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Project information

March for Human Rights 2018

Everyone has human rights but not everyone knows about them. Human rights have the power to make positive change in the UK. March for Human Rights combines digital action with community conversations at events, creating a much-needed space for everyone to join in, learn and take action.

December 2017 - May 2018

Charity information: The British Institute Of Human Rights

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  • Need


    Human rights are a fundamental part of everyone’s life in the UK but most people are unsure about them. When people know about human rights and how to use them, they can make a real difference. Human rights support children to access education, stop abuse of older people in care homes and prevent discrimination. Too often human rights are misrepresented in the media or used as a political football. In reality, human rights empower people and are vital to our democracy.


    Through March for Human Rights we will provide reliable, credible and accessible information on human rights, and hear from people about what human rights mean to them – often lacking in current debates. Taking the human rights conversation to rural and urban communities across the UK, we will bring this back to Westminster to inform the UK’s political debate, and amplify the voices of those who are rarely heard to those in power.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase awareness among the general public about human rights


    » Host community events across the UK to provide information about human rights and empower participants to have more confidence to use human rights
    » Partner with local organisations to co-host events and conduct wider awareness-raising work in the local community
    » Share information online about human rights on social media and via blogs, working in partnership with other organisations

    What success will look like

    Reach 200 people in different communities at the events and increase their knowledge and confidence in human rights, and reach 5000+ people online

    Aim 2

    Empower people to participate in the debates about human rights and take action to support


    » An online campaign to mobilise people to take specific actions in support of human rights
    » Set of community events where participants can engage in discussions about human rights and be empowered to take action in support of human rights
    » Share messages of support from online campaign and community events with MPs and peers, including Parliamentary event

    What success will look like

    Track number of people participating in debates and taking action, plus reach 100+ decision makers via Parliamentary event and connected activity

  • Impact


    By increasing awareness and engagement in human rights, we aim to ensure that:
    - more people know about their rights and are empowered to use them to achieve positive change in everyday life
    - more people are engaged in important democratic debates, so that those in power respect and progress our human rights laws and systems

    We will track the success of these long term aims in our wider work, eg in our Changing Lives project, and policy and campaigning


    Two identified risks:
    1. Not recruiting partner organisations: BIHR is experienced in working in communities across the UK, we will use and build on existing networks and online presence to recruit partners. Plus we will make the process simple and give clear information (including how this opportunity will benefit partners).
    2. Poor engagement: we will work with local partners and networks to actively engage with the community, as well as advertise via targeted emails, social and local media


    We will keep you up to date through regular email contact. You’ll hear about the latest developments, unique stories of human rights in communities, and will be invited to join the campaign and events. Afterwards, we’ll also share our key successes and let you know what your donation achieved.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,750 Community events Holding events in communities across the UK, working in partnership with local organisations
      £1,250 Online campaign Sharing information, engaging people in debates, and supporting them to take action
      £1,000 Taking voices to Wesminster Engaging decision-makers, eg MPs and peers, including through a Parliamentary event
  • Background


    March for Human Rights is a UK-wide campaign, both online and at events, with at least one event in every UK nation – the exact locations to be revealed once we receive partner applications. We are inviting local organisations to bid to partner with us to co-host an event - we’ve already had interest from organisations in Shropshire and Cornwall. If you would like to hold an event in your area, as one of our donors, we would love to hear from you.


    March for Human Rights is UK-wide and is open to all members of the public. The online campaign will engage a wide range of people and show how human rights are for everyone.

    Partnering with local organisations we will engage their beneficiaries and networks, as well as the wider local community. In the past our events have worked with Gypsy and Traveller communities, older people, disabled people, and children - 2018 will be equally as diverse.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    For over 45 years we have been at the forefront of bringing human rights to life. As an independent charity working across the UK, we combine education, community outreach and policy/campaigns. We have a track record in empowering people to know what human rights are and use them in practice. Through our policy work we are experienced in amplifying stories of change to make sure those in power respect our human rights. Since 2011, we have visited 40+ towns and cities and engaged 1000s online.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Helen Wildbore, Senior Human Rights Officer

    Helen has delivered our community events for 5 years, plus leading on other large-scale projects and policy work.

    Emily Graham, Human Rights Officer

    Emily managed March for Human Rights 2017 with great success, delivering 7 events and high digital engagement.

    Sanchita Hosali, Acting Director

    Sanchita provides leadership on BIHR’s project and policy work, and has overseen the annual campaign for a number of years.

    Jasmine Powell, Administration And Events Officer

    Jasmine coordinates our administration and events, and is experienced in working with partners and conducting evaluation work.

High quality and fun workshop provides insight into how human rights affect everyone

Voluntary sector worker from Wellingborough