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Europia Art And Culture

We would like to create an Arts and Culture Project to reach out to people who are socially isolated, have stress & anxiety, language & cultural barriers. The project will focus on making art and cultural events accessible - to help people feel connected to Manchester and valued as individuals.

December 2017 - December 2018

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  • Need


    We want to specifically target individuals and families with low income, mental health issues and physical health issues. The main purpose is to target individuals who are socially isolated due to multiple disadvantages. This includes language and cultural barriers. By nature, some part of the community members we serve do not access services and do not want to seek help. This makes them vulnerable to inaccurate information or breaking down in relationships as others may tend to take advantage


    Our project will bring all European Expats together irrespective of their socio-economic background. This will encourage genuine relationships to form based on common interest and the love of art and cultural activities. We will hold regular events and activities including workshops, possibly in different languages, to help the hard to reach community members and over 350 individuals to engage with our project. Our aim is to increase their confidence and boost their well-being.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To reduce social isolation.


    » Get cheap/free arts and culture tickets to monthly events and shows.
    » Hold regular workshops and events which bring people together. This will be conducted by community artists who are bilingual.

    We will maintain records of attendance, get regular feedback and provide further support where required. Along with detailed recordkeeping on the project achievements.

    Aim 2

    Make Art and Cultural activities easily accessible.


    » Encouraging people to access cheap/free tickets to arts and culture related workshops.
    » Hold regular workshops and events which bring people together. This will be conducted by community artists who are bilingual.

    We will use well-being measurement tools such as Outcome Star & WEMWBS in different languages to capture the increase or decrease in wellbeing & measure the journey of our clients.

    Aim 3

    Reach out to people with multiple disadvantages to increase well-being and confidence.


    » Encouraging people to access cheap/free tickets to arts and culture related workshops.
    » Hold regular workshops and events which bring people together. This will be conducted by community artists who are bilingual.

    We have an inclusive demographics form in different languages to capture who we are engaging with and will suitable change our marketing to reach out to the targeted individuals.

  • Impact


    We will establish ourselves as a friendly and trustworthy organisation who will provide affordable shows and events tickets to individuals and communities who are isolated and do not easily engage. Our method of communication and approach will be humane and person-centric with the intention of providing high customer service and creative suggestions for exploring their boundaries. We will aim to have a more confident, happier and socially connect individuals and communities.


    The risks would be the challenge to engage with hard to reach individuals, we will have to go to their place of shopping and community gathering like supplementary schools, Polish and Eastern European shops, Catholic and Orthodox Churches, online platforms, etc. We will have a robust online marketing campaign and personal presence in the places listed above. We will send flyers to schools where children on European Expats study, etc.


    We will do quarterly blogs on our updates and the progress we have made with at least 4 case studies of what difference our project has made in their lives. There will be infographics, social media posts, photos, summary of the feedback forms and reports as evidence of the progress and successes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,370

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      Amount Heading Description
      £300 To purchase tickets These tickets will then be sold or given for free to disadvantaged individuals and families
      £2,500 Project coordinator To ensure the events and workshops information are gathered from all over Greater Manchester
      £250 Laptop & Phone Used laptop and a basic smartphone for communications
      £120 Phone charges To keep in touch via, calls, texts and Whatsapp
      £1,200 Marketing £100 monthly marketing budget to design and carry out the promotions and boost posts
  • Background


    The project will be based in Hulme just outside Manchester City Center, but the beneficiaries will come from all over Greater Manchester and the events and workshops will be from all over Greater Manchester as well.


    The project will be open for everyone to access. But we will mainly focus on European Expats and mostly East and Central European communities including Slavic, Baltic and Balkan counties. It will be specifically aimed and targeted at people who have low-level anxiety and stress. People with mental and physical issues. Individuals who are socially isolated, over 55, and face language and cultural barriers.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only registered charity which works for the benefit of European Expats. We have a track record of 8 years of work with East and Central European communities since the formation of our group in 2009. We have the recognition and trust of the community and people are aware of our work. We have the professional experience and the ability to deliver structured projects with which deliver positive outcomes for the community and individuals.

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    Is a big patron of the arts and will take a personal interest and help in professionally designing the project as she is a business consultant.


    She will guide in working with people who have mental and physical health issues as she has lived experience and has provided support to others.


    Colleen has personal experience of working with people with challenging background and will have volunteer management and project coordination duties.


    Ruta has experience of working with arts groups, community engagement and organising shows and events, including marketing and promotions.