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Project information

Feeding and Engaging the Poor/Homeless

The Big Idea of this project is to alleviate the suffering of the poor/homeless in the community by providing food for them and engaging them in various activities which would potentially keep them away from the world of crime.
This project includes various activities e.g. Food Bank.

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Charity information: Nasrul-lahi-l- Fatih Society Of Nigeria (manchester Central) England

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  • Need


    This project is trying to solve anti-social problems in such a way that if these people are being engaged and fed, the chances of offending for them would be very minimal rather than leaving them being idle on the streets and hungry.


    This project would provide a lot of various activities which would be very enticing to the targeted group and since these activities would get them occupied and busy, the rate of offending or crime would surely be reduced and the community would be a better place to live which thus give the law enforcement agents to be able to attend to other serious cases and even reducing the cost of fighting crime in the society. As a popular saying goes, ''Prevention is better than cure''.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To feed the poor/homeless


    » Opening a food bank whereby the poor/homeless in the community can come into the center to have something to eat for themselves (and their families).

    What success will look like

    Success of this aim would be reduction or getting rid of the number of hungry/homeless people in the community.

    Aim 2

    Engaging the poor/homeless.


    » Keeping vulnerable people engaged by providing sporting activities like table tennis and other indoor games to keep them off the world of crime.
    » Providing job searching facilities which give these group of people chances of looking and finding suitable jobs so that they can be independent.
    » Providing career talks and seminars for the targeted group so that they can have sense of belonging in the community.

    What success will look like

    Success of this aim would be many of these targeted set of people would be independent and useful to the community.

    Aim 3

    Crime Reduction.


    » We are liaising with the Police to be holding surgeries at the center so that people would be able to know how destructive crime is.

    What success will look like

    Getting as many people as possible away from the world of crime and making the community a safe place for all.

  • Impact


    This project would bring about bringing people together in the community and making people to be very independent and useful to the community.
    Success of this project would be having at least 4 people a year finding jobs and being independent, getting the level of crime in the community at the minimum level thus reducing the cost of fighting crime and discovering talents from these people in other areas like sports.


    Finance is one of the risks that could influnece the success of this project so, donations would be sought to be able to fund this project.Again, volunteers is another risk taken into consideration but going by the size of our organisation, this has been taken care of.
    Another risk that could influence the success of the project is the availability of seasoned and experienced personnel for this project but this too has been taken care of by seasoned practitioners in our society.


    Donors would be reported to by good communication channels such as emails and other acceptable means of communication. These reports would be formally done and concise, precise and straightforward.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Job searching facilities Equipment to be put in place for people to be able to search and apply for jobs.
      £2,000 Sporting Equipments Cost of buying sporting equipment such as table tennis, snooker board and balls,
      £4,000 Food Bank Cost of stocking up food items and replenishment of stocks
      £1,000 Police Surgeries Cost of providng refreshment during police surgeries.
  • Background


    This project would be located in the heart of Newton Heath in Manchester whereby the rate of crime is relatively high and we have greater number of people who are homeless people


    People from the community would benefit from this project and also people from far and near are also welcome to walk into the Center and benefit from this project.
    This project would benefit everyone in general because it would surely reduce the rate of crime, number of people sleeping rough and number of jobless people in the community.
    This project is about Empowerment as well.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Part of our mission statements goes with this project.Our charity works in order to contribute to the growth of the community so as to make our community a better place for all.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Adewale Okunubi

    The Chairman of the organisation, he oversees everything in the organisation. he would be supervising this project to make it a success.

    Deen Mayodele

    The Vice Chairman of the organisation, would be assisting the Chairman in making sure things are done the way they are presented.

    Monsurat Adebanjo-Aremu

    The Secretary of the organisation, she would be the custodian of the finances and make sure accurate figures are given for this project.

    Adenike Ayoola

    A trustee of the organisation who is a seasoned practitioner in projects like this.She would be giving needed guidance to the team.