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Project information

Young Equality Campaigners programme

We are seeking funding to run a London pilot campaign programme designed to equip a diverse group of young people (14-18) with the information, skills and networks needed to identify everyday inequalities and to run small, effective local campaigns - empowering them to tackle local inequality.

12 months

Charity information: The Equality Trust

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  • Need


    The recent election demonstrated that when young people are inspired and engaged they can have an impact. We see a need to facilitate the next generation to deeply challenge damaging structural inequalities, not only engaging during national political events. This would embed an increased sense of self-efficacy and ability to have control over their worlds. If action is not taken soon, the future for our young people is bleak, with a sense of powerlessness that is part of living with inequality


    Our programme of workshops and training will enable participants to make a positive difference to their communities and their own lives. By being facilitated to achieve change, the young people will gain self confidence in dealing with decision makers, also increasing their advocacy, media skills and campaigning skills. Hopelessness is shown to have a negative impact on health and educational outcomes, and this will contribute to tackling this for participants.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Young people will develop advocacy skills – both self-advocacy and for their community


    » We will deliver 10 engaging workshops on how to create effective change for yourself and your community with existing campaigners
    » The focus of these sessions will be hands-on workshops, where we facilitate young people to think about impactful change that they could bring about.
    » We will co-design and implement action plans and tools to develop participants’ advocacy skills.
    » We will involve decision makers in the co-design of campaigns during the workshops, and involve participants in the APPG on Poverty

    What success will look like

    Before and after measures - this will take the form of a 5 question scale set based on the measurement tool for youth advocacy developed by Millstein et. al 2016.

    Aim 2

    Young people will develop a strong sense of self-efficacy and confidence in changemaking skills.


    » We will media train the young activists, providing them with key techniques to engage with local media and harness social media skills for campaigns.
    » We will feature their outputs on our website and showcase their achievements in a sensitive manner, led by the young people.
    » We will facilitate an ongoing dialogue with local decision makers, enabling the participants to work towards securing commitments for change.

    What success will look like

    Pre and post questionnaires will assess the change that attending the workshops has had on how the young people understand and feel about their self-efficacy and confidence.

    Aim 3

    Young people will be empowered to improve their local communities and learn how to plan a campaign


    » The group that we work with will co-design solutions with decision-makers to problems that they have identified.
    » Facilitate an ongoing dialogue on issues raised by the young people, and involving decision makers at the start will encourage buy in to solutions.
    » As the UK partners of Fight Inequality Alliance, we will involve participants in the global movement engendering solidarity worldwide.

    What success will look like

    Pre and post questionnaires will assess the increase in knowledge of campaigning and the participants’ sense of empowerment following the workshops

  • Impact


    The project will have lasting change for the community where the young people run their campaign for change, through awareness raising, increasing participation and achieving actual changes to their local community. We will analyse the impact that each campaign has had in the local area, ensuring that we take a holistic approach to this – e.g. looking at local and national press coverage and traction on social media – as well as how far stated aims have been achieved and if dialogue is ongoing.


    There is a risk that we have a high level of drop out. We have addressed this by having good relationships groups of young people in various London boroughs, and would encourage young people to join at any stage. We will maintain communications with all those who engage, using accessible communication tools. There is a risk attached to working with young people, a strong strong Safeguarding Policy will be in place ensuring all staff working on this project have an enhanced DBS check.


    We will send out a monthly newsletter – communicating the progress of the project and any changes that have been made, alongside any interim outputs that the group of young people we are working with produce. We would seek to invite larger donors to events organised by the young people.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £34,144

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,972 staff office and sessional staff salaries
      £3,000 venues venue hire for workshops and events
      £1,000 travel travel for staff, carers and participants to events/workshops
      £1,697 catering catering for all events/workshops
      £1,375 risk assessments to ensure all risks mitigated in all venues
      £600 trainer fees to cover trainer/speaker costs
      £5,000 campaign to fund the participants campaign(s)
      £500 print design and print of final report/materials
  • Background


    The project will be based in London and the initial stage of the pilot will be to identify partner groups, who are able to collaborate on recruiting participants – with a particular focus on recreational youth clubs in areas of socio-economic deprivation and community groups. We will also be looking to work with at least one independent school. This will ensure the group reflects the diversity of London. Groups approached and interested are in areas of London all with high levels of inequality.


    This project will benefit young people aged 14-18, and we will particularly engage with and involve those from marginalised communities. The campaign developed by the young people will ultimately benefit the wider community, giving voice to the traditionally voiceless and improving life for all those locally. Local decision makers will benefit from hearing a greater diversity of opinions on possible solutions to local issues. We would look to roll the programme out across London, and the UK.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have an excellent track record of working with and supporting local grassroots groups across the UK – with campaigning, advocacy and media work. One younger person we work with said “The Equality Trust ignites and fosters the realisation that... we can have a real and meaningful effect on our local area, and as part of a greater nationwide movement for a fairer society... the Trust has shown us that a great deal can be achieved, not through time or money, but with simply motivation...

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Dr Wanda Wyporska

    Our Executive Director has worked as a campaigner across inequalities for over a decade and who is passionate about engaging/training young people.

    John Hood

    Our Media and Communications Manager has successfully increased the coverage on economic inequality and will support with media/social media

    Rys Farthing

    Youth Participation Consultant with a background in engaging young people in impactful campaigning work. She will facilitate the workshops