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Project information

Upper Egypt Dairy Micro-Business

Provide 50 people in deprived areas of Egypt the chance to set up dairy micro businesses and achieve a sustainable livelihood. This provides up to three-year interest-free loans of £220 to purchase a cow, enabling dairy products to be made and sold. Sums repaid are to create new opportunities.

January 2018 - January 2021

Charity information: St. Mark Universal Copts Care

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  • Need


    The project is trying to solve:
    - Continuous Poverty cycle
    - Unemployment in rural areas
    - Dependability on limited social welfare payments from government, charities..etc
    - Lack of investment awareness and opportunities since banking and investment institutions are reluctant to work with high risk, deprived families


    The project will solve the problem by:
    - Lending interest free loan to 50 families to start a dairy products micro business enabling them to secure and grow a source of income
    - Business growth will be achieved via dairy, meat products and capital increase upon Cattle conceiving
    - Loan repayments will be reinvested on the provision of sustainable source of funding to other families in need, etc
    - On the long run, creation of employment opportunities to other members of the society

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduction of unemployment in individual communities, by supporting small and medium sized projects


    » Provide interest free loans to families in deprived areas of Egypt to start dairy products micro businesses.
    » Reinvest loan repayments to create new opportunities, etc

    What success will look like

    Demonstration via list of supported families & their repayment schedules for their loans accompanied by case studies of their economic situation before and after the projects.

  • Impact


    - Unemployment and dependence on social welfare reduction through sustainable & renewable projects
    - StMUCC has a successful track record in Der Mowas town of more than 100 families provided with interest free loans. New opportunities are being created through loan repayments.
    - Same model will be used in other towns accompanied by monthly reports on repayments for demonstration purpose
    - Unemployment amongst supported communities will be monitored and reported before and after the project


    1 - The illness or death of the cattle (Veterinary support will be provided through our vet volunteers in Egypt)
    2- Refusal of repayment by supported families (A loan agreement will be signed between the two parties and legal actions will be taken upon the refusal of repayment, extenuating circumstances will be considered with longer grace period on a case to case basis)


    - List of supported families will be provided
    - Monthly repayment reports
    - Case studies of supported families before and after the project
    - Visits to families upon request of donors
    - Reported periodic follow up through our team in Egypt

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £11,000 Capital Cost Cost of 50 Cattle for 50 projects
  • Background


    Der Mowas is a small town in Minia Governorate in Egypt. Der Mowas is a deprived farming town in which Cattle Herding is considered one of the main sources of income.


    50 families will be identified by StMUCC's local volunteer social workers. Families are identified based on a detailed case study of the family's economic situation on a case to case basis.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    StMUCC is best placed to carry out this project as the organisation has been serving deprived communities in upper Egypt since its establishment. Also, the organisation has a track record of running similar economic development projects. Adding to this that one of StMUCC's objectives and aims is economic development in Egypt. The connections & awareness that the organisation has in Egypt will guarantee the success of the project.

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    Dr Naser Fouad

    The chairman and founder of the organisation who is Egyptian himself. He follows up on the auditing and the implementation of the charity projects.

    Andrew Mikhael

    Charity's Programmes manager for the UK and MENA projects. His main role is to liaise between Egypt and the UK and t report back to higher management

    Bishoy Adib

    StMUCC's main representative in Egypt who follows up on all the charity's staff, volunteers and activities in egypt and report it back to the UK.