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Sponsor A Dancer Fundraising Campaign

Supporting Diverse Talents in Dance – Sponsor A Dancer is a campaign which seeks funding to sustain our company of diverse dancers to showcase their talents on stage, whilst providing ongoing training and nurturing to ensure they deliver strong and spectacular performances to wider audiences

September 2017 - August 2020

Charity information: Phoenix Dance Theatre

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  • Need


    There’s a great need for artistic, talent and audience diversity in the dance sector. We want to increase our reach to bigger and more diverse audiences in cities and towns and to rural audiences in small village venues that rarely programme national dance companies. We normally employ 8 dancers. We’ve had to reduce our core company by one dancer this year due to core funding cuts. This puts considerable pressure on the company to meet its touring commitments, (especially if there’s an injury).


    We aim to:
    - Offer opportunities for diverse dancers to perform with the company.
    -Increase our reach across well-known, middle scale theatres and small rural venues.
    - Increase the dance education work we deliver on tour which is led by our dancers especially workshops which inspire the next generations of aspiring dancers, and workshops for those from disadvantaged areas with little or no access to arts provisions, as well as support for our Youth Academy programmes for young dance students

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To sustain, nurture and develop highly skilled contemporary dancers


    » Deliver a comprehensive training and development programme for our professional dancers.

    What success will look like

    Our ability to increase our dancer number up to 8 and to deliver our national tour without any cancellations due to dancer injuries.

    Aim 2

    Build a bigger & more diverse audience for dance across the UK, esp BAME & disadvantaged audiences


    » Implement a national tour to a wider range of middle scale theatres & small rural venues, esp those that rarely or never programme contemporary dance
    » Engage a wider representation of dancers we employ and present on stage to improve diversity among our audiences

    What success will look like

    Each year, increase the number of rural venues to which we tour to two and at least 25% of our touring venues are new and at last 50% BAME representation in our dance company

    Aim 3

    To inspire young people from all walks of life and varying abilities through the medium of dance


    » To expand the delivery of dance education workshops in educational/dance institutions & community organisations to a wide range of young people

    What success will look like

    Increase in the number of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who participate in our workshops & pre-vocational training to 3000 over the next year increasing annually.

  • Impact


    • Maintain the high production value of our dance performances
    • Improve our capacity to tour across a wider range of middle scale theatres and small rural venues
    • Increase in the delivery of workshops to a wider cross-section of young people esp the underrepresented
    • Engage a wider cross section of audience members with a wider representation of dancers on stage from diverse backgrounds.

    The changes will be reflected in our monitoring & evaluation surveys conducted across our work.


    The greatest risk to a dance organisation with a small company of dancers is multiple injuries which can lead to cancellation of performances. We manage injuries through safe practices which form part of our dancers' ongoing training & development programme. The aim is to improve the number of dancers to mitigate these risks, so we have more dancers to deliver the performances.


    We will update our individual donors via a quarterly e-newsletter with updates on our tours and our outreach programme with pictures and testimonies from audience members and workshop participants.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £24,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £19,236 Dancer salary The cost of employing a dancer for the year (incl. NI & pension)
      £383 Dancer's Health Care Health insurance & physiotherapy costs
      £1,825 Annual Touring Costs Annual touring costs for a dancer (Per diem, travel & accommodation)
      £1,200 Training & Development Costs The average cost of year round training & development for one dancer
      £1,356 Promotional Tool Marketing assets for the campaign (leaflets, pull-up banners, promotional video etc)
  • Background


    The project is a national one with our base in Leeds. We will tour to up to 21 venues in 21 cities, towns and villages, over the coming year, our new touring season will take us to locations such as London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cheltenham, Leicester, Derby, York, Wales etc and rural venues. We deliver dance workshops in each of these locations as well as in the 3 most disadvantaged wards in Leeds (our home town) in schools with high pupil premium and recent arrivals.


    The work we tour to theatres reach the general public which consists of ballet and contemporary dance lovers and new audiences engaged through our audience development and outreach work. They are also dance students, aspiring young dancers, young people who have never accessed dance provisions before, hard-to-reach young people who benefit from our dance engagement workshops, young people with disabilities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Phoenix Dance Theatre is the longest standing contemporary dance company outside of London, For the past 37 years, we have toured a mixed bill of dance works to British & international audiences. We have an established dance education programme reaching diverse young people with varying abilities and pre-vocational dance training at our Youth Academies in Leeds and Newcastle. We have entertained, educated and inspired hundreds of thousands through the medium of dance over the decades.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sharon Watson

    The Artistic Director of the company shapes the company's artistic vision and recruits new dancers and supervises the current company of dancers.

    Mark Hollander

    The Executive Director has overall financial responsibility for the company and this project as well as the dance education and administrative staff.