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Project information

Building brighter futures for women in Ethiopia

Women in rural Ethiopia are saving and earning their own income in self-help groups supported by Womankind’s partner Siiqqee. The strongest self-help groups will form women-led cooperatives giving women financial independence, leadership skills and increased social status.

February 2018 - February 2019

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  • Need


    Women in Ethiopia face discrimination in all aspects of life; 59% have experienced sexual violence from a partner, 74% of women have undergone female genital mutilation, and their low status limits their access to credit and land.

    Without an income, a woman is at greater risk of violence and she cannot make decisions that affect her life. An independent income is key for women to control their own lives.


    When a woman is financially active, her voice is listened to and counted, her spouse and children benefit and her risk of violence is dramatically reduced.

    Siiqqee will mobilise the strongest self-help groups to form cooperatives, giving women opportunities to increase their income. A market survey will assess local markets and training will be provided to ensure the women have the skills and resources they need to build a successful and sustainable group business.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Identify local trade opportunities by location


    » A technical adviser will identify local trade opportunities through a market survey.

    What success will look like

    Strong and sustainable women-led cooperatives will be established

    Aim 2

    Strengthen women’s SHGs to form cooperatives


    » A technical adviser will provide women with the business knowledge and skills training needed for the type of trade.

    What success will look like

    Cooperatives operating successfully and turning over profit

    Aim 3

    Increase rural women’s income and status


    » Women are supported to take leadership roles in their communities.
    » Experience sharing visits to successful cooperatives are provided.

    What success will look like

    Women members become economically self-sufficient

  • Impact


    We will monitor the project on an ongoing basis and assess impact at the end of the project to ensure changes have been achieved and can continue in the long term.

    1. Women’s living conditions improve
    2. Women have more confidence
    3. Women have more say in decisions at home and in their community
    4. More women take up leadership roles in their communities
    5. Local authorities and stakeholder support women-led cooperatives


    Market instability could pose risks to the project in terms of varied levels of income, as well as climate change which could affect the cooperatives in the long term. Women will receive training on how to spot market changes and how to adapt to them. Cooperatives will be regularly supported by technicians, local authority connections and other stakeholders.


    Donors will receive an annual email report on the progress of the project, including images, at least 2 case studies from the beneficiaries and a blog demonstrating the success of the project. This will show donors how their gift has helped women to take control of their lives.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £31,126

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      Amount Heading Description
      £850 Start-up costs market survey, recruitment of technician
      £3,916 Implementation training, transportation and monitoring, evaluation and learning
      £20,976 Siiqqee support costs staff costs, technical support
      £5,384 Womankind support costs overhead costs including monitoring and evaluation
  • Background


    Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in Africa, where more than 80% of the population live in rural areas and rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

    Although Ethiopia has seen high level of economic growth, not everyone has benefited. Women living in rural areas often depend on their husband for survival and have very limited access to land and credit. Without an independent income, their view is not valued by their husband or community; leaving women oppressed.


    240 women

    A number of cooperatives and group businesses formed by 12 self-help groups

    960 indirect beneficiaries including children and spouse

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    With Womankind’s 28 years experience of supporting locally-run projects around the world, you can be confident that your support will enable women to take control of their lives. Our partner Siiqqee, has formed a cooperative of 136 women, which has been so successful that the business have been allocated 2 acres of land for further production by the local authorities. Member’s individual income has increased and one member has used her earnings to construct a house.

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    Siiqqee is one of Womankind's partner organisations in Ethiopia who will be implementing the project

    Piyumi Samarweera

    Womankind’s National Programme Manager, Piyumi, will be overseeing the project

    Chiara Capraro

    Chiara,Womankind’s Policy Manager, will be providing specialist economic empowerment policy support to Siiqqee

    Charlotte Matthews

    Womankind’s Fundraising and Marketing Officer who will be promoting the Big Give campaign to donors and new audiences

I have empowered myself and changed my life through running my own market stall. I have many plans for the future. I want to build my own home and support my children’s education. I want to continue developing my business and make it more successful.

Bekelu, member of the Sebeta self-help group