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Project information

School Kitchen and Library

Msambweni Primary School, Kenya, currently use indoor spaces to cook for & feed 30 orphans who live far away and miss breakfast & lunch. We would like to build a proper kitchen & convert one room into a library for all 800 children in the school. The educational & nutritional benefits are huge.

January 2018 - April 2018

Charity information: Etatu

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  • Need


    We are trying to solve several problems faced by Msambweni Primary School: it has nowhere to cook or eat any meals and has no library. Thirty orphans live far away and arrive without breakfast and then do not have lunch - they are fed at school using an open fire on the floor of an unused classroom. The school has no library - it therefore lacks all the benefits that books and a quiet learning space provide. A library has been on the wish list of Msambweni Primary for many years.


    A dedicated kitchen will solve practical, nutritional and educational problems. A dedicated kitchen will continue to help the orphans who are already given breakfast and lunch, but other children would now also be provided for. A nutritious meal will improve their health and ultimately improve their concentration and school improvement. Over 800 children will have access to a library, in a room currently used as a makeshift dining room. Library time will be scheduled into the timetable.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To build a kitchen and library at Msambweni Primary School.


    » On-line marketing, using the website and newsletters.
    » Special event - to publicise the project & publicise The Big Give scheme. This may take the form of a an event for our most dedicated supporters.
    » Identify & use a Big Give youth ambassador to harness & expand the support of the 30 students across UK Universities who have visited Etatu in Kenya
    » Increased levels of social media activity, especially Instagram and Twitter. The Big Give will act as a catalyst to improving Etatu's use of these.

    What success will look like

    Through photographs, testimonials and longitudinal monitoring of the children who benefit from the meals provided in the kitchen.

  • Impact


    The project will bring about improved school achievement. We already make annual comparisons of formal school achievement and analyse the results. This will continue. The numbers of children entering secondary school and taking up vocational training places are expected to rise and this will be relatively easy to ascertain. We would hope that basic competency in English will also improve. An ability to speak English remains key to securing employment and improving life chances.


    The expectations of the community can be daunting. However, they are a patient community who are acquainted with the realities of working with the pace & modest funding of a small UK charity. Failure to secure the funding needed is a risk; our core initiatives take priority but we would continue to save for this project & complete it in stages over a much longer period of time. Donor fatigue of our regular donors is possible but the target set by this project takes this into consideration.


    By Etatu's regular newsletter, on the website and in social media. Pledgers, donors and any Champions will receive dedicated e-mails at key stages of the project and through 2018 - and beyond if they wish!

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,480

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,960 kitchen building cement, coral blocks, wood, eco-posts, roofing, guttering, iron
      £1,180 library fixtures and fittings mvuli shelving made by APDK workshop for the disabled; tables, benches, notice boards, cupboard.
      £480 books books to supplement donated books
      £400 stoves environmentally friendly, fuel efficient stoves; a fuel saving charcoal making kiln
      £200 painting and decorating to redecorate the room and provide security bars to the library windows
      £160 water tank We believe that water catchment is an integral part of a new building
      £100 runnning the library refresher workshop for librarian, boxes and cards for cataloging and recording, stationery
  • Background


    Msambweni Primary School is the largest government primary school within the villages of Msambweni District of southern Kenya. The community is composed mainly of farming and fishing families.


    The kitchen will immediately benefit the 30 orphans who are currently given breakfast and lunch at school. Others would now be able to have meals at school too. All 800 children at Msambweni Primary will benefit from the library. It will also serve the community adult education classes, whose offices are on the school premises. In the school holidays the local secondary school children will be able to use the library - Etatu's own modest learning banda is often over-crowded in the holidays.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Etatu has worked formally as a charity in the community for over four years. Its work is embedded around the school. The chair of Trustees has known the area for over 30 years. Etatu's staff in Kenya come from the villages around Msambweni Primary School. Etatu supports three teachers at the school, one of whom will be the librarian. Etatu has a good working relationship with the Headmaster. We have robust record keeping and monitoring systems. Our progress has been steady and reliable.

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    Jacqueline Lindgren

    Founder and Chair of Trustees of Etatu in the UK and the focal point for fundraising and ultimate responsibility for the success of the project.

    Mr. Chimwaga

    The Headmaster of the school, who has been part of the process of identifying this project as a priority need. He will be the school contact.

    Mr. Alfan Mwazani

    Etatu's day to day project administrator in Msambweni; has experience of managing a building project & runs the Etatu learning banda in Mwaembe.

    Ms. Amina Dago

    The co-ordinator of the school's orphans' feeding programme. Her presence and competence will be important - keeping an eye on design & detail.