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Project information

New recording - An English Coronation

A spectacular reimagining of a 20th-century royal coronation, An English Coronation is Gabrieli's first liturgical reconstruction in over a decade. Our performance and recording will celebrate the music of four coronations: Edward VII (1902), George V (1911), George VI (1936) and Elizabeth II (1953)

July 2018 - July 2018

Charity information: Gabrieli Consort & Players

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  • Need


    England's four 20th century royal coronations were significant events both historically and musically. They employed vast numbers of singers and instrumentalists and whilst much of the repertoire is well known it is seldom, if ever, heard as originally conceived. Audiences and musicians alike are deprived of experiencing the lavish drama of these occasions and the exuberant celebration of our shared British culture.


    In July 2018, Gabrieli and the young singers of Gabrieli Roar will perform and record an imagined reconstruction of a 20th century coronation, employing more than 350 musicians across a large-scale choir, an orchestra featuring rare early 20th century instruments and massed fanfare trumpeters. We will give a unique insight into our shared cultural heritage; the subsequent recording will serve as an enduring, high-quality record of these astonishing musical events.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To make a world-class, award-winning recording celebrating England's 20th century coronations


    » Develop a varied programme of the best music written for and performed in these solemn but celebratory coronation services.
    » Assemble an international orchestra with hand-picked principals, each specialising in historical performance, and a first-class choir.
    » Work closely with Gabrieli Roar's partner choirs to assemble a cohort of at least 250 young singers to participate in the performance and recording.
    » Engage the best technical production team to produce and edit the recording, enabling delivery within budget, on time and to the highest standard.

    What success will look like

    Collate press reviews of the recording, gather feedback from Gabrieli supporters and other CD buyers, gather feedback from our network of distributors and assess awards success.

    Aim 2

    To engage the young musicians of Gabrieli Roar to take part in all stages of the project


    » Work closely with Gabrieli Roar's partners to field a massed youth choir of at least 250 young singers from all over the UK.
    » Mentor and assist the advanced training of young participants, challenging them to achieve the highest standards of performance.
    » Plan and deliver a three-day residential course for young singers taking part, leading up to a public performance alongside Gabrieli in Ely Cathedral.
    » Include young singers in all stages of the recording process, challenging them to work alongside professionals to create a world-class recording.

    What success will look like

    We will solicit anonymous feedback from Gabrieli Roar partners before, during and after the project to monitor individual progress, group development and assess impact.

  • Impact


    Through this project, Gabrieli will bolster its peerless reputation for interpretations of great choral music from across five centuries. Our success and impact will be evident from concert ticket and CD sales, online streaming, digital engagement and press coverage. The project will consolidate Gabrieli Roar's educational partnerships and reputation, engaging young singers from diverse backgrounds in a life-changing musical experience of the highest standards which has a sustained legacy.


    The greatest risk with a project of this scale is insufficient funding, which could result in the cancellation of the performance or recording . We have minimised this risk by fundraising over a two year period and pursuing diverse sources of funding (public, private, individual) and new fundraising methods, including crowd-funding. We have created a new position of Director of Development to ensure that our fundraising is sufficiently resourced.


    We will communicate with donors before and after the project, keeping them informed of repertoire planned and musicians engaged, opportunities to buy concert tickets and the CD, news of reviews and awards, and project photography and film footage. Donors giving over £1000 will receive a free CD.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £234,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £50,000 Roar residential course Accommodation, travel and pastoral care for a four-day residential course for 200 young singers
      £50,000 Professional concert fees Rehearsal/performance fees, logistical support for 150 professional musicians
      £20,000 Venue/management Management and venue-side fees for concert project support
      £66,000 Recording fees Professional recording fees for 150 musicians across seven full sessions
      £12,000 Conductor/assistant fees Conductor and assistant fees for preparation, performance and recording
      £36,000 Technical/production costs Technical/manufacturing costs bringing final recording to market

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Participant income £15,000 Guaranteed
    Private sponsorship £135,000 Guaranteed
    Board support £20,000 Guaranteed
    Trust/Foundation support £20,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    An English Coronation will take place in Ely Cathedral, but its true geographic and socio-economic reach will be vast. Working with the partner choirs of Gabrieli Roar, the project will involve young singers from across the UK, from Bradford and Hull to inner-city London and East Anglia. The recording will be available for sale internationally and available to stream online for free via Spotify and other platforms.


    The primary beneficiaries of this project are Gabrieli's audience in the UK and internationally. Our professional musicians will benefit from work that challenges and stretches them and is entirely distinct from their usual work. Finally, the young singers of Gabrieli Roar will benefit from a four-day residential course and the experience of performing and recording alongside acclaimed professionals in an ensemble and performance of astonishing proportion and significance.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Gabrieli are standard bearers in historical performance, paying precise attention to matters of performance practice, using instruments and techniques appropriate to the music of a given period, and successfully interrogating and presenting repertoire in its original context. We have a proven track record of delivering large-scale educational projects and our management team is extremely experienced in fundraising for, preparing and delivering projects of this size.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Paul McCreesh

    Artistic Director - One of the most highly regarded figures in the historical performance community, Paul has devised the programme and will conduct.

    Charles MacDougall

    Gabrieli Roar - One of the UK’s most highly respected youth choir trainers, Charles works with our partner choirs to prepare the young singers.

    John McMunn

    General Manager - John has extensive experience of managing large-scale projects and ensembles and of delivering high-cost projects within budget.

The choir’s tone is full-bodied yet never heavy, offering firm attack and with the sopranos unfazed by the high notes. And the distinctive characters of the period instruments meet every requirement as the seasons change and the orchestral colours with them...

BBC Music Magazine, Recording of the Month (Haydn The Seasons, June 2017)