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Project information

Hluma After School Programme

A safe place for school children <14 to learn life skills and get 1-2-1 vital educational support in impoverished areas. Children are safer off the streets between the end of the school day and their parents return, when they are most vulnerable to high levels of sexual and physical gang violence.

It is current and ongoing, depending on funding.

Charity information: NewDay United

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  • Need


    A lack of support in school and life skills education in the home for children who are struggling. Also, a lack of parental presence in these hours leading to child vulnerability while alone, the exposure of children to high levels of gang violence, teenage rape, drugs and other unsavoury influences while there is no-one present to care for them (as their parent / carer is at work). A lack of nutritious food for the children after their school day, for some we provide their main / sole meal.


    Providing after school care and educational support in a safe place as well as a basic nutritional meal to sustain the children as they do their homework. We keep the children out of danger and show them there are positive pathways they can choose as well the more obvious ones.
    The leaders of the Hluma Programme are also excellent role models, who have overcome community challenges and seek to show alternative positive choices to the children who attend each day. This is very powerful in itself.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Educational support


    » Homework tutor support 1-2-1
    » Peer support
    » Group activities to build confidence

    What success will look like

    Progressed educational outcomes for children who attend the programme, as well as increased academic engagement by the pupils.

    Aim 2

    Life skills


    » Life skills coaching by programme leaders
    » Positive role models
    » Peer support

    What success will look like

    Improved outcomes for attendees of our programme in the areas of self-esteem and knowledge around life skills key areas.

    Aim 3

    Safe place


    » Provide a safe place for children vulnerable to the dangers of living in an impoverished and dangerous informal settlement, to gang violence and rape.

    What success will look like

    0% of Hluma Programme pupil safety being breached during the hours that it is operational.

    Aim 4

    Nutritional Meeds Met


    » Provide nutritional food for pupils at Hluma Programme, often the main or sole meal of the day. This enables wellbeing, health and concentration.

    What success will look like

    Measuring the numbers of children fed each day of the Hluma Programme, as well as showing the quality of the meals provided. Potential for pupil survey on meals provided at home.

  • Impact


    Developmental and physical growth, as well as educational confidence and support are the norm for most UK children. However, due to long working hours, low wages (hence long walks to and from walk) and the dangers of informal settlements in Cape Town, many school children are left extremely vulnerable in the time hiatus between school and parental home time. This is an amazing opportunity to support the pupils with homework struggles, as well as feed them with possibly their only meal of the day


    Local gang violence could potentially affect attendance, however community engagement and support for the project as wells as supervised transport result in no dangerous or concerning incidences so far.


    Direct communications through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms. We also write regular Newsletters, Prayer Emailings and speak at supporter churches and other organisations regularly.

  • Budget

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  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

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