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SSF uses the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives through the world’s largest youth drama Festival.

By developing fully resourced curriculum linked schemes of work for 6 plays, we will embed our extraordinary impact & bring innovation to Shakespearean teaching for up to 25,000 children.

January 2018 - June 2018

Charity information: Shakespeare Schools Foundation

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  • Need


    The British Chamber of Workforce survey says firms believe that school leavers aren’t ready for work because they lack skills such as communication and resilience, which are built through engagement with the arts. However, the arts are being stripped from the core curriculum. The introduction of the EBacc has resulted in a decline of 8% in entries for Arts GCSEs this year, and a decline of 27% since 2010. School funding cuts mean that many drama departments are shrinking or disappearing.


    Our evaluation shows us that SSF’s active approach to learning is key to improving attainment, articulacy and engagement with learning. We know that participating in the arts improves employability and aspirations for the most disadvantaged young people in our society. This pilot project gives teachers a way to bring the SSF approach into their classrooms within the current curriculum, so that more young people benefit from our educational impact and no child misses out on creative learning.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To fully embed the active, inspiring SSF approach to Shakespeare in classrooms across London


    » Add to our resource library by creating a scheme of work for Julius Caesar, The Tempest, Twelfth Night, Henry V, Much Ado about Nothing and Hamlet
    » To differentiate each scheme of work for primary and secondary curriculums, ensuring dynamic learning activities can be easily taught and enjoyed

    Every resource has been purchased and positively evaluated by schools taking part in the Festival, deepening our Festival impact & enjoyment of Shakespeare by children & teachers

    Aim 2

    To expand SSF's reach and impact to even more young people in London outside the Festival period


    » Make curriculum resources available to schools who are unable to participate in our core Festival by piloting this work in London

    Each resource has been purchased and positively evaluated by schools not participating in the Festival, allowing us to widen our reach & spreading SSF's active, inspiring practice

    Aim 3

    To diversify our income and strengthen our business model, helping us build a sustainable charity


    » Advertise our suite of resources for sale to all schools, generating vital revenue for the charity, allowing us to deepen our impact

    We meet or exceed our target of generating an additional £10K of income from sales of resources, helping us to diversify our income streams and build a sustainable charity

  • Impact


    This project is an investment in the future of SSF. With a full suite of resources, we will be able to offer a truly holistic arts education opportunity to every participating school.
    We aim to use the revenue from the sales of resources to non-participating schools to fund creation of resources for our remaining 12 plays, so this is a self-sustaining project.
    We will know this product is successful in the long term if school sign up rates improve and our evaluation data continues to improve.


    There is a risk that there will not be sufficient demand for the products we develop. We have mitigated this by prioritising product development in London according to our most popular plays, talking to a focus group of teachers about their requirements and successfully road testing this product development approach in 2017.
    There is a risk that staff turnover could delay product development. This is countered by the expertise and training we have developed and our strong team retention rates


    Donors will receive regular newsletters detailing the project development and its impact and reporting back on any changes. Donors will also be invited to London Festival events so that they can meet teachers and young people who are beneficiaries of their generosity & will have used the products.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £36,000 Salary contribution Education Manager & Creative Manager to research, write, test, evaluate & finalise products
      £3,600 Salary contribution Marketing Officer will design products in easy to use formats using SSF branding
      £400 Print costs Contribution towards print costs for products
  • Background


    This project will be piloted in London, before being rolled out nationwide. We work in 138 towns and boroughs across the UK and deliberately target the most disadvantaged young people. In 2016, 21% of participating schools were located in areas that ranked in the top quintile on the Multiple Index of Deprivation. This project gives us the opportunity to widen that reach even further, bringing the SSF impact to schools who cannot yet take part in the Festival.


    Each year, up to 25 000 young people will benefit, from every background:
    27% from minority ethnic backgrounds
    14 % eligible for free school meals
    10% speaking English as an additional language
    Participation in SSF has a profound impact:
    97% of teachers said that their students increased in confidence
    96% described their students as resilient as a result of the Festival
    84% reported improved attainment in English
    This project allows us to embed creative learning in London's schools.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are experts in arts education. Established for 17 years, we have honed our knowledge and recruited experts to enrich our work. We have a high quality team of artistic associates and a highly-skilled internal team of practitioners who gained an average rating of 7.8/8 for delivery of teacher workshops this year.
    We have a team of teachers in-house, who have started linking the Festival experience to classroom learning and we have a strong cohort of Teacher Ambassadors who consult on our work.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Stuart Rathe

    Stuart is our Education Manager, he brings 6 years of outstanding teaching experience to the role and will lead on development of resources.

    Francesca Ellis

    Francesca is our Creative Manager, she will be contributing arts and theatre expertise to the resources.

    Helen Hasse

    Helen is our Marketing Officer, she is a designer and expert in digital marketing and will design and promote the resources.

Joe's improvement in Maths I put down to the experience of SSF. This new focused and positive attitude is now my standard from him and he responds to my teaching in the same way he responded to direction

Rebecca Glenny, Teacher, Warminster Preparatory School