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Fiori Foundation - Step #5

Fiori Musicali bring world-class musicians to beautiful places, many in rural areas, reaching out to those who lack the opportunity to experience near them music of the highest quality. We wish to strengthen our outreach to older people and those who are isolated by the challenges of travel.

April 2018 - March 2019

Charity information: Fiori Musicali

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  • Need


    Boosted by The Big Give, our supporters have helped us extend our outreach in rural areas and continue to strengthen Fiori's financial base. Our partnership with the Sulgrave Manor has developed further, and we are adding daytime workshops. Our organisational strength and range of activities positions us to grow audiences in the Heart of England. But we would like do more to counter rural isolation which particularly disadvantages older people.


    Your generous support has helped us to raise Fiori Musicali’s profile as a strategic resource for the Arts in and around Northamptonshire, attract new audiences and access increased funding. The founders continue to concentrate on their strengths – artistic quality and presentation, business strategy, fundraising and partnerships. This project will enable us to find new ways of reaching, involving and communicating with 'hard to reach' older rural audiences.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase concert provision for rural audiences and achieve stronger engagement of older people.


    » Further develop our community liaison work to identify target audiences, extend our network of venues and provide additional sustainable concerts.

    More events in a wider range of rurally isolated venues, more older people engaged with Fiori Musicali concerts, sense of belonging evidenced by social activity around concerts.

  • Impact


    Increased output and influence. Fiori seen as strategically important to arts / culture in the Heart of England. Stronger finances. Partnering with Northamptonshire – Britain's Best Surprise helps promote national awareness. Fiori increasingly effective in building community partnerships and accessing new funding, reaching new audiences. Older people in particular enjoying a sense of social involvement and occasion. Fiori Musicali create a living legacy and a trans-regional model for excellence.


    Principally the management challenges associated with any new strategy, especially with 'founder syndrome' where the founders are strongly associated with Fiori Musicali.

    Fiori continue to address these through strengthening governance and ensuring that we have the required skills to make the organisational changes required.


    One-to-one, through our web site and social media, in publications and concert programmes, via the board and at partnership meetings, and at formal and informal gatherings. Through the tangible sense that Fiori Musicali's activities are significant, and growing.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Marketing Ongoing project support
      £5,000 Marketing Marketing costs
      £2,500 Marketing Technology support
      £7,500 Artistic Artistic Director
      £7,500 Artistic Contribution to Artistic programme
      £5,000 Community Community liaison and support
      £2,500 Reserves Contribution to reserves
  • Background


    Fiori Musicali's offices are based in Northamptonshire, where the work is principally directed, but we are increasingly introducing remote working and developing the technology and skills to support this. Significant work for example is currently carried out in both Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire.


    Many rural areas, particularly in Northamptonshire, do not have access to quality music without travelling large distances. Funding will enable us to concentrate on extending our outreach in the Heart of England, forging new partnerships, further developing the volunteer base so more communities can become involved in hosting Fiori Musicali, starting to present Fiori to a wider national audience, and building our influence with Northamptonshire – Britain's Best Surprise – encouraging tourism.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Fiori Musicali have over 30 years experience in the field and are now established as one of the principal providers of classical and early music concerts outside London, while our St Ceciliatide events in the City of London were appluaded by The Telegraph as the 'Glyndebourne of the City'.

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    Bernard Rapson

    Development (fundraising / partnerships / marketing) and Finance / IT. Bernard is also responsible for overall business strategy and governance.

    Penelope Rapson

    Founder and Artistic Director. Penelope has responsibility for the artistic programme, musician and venue liaison, and as guardian of the Fiori brand.

    Stephen Finn

    Community Liaison Officer. Stephen helps identify target audiences and works with rural communities to build concert promotion skills.