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Voice Action Inspiration and Motivation

The six month project will provide workshops and non formal educational activities for young women aged 14 to 18 who live in inner city Liverpool that will promote leadership, citizenship, campaigning and voluntary involvement at a local level that will raise their aspirations for a better future

April 2018 - September 2018

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  • Need


    The young women who utilise our centre come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some live in chaotic households where they have no positive role models or structure to adhere to. The project will provide role models so that they can discover alternative lifestyles that will prevent them from becoming disengaged from society.
    The young women will engage in discussions on a variety of subjects alongside activities to develop practical life skills so that they can make informed life choices.


    The workshops will involve learning practical subjects to provide opportunities for discussion and debate so that the beneficiaries gain knowledge on health issues (including sexual health, diet and nutrition); the built environment; housing and social economy; political and current affairs - at a local and National level and how they affect our daily lives; money management.
    The participants will increase their understanding the law, society and how to become active citizens.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improved confidence through increased knowledge in current affairs, news items and topical issues


    » Provision of regular weekly sessions for 2 hours for social integration, conversation, topical discussion and debate in comfortable surroundings

    What success will look like

    Using short & mid term goals fro a starting point and evidencing these from self evaluation feedback, monthly support and case studies evidencing developmental changes

    Aim 2

    Improved self esteem and personal development through networking with positive role models


    » A series of ten workshops with guest speakers talking about their life, their achievements and how they got where they are today with Q&A afterwards

    What success will look like

    Measuring aspirations set by each individual against pre-questionnaire goals. Links with schools, police and other agencies re: anti-social behaviour reporting; drinking on streets

    Aim 3

    Increased social activity at local level to develop positive citizenship


    » Link with voluntary sector/charities, school councils and ward councilors to provide volunteering opportunities at local ward level

    What success will look like

    Feedback on progress from agencies linked with. Young person to actively seek choice of vol engagement. Remaining in long term volunteering opportunity at end of project

  • Impact


    The project will raise each young persons aspirations for future career options, life expectations and remove self doubt in their ability to achieve their individual goals.
    Participants will have soaked up so much information without realising the value of it but will become ambassadors for passing on advice to other young people with this new found information.
    The community will benefit from young people who can step up to debate local issues and influence decision making at a local level.


    One of the main risks is the project will rely on the mentoring support by a dedicated female youth worker. If this worker were ill or unable to continue after developing a relationship with the beneficiaries then the project would fail. More than one female worker will deliver aspects of the project so that a bond can form between them both and the young people. This will enable the project to operate with alternative workers each delivering an important aspect of the work but providing cover


    We will produce written reports mid and end of project in booklet format which will contain: financial information, photographic evidence, monitoring and evaluations, case studies, statistical information and charts, comments from beneficiaries and provide links to our social media channels.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £18,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,171 2 X youth workers 26 weeks x £10.50 X 2 Staff x 10 hrs per week plus on costs
      £2,204 Planning & Monitoring 3hrs x £25 x 26 weeks plus on costs
      £625 Travel Invited guest speakers and off site activity travel
      £1,000 Resource materials Training aids and teaching materials
      £500 Refreshments & cleaning materi Guest Speakers, networking meeting and other refreshments
      £7,500 Activity Costs Team Building and project activities
  • Background


    Shrewsbury House is based in Everton which is one of the inner core areas of Liverpool. The area is one of the most severely disadvantaged in the city of Liverpool and in the most deprived 1% nationally.
    Over 58% of properties are social housing, more than 10% unemployment, lowest family income and lowest academic achievement rate citywide.
    The centre lies on the periphery of three major regeneration sites which may bring employment opportunities to families in the area we serve in 2017-20.


    The beneficiaries are mainly young women aged 14-18 years who will directly benefit from improved quality of life. Long term benefits will affect the families in terms of improving the living standards through raising the family economy when the young women gain employment.
    The peers of participants will benefit from increased knowledge and skill sharing.
    The community will benefit from increased positive citizenship and increased spending power bringing income coming into the local economy.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Shrewsbury House has a track record of over 100 years of supporting the Everton community so we do not have to start from base level. We work within the community and understand the issues relating to the everyday lives of the people who use our services on a daily basis.
    We have delivered similar youth work in the past and have supported many people over the years into university and employment.
    We work with people who identify their own goals and we assist them as they grow and develop.

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    Jade Dumbell

    Youth Worker - female project worker who will plan and deliver face to face work and off site activities, providing support and gathering evidence

    Julie Fitzpatrick

    - Female worker 2. Julie will be involved in arranging the workshops, timetabling guest speakers, purchasing resources and setting up practicalities

    John Dumbell

    Team Leader, senior youth worker. He will maintain the timeline for the project & budget, collate the evidence, produce the monitoring and evaluation