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Project information

Rescuing children from human trafficking

£5000 is the amount it costs our charity partner Odanadi Seva Trust to stage a rescue of women and children from situations of human trafficking. Those rescued by this charity have faced situations that no-one should ever face. Once rescued, Odanadi works to rehabilitate, providing a home and hope.

Up to 6 months

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  • Need


    Child trafficking in south india.
    Human trafficking is an every- day occurrence in India. Young people in difficult circumstances are lured away from their homes by criminal trafficking networks. In the hands of these traffickers, children are sold often to brothel keepers or into domestic slavery and are exploited and robbed of their childhood, facing situations no child (or adult) should ever have to face. Trafficking networks are difficult to break requiring expert knowledge and influence.


    As a grant giving charity Adventure Ashram works closely with Odanadi Seva Trust, an Indian grassroots charity. Based in Mysore, south India Odanadi has 20 years experience developing initiatives to combat human trafficking. Not only do they concentrate on helping one child at a time, they lobby the regional and national government on ways to tackle the countrywide problem. By raising £5000 this provides enough money to stage one rescue by Odanadi freeing numerous children from traffickers.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide enough funds to stage one rescue by Odanadi of children from human traffickers


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    What success will look like

    By nature a rescue is covert, so communication at some stages will be limited. We have an on-going relationship with the leaders who will provide details of the children rescued

  • Impact


    Children rescued by Odanadi are provided with a safe place to live for as long as they need and given on-going rehabilitation involving therapy, helping them to move forwards with their lives. Adventure Ashram has a close, professional relationship with Odanadi and make regular visits as well as receiving updates from the directors. These visits and updates allow us to see specific examples of the changes happening to children's lives that we are able to share with our supporters


    Lack of awareness among our donors and supporters about the project. We have already tentatively approached one of our major donors about this application who has provisionally agreed to make a pledge. We have a very good database that provides us with our donors details and we will actively approach relevant donors by email and telephone to advise of the project and encourage donations.


    We will give an initial update to donors to advise them of the amount raised. We will provide tri -monthly updates driven by information from the Odanadi directors about the programme. All supporters receive our newsletter that provides updates from Odanadi allowing for the longevity of rehab.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500 Admin Administration costs for UK staff
      £500 Surveilance Fee to informant and other related costs
      £1,000 Raid preparation Fees paid to investigators
      £500 Travel Travel costs for all the raid team
      £1,000 Raid leadership Costs associated with bringing together all the necessary parties headed up by directors of Odanadi
      £1,500 Expert child support Providing each rescued child with expert medical and psychological care post rescue.
  • Background


    Mysore is the third largest city in Karnataka state and is now largely known for it's tourism. Places of note include Mysore Palace which is the second most visited tourist site in India after the Taj Mahal. As of 2011 the literacy rate was 86.84%, higher than the national average, yet 19% of the population live below the poverty line and 9% live in slums. It needs to be noted that although the project is based in Mysore children are rescued from all over south India as needs be.


    The children rescued by this project will be removed from an unimaginably difficult and degrading life, giving them a basic human right of freedom

    The directors of Odanadi will benefit from this project as they will have the funds to stage another rescue. Each rescue provides a chance to raise awareness.

    The Indian regional and national governments benefit from the expertise that the directors of Odanadi have gained over the years and now advise on ways to tackle this country-wide issue

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have worked with Odanadi since 2012 and have provided funds to build a house for boys rescued from trafficking as well as providing funding for day to day costs of running the house. We have made regular visits over the years and know both directors Stanly and Parashu well. Odanadi Seva Trust have 20 years experience of working to combat human trafficking and have built up enormous expertise, contacts and credibility. The 30 boys currently in their care are testament of their success.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Fritha Vincent

    Fritha is the Chief Executive of Adventure Ashram and has excellent relations with donors. She will oversee the strategic planning of the project.

    Margaret Ring

    Margaret will be the Project Manager and manage the day to day administration of the project, keeping track of all donations and communications

    Stanly Kizhakeparambil Varghese

    A director of Odanadi. Stanly will undertake the planning and execution of the rescue and will keep Adventure Ashram informed of progress and outcome

    Parashuram Mynakanahalli

    A director of Odanadi. Parash works closely with Stanly to plan and execute rescues. As a journalist he is able to raise awareness of this issue.

'Honestly we cannot forget that moment when we met Adventure Ashram on Odanadi's journey of addressing the suffering of women and children'

Stanly Kizhakeparambil Varghese