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Siblings Matter Too Grants

Help us recognise the vital role siblings of disabled or seriously ill children play by giving them a small gift. These children often provide care and support to their siblings and this gift is an opportunity for respite and to recognise their achievements and the challenges they face.

The project is ongoing.

Charity information: 'Family Fund' supporting disabled children

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  • Need


    Life is challenging for a sibling of a disabled or seriously ill child. They cope with increasingly complex medical needs. Commonly, he or she will be the only sibling in the family leading to feelings of isolation and low self-esteem.

    We know that siblings of children with a disability have complex and challenging lives. They require wider recognition and support to build self-esteem and life experiences so that they can have opportunities in life similar to that of other families.


    Our small gift is usually the first time that the sibling has had their challenges recognised and acknowledged. This small contribution makes a huge difference to the child and increases their confidence and self-esteem. Connecting and engaging with families enables Family Fund to continue to support them and respond to their needs.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Recognise the difficulties faced by a sibling of a disabled or seriously ill child.


    » Provide 100 grants through £50 vouchers to provide a respite activity or gift for a child.

    We will provide 100 grants to siblings of a disabled or seriously ill child and identify future needs Family Fund can help with.

    Aim 2

    Focus on a demographic that is often overlooked and not identified by local authorities.


    » Use evaluation to review support for siblings to ensure they are empowered to have a voice in society.

    There will be an increased awareness of the grant and a greater understanding of the difficulties faced by siblings of a disabled or seriously ill child.

    Aim 3

    Building relationships and supporting families.


    » Maintain communication with Families and invite families to apply again in future.
    » Where applicable, signpost to other support services.

    We will continue to report on the number of first time and repeat applications received and record signposting in the database.

  • Impact


    We will increase the recognition for siblings who take on a caring role including awareness of the support required by the families who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child.
    We will continue the Siblings Matter Too Programme and funding dependant, we will support as many siblings as possible through it. The programme will continue to build relationships with families and support them whilst signposting to other organisations who can also assist them.


    There are two potential risks to administering grants. There is a risk of not reaching beneficiaries. This is mitigated due to the large number of families supported by Family Fund – in 2016/17, we provided over 88,000 grants and services to families.
    The second is the risk of misuse. Family Fund will only give out vouchers for this grant and require an evaluation form to be completed to find out the impact and alleviate the risk of the grant not directly supporting a sibling.


    We will send an impact report updating on the effect of their donation. The report will detail the number of grants issued to children in geographical areas and provide personal experiences from a selection of the siblings and families we’ve reached.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,750 Shopping Vouchers 100 x £50 Love to shop vouchers. Each costing £47.50
      £15 Printing Printing costs for letters and correspondance with the family
      £35 Postage Cost for posting the letters and vouchers
      £200 Administration costs Cost of administration and reporting.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Family Fund Business Services £85,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We are the largest UK wide provider of financial grants to low-income families raising disabled and seriously ill children. We undertake regular research into the lives of families we support and have identified that greater support is required for siblings.

    We distribute grants where the need is greatest by targeting the poorest demographics and constituencies in the UK. This project will be distributed throughout England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland where the need is greatest.


    In the UK there are over 900,000 disabled children; many of these children will have siblings. Just £50 means we can connect with and support another family.

    The family will have access to our network of families and provide ongoing support which will increase their self-esteem, health and wellbeing.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Family Fund has over 40 years’ experience administering grants and working with low income families supporting disabled or seriously ill children. We have reporting mechanisms in place to award the grants, provide feedback and a large database of families. In 2015, we were also involved in the University of Portsmouth report Do Siblings Matter Too? Research was gathered from 2,000 families supported by Family Fund and formed the basis for setting up the grant scheme responding to the findings.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Alex Atkins

    Alex is the Charity’s Grant Services Supervisor and has over 21 years’ experience of administering grant and identifying the greatest need.

    Jo Braithwaite

    Jo joined Family Fund in 1984. She will monitor the grant evaluations and ensure we provide the full support and signposting available.