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"A gift of education changes lives"

We want to change the lives of academically gifted young people from developing countries, young people who want to make a difference. Your donation will help us provide a welcoming, supportive environment in the UK where young people gain their A-Level education so they can make a difference.

September 2017 - July 2018

Charity information: Pestalozzi International Village Trust

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  • Need


    Mingyur Paldon, 17, grew up in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India. She dreams of helping her community overcome poverty, homelessness and exclusion. Across the developing world, many young people like Mingyur face enormous obstacles to education, and those who are able to go to school are often at risk of being left behind by systems that cannot cope. In too many countries, education systems are unable to offer the challenge and support to students who have the potential to make a difference.


    Pestalozzi changes the lives of academically able young people like Mingyur from around the world, supporting them to obtain a high quality education they could not otherwise access. In 2017-18, we will welcome 43 young people into our multi-cultural, multi-faith supportive environment while they study in local colleges. Many will go on to internationally-renowned universities. All our students are passionate about using their education to make a positive difference in society.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support a student to achieve their first year's education at local East Sussex colleges.


    » Provide personal support in the transition to a new country and culture in a welcoming environment.
    » Enroll students in local college, and support them to attend.
    » Provide extracurricular and supporting activities such as language teaching, music and art.

    What success will look like

    Students have chosen the study areas which best suit them and achieved predicted A-Level grades of A*-C based on end of year assessments & modular work throughout the year.

  • Impact


    All Pestalozzi students go on to create positive ripples that touch the lives of many others. An educated young person has many more opportunities to support their family and community, and to make the change that they want to see for the future.
    We will measure this impact by monitoring our alumni’s progress after they leave us, whether this is through further academic achievement; through direct support to their communities; or through an impactful career in medicine, science or conservation.


    Potential Visa issues mitigated through working closely with the involved authorities in advance and to resolve any issues that arise.

    Young people's home situations or difficulty settling could cause loss of academic potential. This is mitigated through 24/7 care and access to counselling services if required.


    Donors will receive a newsletter twice a year to update them on students' achievements and their ambitions for the future.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,147

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,700 College Fees Education fees & related costs for one student for one year
      £6,784 Accommodation & Facilities Provide accommodation, all meals & facilities for one student for one year
      £4,668 Pastoral Care Provide pastoral support to one student for one year
      £320 Selection Costs of selection for one student
      £2,806 Travel & Immigration Cover all travel and immigration costs for one student for one year
      £789 Personal & Medical Provide medical care and personal care for one student for one year
      £80 Sundry Sundry costs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Individual Regular Giving £2,000 Guaranteed
    Grieg Foundatioon £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Pestalozzi International Village is located in Sedlescombe, East Sussex. The charity works with young people from Belize, Bhutan, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Tibetan communities. All of these countries have some degree of political upheaval, socio-economic deprivation, illiteracy, lack of medical care and amenities, and extreme poverty. Pestalozzi provides a peaceful, welcoming and supportive environment to young people from these backgrounds, in which to learn and grow.


    Primary beneficiaries: 43 intelligent aspirational young people from deprived backgrounds from the 9 countries listed.

    Secondary beneficiaries:
    Family and community of Pestalozzi students.
    Wider communities in-country benefit from ripple effect of local changes made.

    Worldwide direct and indirect impact through alumni developing careers in, for example, International Development, Medical Research or Conservation

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Pestalozzi is the only international educational charity that provides a UK based environment to bring together young people from around the world. This allows global conversations to develop into new ideas and ways of working together to make change in the world. Our students are selected for their vision and potential to make change, and our environment develops their ability to see local problems within a global context, and to embrace the difference and diversity they find here.

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    Ed Tourle

    Education support to students including tutoring and extracurricular learning.

    Fay Fellows

    Pastoral care to the students.

"The donations will fund my education and my daily needs, which essentially is shaping my future"

Nischal Poudel - Pestalozzi student