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The Gambian Amputee Rehabilitation Project

Legs4Africa enables amputees in Africa to live more independently. We have shipped out over three thousand prosthetic legs to West African clinics. Now we want to develop our own complete service for Gambian amputees, and ensure that they are getting continued, comprehensive support.

January 2018 - August 2019

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  • Need


    Statistics regarding leg amputation and subsequent treatment in The Gambia are scarce. We know that the main reasons that lead to leg amputation are type two diabetes, lack of treatment for simple infections and accidents due to poor health and safety practices. This indicates that there is a far higher risk of leg amputation and, due to limited resources and healthcare, and a profound need for prosthetic limbs and support services.


    The Gambian Amputee Rehabilitation Project works to provide mobility solutions for amputees and increase awareness of services available from Legs4Africa and it’s partner clinics, home visits to ensure correct safe and comfortable use of prosthetics as well as encouragement to become members of the Gambian Amputee Association. In this way we are enabling independent living for amputees so that they may claim their place in local community

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Supply hard to source equipment and materials for the correct fitting of prosthetic legs


    » Make regular prosthetic leg collections from our 16 partner hospitals across England and Wales
    » Purchase socket casting materials
    » Send two shipments of 120 prosthetic legs and associated materials to the Gambia

    What success will look like

    Confirmation, via Gambian support staff, of the safe arrival of each shipment of prosthetic legs and associated materials

    Aim 2

    Provide rehabilitation and educational services for amputees


    » Schedule Legs4Africa community support workers to visit amputees post amputation recovery and pre-fitting every two weeks
    » Establish a rapid means of contact by service users with the Legs4Africa community rehabilitation service in the event of emergencies
    » Produce and distribute visual guides to our service users explaining best rehabilitation practices, and provide emergency contact details
    » Encourage attendance and membership of the Gambian Amputee association which can provide peer support and advice

    What success will look like

    Request feedback from our service users, logging their usage of the service and personal progress

    Aim 3

    Improve patient monitoring and accountability for the welfare of amputees in the Gambia


    » Collaborate with hospitals and clinics to create a viable and easy to use system to account for amputees
    » Train Legs4Africa community support staff to operate the new system
    » Provide technical support, including software and hardware updates, for continued operation of the system

    What success will look like

    The successful population of a database of amputees and their progression, verified, where possible, by associated support staff

  • Impact


    Our project aims to improve the prospects of amputees in Gambia by giving them the independence and support required to find work, enter into education or, overcome the stigma of disability that is still held in many African countries, and find a partner. It will take time, but such people will change preconceptions around disability to prove that, with the right support, anyone can lead a fulfilling and productive life


    Due to the protracted nature of the project, there may be fluctuations in costs for items and services outlined in the project budget. We have included a 10% contingency cost to cover any variations. We are highly dependent on just a few on the ground support workers in the Gambia, for this reason we are actively expanding that network in the event of communication breakdown. We have also included contingencies in our timeline as, from experience, very little in West Africa runs to schedule


    Upon conclusion of the project in 2019, the donors shall be sent a copy of our yearly impact report accompanied by a breakdown of what their donation has made possible. In the meantime, the progression of the project will be documented on

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £22,528

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,925 Community Rehabilitation Ongoing support and wage for rehabilitation officer
      £4,056 System Implementation Develop and deliver a working tracking system for service users
      £2,524 Workshop Review and Upgrade Asses prosthetics workshop and deliver needed tools and upgrades
      £1,705 Rehabilitation Service Review Assess physiotherapy department and provide needed equipment and tools
      £6,270 Prosthetist Training and Confe Training for assistant prosthetist (3 months) plus BAO conference visit
      £2,048 10% Contingency For fluctuating costs and unforeseen problems

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Chrysalis Trust £5,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Gambia is a small low-income country in West Africa. As in many low income countries, leg amputation is a common solution to injury, infection or issues arising from lack of treatment for type two diabetes. Due to the financial climate and the need to import many commodities, the price of a prosthetic leg is far beyond the affordability of the average person. Despite such systemic issues, the sunny nature of its population has earned the region the nickname 'the smiling coast'


    The ability to safely negotiate previously inaccessible obstacles such as uneven ground and steps as well as narrow spaces such as public transport, enables our service users to lead a richer and more fulfilling life. This independence also frees up family who would otherwise have the responsibility of caring for their immobile family member. Mobility allows our service users to take part in community, increasing diversity and providing a voice for people with disability in community affairs

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Legs4Africa has three years experience shipping prosthetic legs to West Africa. Due to this, we already have existing networks and systems in place for leg collection in the UK as well as leg fitting and rehabilitation in the Gambia. Furthermore, the Gambian Amputee Association, an initiative established by Legs4Africa, gives us direct contact with both our future and current service users

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    Phil Tunstall

    Chief of operations: Coordinating resource acquisition and delivery, logistics and the recruitment of Gambian support staff.

    Emily Hancock

    UK based rehabilitation expert. Works closely with Bob and Gabu developing visual guides and guidelines for quality rehabilitation

    Gabu Jarjue

    The soul prosthetist in the Gambia: Expert in the field of the adaption and fitting of prosthetic legs

    Bob Jabbie

    Community Rehabilitation Officer: Provides checkups for service users post prosthetic fitting and basic physiotherapy and advice