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Let's Give our Children a Great Start to 2018!

Our charity supports 9 children with severe disabilities whose needs are growing and changing all the time. We would love to make 2018 their best year yet by providing them with equipment and therapy to maximise their potential. Please help us reach our goal so we can continue to support them.

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  • Need


    The NHS has limitations and that means that children who struggle with disabilities are oftentimes overlooked or on especially long waiting lists for necessary equipment. Our charity circumvents these issues to make sure that the children we support receive timely and proper equipment as well as a wide variety of therapy so their needs can be met and their abilities enhanced and supported in a proper manner.


    If we are able to raise the funds we are hoping to, we can purchase some equipment that has been on our radar for quite a while and can continue to provide the best and most suitable therapy options for the children we support. In addition, we would love to offer some much needed respite care for the parents, siblings and caregivers of the children within our charity family.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Purchase necessary pieces of equipment for the children


    » Survey the parents and therapists to determine which pieces of equipment will most beneficial to the children

    What success will look like

    Once the equipment is purchased, we can view the child using the equipment and ask the parents and therapists for feedback as to its effectiveness.

    Aim 2

    Continue to provide effective therapy and investigate new types of therapy that may be effective


    » Ask the parents what type of therapy they are interested to have their child try and investigate where and who offers this type of therapy

    What success will look like

    If we see the children's attention, flexibility, happiness, strength increasing, we know that the therapy we have chosen is effective. The therapist's opinion will help as well.

    Aim 3

    Offer much needed, and neglected, respite care


    » Speak to the parents and siblings of the children we care for and offer them opportunities to spend quality time without the disabled child.

    What success will look like

    The family's happiness and wellbeing can be easily measured by their smiles, relaxation and gratitude.

  • Impact


    By providing these 3 factors and assessing their effectiveness, we hope to maximise the potential of the children we support, help them to integrate and engage happily into the community and increase the possibility of them living a more independent and successful life.


    There are no risks. If we do not get the amount we are hoping for, we will simply have to investigate other forms of funding to enable us to carry out our ongoing project.


    We can provide photos, quotations from parents, therapists, teachers and, in some cases, the children themselves to show our donors the effectiveness and benefits of their kindness and generosity.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 therapy Monthly costs for a variety of therapy
      £4,000 equipment We will use what is provided to purchase necessary equipment
      £1,000 respite care We will offer our families some enjoyable opportunities as a break from their responsibilities
  • Background


    In and around Surrey


    9 children plus their families

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have an excellent rapport with our therapists, the children and their families and through this trust and confidence, we know that we are able to provide the best opportunities for our children to be successful.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Stefan Latanowski

    Stefan is a very important therapist who works with all the children in our charity family. He has had amazing success with all of them.

A slideshow featuring the children in our charity family


Will pay for an hour of intense yogiphysio for one of the children in our charity family

Celeese has been with the charity for a couple of years and when she came to the charity she was getting 1/2 hour physiotherapy from the NHS weekly. We were told she may never walk'. With the help of Peterson's Fund paying for therapies, Celeese has taken her first steps!

Gemma Morgan, mum of Celeese (one of the children in our charity family)