ends of the country. Therefore, our reach is often far larger than Bristol. We can support people after their move, according to their circumstances and where there are no other support organisations.


    Primarily asylum seekers. We also support some others with irregular immigration status, on a case by case basis. These might include people applying under the European Convention on Human Rights, Right to Family and Private life. An example for this is people who fled to the UK a long time ago, but were not successful in their asylum claims as they come from a country that the government wrongly perceives as safe and so try via the human rights channel instead.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have provided financial support for legal cases for years and have experience in working with people to make sure they have access to good lawyers to build their case. This project compliments services that partner organisations provide in supporting asylum claims. Where our partner organisations provide the legal support, we provide the funding which enables individuals to pay for their claim. We also have a referral system in Bristol to make sure accessibility of the Fund is fair for all

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    April Humble

    Director and member of the Legal Fund committee. With oversight over Borderlands and our members, April is a good position to manage project delivery