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Ensuring a future for the Avenues Youth Project

The Avenues has provided support, education and advice for underprivileged youth in Westminster since 1979. Now, as we face a complete loss of statutory funding, we need to be able to continue to employ a Strategic Director, to oversee a successful transition to a sustainable model for youth work.

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Charity information: The Avenues Youth Project

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  • Need


    The Avenues has been providing support for disadvantaged young people in Westminster for nearly 40 years. Due to the loss of a Local Authority grant as a result of council cuts in youth provision, we having been transitioning to a new social enterprise model in order to generate a quarter of our running costs through mixed revenue streams. This transition has been overseen by our Strategic Director, however we are no longer in a position to fund this post from reserves.


    The decision to allocate funds for a Strategic Director has paid off so far. We have raised significantly more income than we would otherwise have been able to raise, and set out a clear transition plan. This has enabled us to remain open while more than 600 youth clubs have closed in recent years, unable to adapt to the changing economic and policy climate. A Strategic Director will continue to oversee our services as we grow to meet the new challenges that now face us.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Raise income in order to replace the loss of statutory funding.


    » Spend time on fundraising for the centre; submitting grant applications, holding events and engaging local supporters.

    Fundraising activities will generate income in order to fund the £50,000 - £60,000 worth of refurbishments and capital works which need to be carried out over the next 3 years.

    Aim 2

    Relaunch service


    » Build Juniors service from 2-5 days a week offering Homework Club, cooking and art and craft sessions.
    » Build Seniors service by enhancing activities offered in the Friday sessions, including radio production, singing and rapping, dance and judo.

    An increased number of young people accessing our Juniors and Seniors programmes.

    Aim 3

    Developing marketing and communication


    » Build links with local schools allow the services we offer to be shaped by the people who use them.
    » Build and shape a new online presence on social media through promoting our message on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    Increased engagement with the young people in our area and increased awareness of the services the Avenues offers. Awareness evident through feedback surveys and questionnaires.

  • Impact


    Project success will ensure stability in the leadership of the Avenues during the ongoing transition as we adjust to the lack of statutory funding and continue to develop and hone our services. We recognise the ongoing need to evidence our impact. To ensure we are collecting robust evidence of our impact we are currently working with Project Oracle and London Youth to develop a Theory of Change Model and Evaluation Plan for the Avenues Youth Project and to develop appropriate evaluation tools.


    Lack of funding for this post will have a knock-on effect for the entire charity, affecting our ability to deliver our services. We are currently working to ensure the funding continues to be in place for the future, and are building partnerships with other charities, for example through sharing our building with Open Age, in order to diversify our reach.


    We will provide regular and comprehensive feedback to our donors via our website which will include full progress reports on the Avenues services.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £40,000 Strategic Director salary Paying the salary of the Strategic Director who will over see the running of the Avenues
  • Background


    Avenues Youth Club is located in a purpose-built centre in Queen’s Park, where three local authority boundaries meet; Westminster, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and Brent. All three have significant social housing estates in the wider neighbourhood. Gang rivalries leading to serious youth violence between the postcodes endure. We serve a mixed community including people of Middle Eastern, North and East African, English, Irish, Bangladeshi and Caribbean descent.


    We work with the young people in our local area of North Westminster. Life expectancy for a boy born here is a full 15 years less than for a child born a mile away in a more affluent neighbourhood. Educational attainment, criminal convictions for minor offences, unemployment, and housing insecurity are all more likely to affect a person born in this area. We work with young people to aid their personal development and allow them to reach their full potential

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Avenues has been open for nearly 40 years, and was founded in 1979, in order to meet the growing need for support for young Afro-Caribbean people in the area. Since our founding we have grown to make sure we always met the needs of the changing local community, providing clubs, sports and education support for all the young people in our community. Their confidence in us was demonstrated when the Community Council voted to give us a grant in 2016, on the strength of local recommendations.

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    Fabian Sharp

    A community worker for many years, Fabian joined the Board in 2002 and has been Director since 2016.