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Project information

Archer Academy Restart Project

Following a successful pilot we will run a series of events teaching students how to extend the life of electronics, and reduce electronic waste. The events will be school and community wide, focussing on practical skills and sustainability.

Approximately one academic year.

Charity information: The Archer Academy

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  • Need


    Young people are growing up in a time where electronics are seen as expendable, and they lack the knowledge to attempt repairs, or the awareness of why it is worth prolonging their life. It's a throw away economy, leading to waste, landfill, and perpetuating a lack of practical skills.


    The project will educate our students as to how to fix electronic items in a very practical sense. It draws on inter-generational support from the local community, in learning these skills. It also highlights to them the big picture, generating valuable insights into how to improve electronics for people, from design and manufacture, through use and end of life.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To run a series of school and community wide events to learn skills to replace electronic items.


    » Big Restart Week. This will be a week where the curriculum is enriched for the whole school with learning skills and understanding sustainability.
    » Community Event 1 - Parents, friends and the local community are invited to bring in items for repair, and share their skills.
    » Community Event 2 - A repeat of Activity 2, but concluded with a student presentation reflecting on their learning.

    What success will look like

    All students will take part in at least one practical activity and will be able to articulate the importance of sustainability, supported by the local community.

  • Impact


    750 students will have the understanding of the importance of sustainability, and the practical skills to make changes in their own use of electronics. Linking with our own Design and Technology curriculum, we would integrate the project to review the schools environmental impact and aim to create sustainable technology systems within the school. Success would enable us to share the project with other local schools.


    The main risk would be a lack of support from community volunteers. We would mitigate this risk with a marketing campaign to family and friends through the school, and local press and networks. We will be refreshing our parental volunteer database in the Autumn term, and highlighting the project at our regular Grandparents day. Our project includes a marketing budget, which would allow us reach wider to attract supporters.


    We would email updates to our donors announcing the forthcoming events, reports post event, with student and community feedback.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,300 Production Manager To design and manage the prgramme.
      £1,500 Direct costs of materials Items for students to practice assembly and dissassembly
      £500 Marketing Budget To promote events through local press and events.
      £1,400 Staff support costs For additional planning and preparation.
      £500 Workshop Facilitators Expenses to support volunteers
      £2,500 Workshop Delivery Professional workshop delivery.
      £300 Event expenses Expenses to support two community events.
      £1,400 Lunchtime sessions Support costs for running sessions outside of curriculum time.
  • Background


    Our school is based in NW London and includes areas of social deprivation and high levels of social housing. The Grange and Strawberry Vale Estates are two of the most deprived housing estates in the country - both are within the top decile in the Index of Multiple Deprivation in terms of income deprivation affecting children. 29% of our students are Pupil Premium, and we have over 46 primary languages other than English.


    We will have 750 students on roll in 17/18, who will all take part in the project. They will be encouraged to share their skills with family and friends. If the project is successful we hope to extend it to other local primary and secondary schools, to help them to set up their own events.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The vision for our school has always been to give our students opportunities to access skills and experiences that they may not benefit from otherwise. We successfully fundraise for, and deliver two Enrichment activities to every student each week, to further this vision. The school was founded from the community and we continue to grow and strengthen our local relationships. We have already begun our partnership with The Restart Project with a successful pilot event.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Darren Pearson

    Head of Art, Design and Technology. Darren has already successfully run our Big Draw week, for the Arts, and the pilot for The Restart Project event.

    Michele Harrison

    Business Manager - Michele will facilitate the events taking place and manage any arrangements with suppliers and contracts.

    Sarah Pearce

    Governor and Chair of Fundraising & Business Development - Sarah will lead the fundraising.

    Melinda Athinodorou

    Chair of the Communications Working Party - Melinda leads the team supporting the school in all aspects of communication and marketing.