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Project information

Supported Housing

Our charity aims to provide a direct access, supported housing unit for women and or men 55 plus. The residential unit will open November/ Christmas 2017 and will house residents for a minimum term of 6-36 months. Onsite staff support to provide rehabilitation and holistic programmes.

December 2017 - August 2020

Charity information: DiversityInCare Ltd

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  • Need


    To solve mature homeless men and women that are not seen as priority by the current housing rules. A safe place for mature ex-offenders when they leave prison without family support. Long-term ex-offenders are at a disadvantage when leaving prison; health issues, mental health issues, vulnerability, unable to adjust to the changes in society. The Through the Gate programme usually fails due to lack of supported accommodation. Reoffending costs the tax payer £15bn per year.


    DiversityInCare provided supported housing for ex-offenders in Tower Hamlets and Hackney for two years. All of the men had complex needs and were 'career criminals'. We worked very closely and provided weekly key working, monthly therapy and training, volunteering and work opportunities by working in partnership with corporate, public and other charities. Probation was key to their development and a consistent level of care. Our model ensured that 7 out of 10 had positive outcomes.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Accommodate and retain long-term ex-offenders and or long-term homeless men and women 55 plus.


    » Acquire a 10+ bed space in London for maximum 36 months. Our charity will build strategic working partnerships with Probation, NHS, HMPs, LAs.
    » a safe place to sleep, from the day of release Ȥ access to enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and transport.
    » Ensure that residents engage in a rehabilitation programme by signing a contract on entering the service. There will also be in-house training.

    What success will look like

    All residents will sign a Licence agreement and enter a 'support contract' Residents will have a clean, safe, secure environment to receive the care needed to rehabilitate.

    Aim 2

    During their stay, prepare residents for independent living or signpost to a higher supported house


    » Resident will be assigned a keyworker who will manage the case load. Mentors/volunteers will befriend and support resident.
    » Resident will develop an Independent Support Plan which will be reviewed quarterly. Resident will participate in in-house and outside programmes.
    » Will develop IT, social, literacy and life skills. There will an holistic and healthcare support programme for residents.

    What success will look like

    All residents will be assigned a key worker who will case manage their progress/connect with wrap-around services. A person-centred programme. We will save tax payers £1000

    Aim 3

    Prepare and re-unite with family where possible. Prepare for semi-independent living


    » Ensure that all agencies are involved in residents' progress/development/healthcare. We will advocate and signpost where necessary

    What success will look like

    Success will mean engaging with family members which can support progress, motivation and rehabilitation. Improves the well-being raises their goals toward independent living.

  • Impact


    Our project will save lives in the Winter months. Prevent re-offending/being at risk/provide hope and safety.80% of male prisoners over 50+ have chronic health issues which will be addressed in our unit. We can support older offenders who usually suffer with depression or some psychiatric disorder. We will monitor their health issues and advocate with health authorities ensuring their level of care remains high. Long-term prisoners/institutionalised will be supported with self-help skills.


    Our residential will be clear about the criteria for admission and nor referral will be accepted without referral form and risk assessment in place. Direct access admits a client 3-48hrs after referral. We do prison assessments for long-term offenders and work closely with their Probation officer to ensure a consistent level of care is in place. House rules will be adhered to, or jeopardise the tenancy. Shortage of funding will be met with a robust funding-raising strategy.


    In the past we have encouraged donors to visit our residential units and engage with our residents. We have also sent reports/Impact reports and developed website stories which have been successful. We have found it useful to discuss the requirements of donors to ensure a good working relationship.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £75,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £18,000 Lease x 6mths 10+ Bed spaces
      £28,000 Staff Service Manager
      £19,400 Sessional Wrkrs x 3mths Specialist weekly sessions for all residents per week
      £10,000 furninshing/maintenance upgrade to comply with regulations
  • Background


    East London or the outskirts of London.
    The charity will provide the project for referrals from East London Boroughs including Tower Hamlets.


    The people who will benefit are men and women over 55+.
    Our charity will accept referrals prisons and rehabilitation centres. We will provide supported housing for vulnerable homeless men and women with an East London connection

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    To date there is one other project providing support for this age group. there Programme is not as robust or person-centred.
    For two years DiversityInCare provided supported housing for the homeless with complex needs aged 30+. However, the majority of our females were 40+ with complex needs and had been street homeless for years. Most of male referrals were ex-offenders who came to us through the gate system. We also received referrals for 60+ and retained those clients until our unit closed.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Angela Edmondson. CEO/Founder

    CEO & Founder of DiversityInCare Ltd. I have more than 30 years expereince in supporting people with complex needs and will oversee the project

DiversityInCare fills a major gap in our social care system. Angela’s inspiration and capacity to take on supporting some of the most challenging people in our society has been rewarded by the work she and her team continue to do and the feedback the organisation receives from its residents and oth

Roma Hooper OBE