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Local Energy

Local Energy empowers communities to form an ‘energy club’ to directly access renewable energy generated in their local area. After a successful pilot, we now want to roll it out in London, training local volunteers and households to tackle fuel poverty whilst boosting income for clean power.

1 year

Charity information: The 10:10 Foundation

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  • Need


    Fuel poverty remains a significant issue across the UK, with 2.3 million people estimated to be affected in England alone. We know that the current retail energy market does not work for consumers. The privatised energy system isolates consumers, requiring them to constantly shop around for the best deal - or else be exploited. Yet according to Ofgem, people in the most vulnerable are least likely to switch utility suppliers. Disruptive innovation is drastically needed.


    Our local energy model has realised proven fuel bill reductions of up to 30% in Bethesda whilst paying a better rate to the local hydro-electric plant. We now plan to build on this work; breaking new ground by bringing the model to an urban fuel-poor setting and incorporating households on prepayment meters for the first time. It will also test the suitability of a different technology - solar PV. Through the project, households in fuel poverty, will be able to take control of their bills.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reducing energy bills for fuel poor communities.


    » Establish an energy club to secure a fair tariff for households and train them to make the most of it.

    What success will look like

    By continual training and consultation with volunteers and households in the communities involved, and monitoring of fuel bills. Success will be lower fuel bills for participants.

    Aim 2

    Supporting local renewable energy generators, and the growth of the UK's low carbon economy.


    » Securing a tariff from a local renewable power generator that is fairly priced for both parties, cutting out the 'middle man' fees.

    What success will look like

    Success will be the continued operation and improved financial viability of local renewable energy generators, whether community owned or otherwise.

  • Impact


    The project will contribute to a reduction of fuel poverty in participating communities, and an increase in local economic and environmental agency. We will monitor the level of fuel bill reductions and the knock on effects this has for households and volunteers involved. We also hope this will successfully prove the local energy model in an urban setting, as well as with solar PV as the renewable energy source, for the first time.


    Due to this being a new model of energy consumption, there are risks around how it fits into existing policy frameworks and its adapability. We have successfully carried out a pilot in Bethesda, north Wales, with approval from Ofgem, that has secured up to 30% reductions in fuel bills as well as economic benefit for the local hydro-electric scheme. We have consulted extensively with the local community as well as our partners Repowering London to ensure there is sufficient appetite and scope.


    10:10 monitors project delivery against planned targets on a weekly basis within project teams and on a monthly basis by project sponsor (usually a director of the organisation), updates are available by request. In addition a comprehensive final evaluation will be shared with donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £61,418

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      Amount Heading Description
      £40,468 Staff costs Varying amounts of input from across the team
      £7,200 Admin Organisational running costs, overheads etc.
      £1,000 Volunteer expenses Workshops and training materials
      £4,250 Communications Case studies, storytelling, resources
      £2,300 Events For participants, as well as showcasing and influencing
      £1,200 Evaluation and dissemination Reports and workshops
      £5,000 Pre-payment meters Work done by partners Energy Local CIC
  • Background


    The first urban location for this model will be Fairview House, Roupell Park Estate in Brixton, London. It is situated in Lambeth council, where 11% of residents face fuel poverty. Surveys conducted by Repowering of similar estates in Lambeth suggest that a third of people are struggling to heat and eat enough, with 40% of households on incomes below £20k a year.


    There are 48 flats in Fairview, of which at least 34 have an EPC rating of D or lower. Combined with the low income levels for the capital, this suggests the majority of households will either be in or at risk of fuel poverty. Up to 100 residents fro 30 flats will benefit from joining the energy club and securing a tariff that provides them with power from solar PV panels on their roofs for a lower rate than the energy they currently use through extortionate prepay meters.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    10:10 brings people together to take positive practical action on climate change. We engage citizens and communities in ending carbon pollution from fossil fuels, and building an energy system run by clean, renewable energy. We also help people use less energy in their daily lives, particularly at home. 10:10 have worked with partners to successfully recruit and support over 100 homes in the pilot phase and we are confident we can adapt this to proliferate local energy in the urban context too.

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    Amy Cameron

    As director of operations of 10:10 and project sponsor, Amy brings experience from the pilot project, and excellent managerial and operational skills.

    Neil Jones

    Project manager in the campaigns team at 10:10, Neil will be the key point of contact between those running the roll out and participants.

    Felix Wight

    As technical director at Repowering London Felix brings technical expertise and a good working relationship with the community and solar generator.