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Team Pulse would like to reach far more people than we can physically contact and we envision IT to be essential in helping us to achieve our aims both in delivering events and creating resources.

Pulse would like to equip our growing team with 3 new laptops, associated hardware and software

Up to one year

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  • Need


    Mission: to enlarge & equip God’s Kingdom!

    Vision: By 2020 we aim to be reaching 20,000 people consistently with the Gospel every year. Alongside this we will equip the next generation so that they can disciple the next.

    Our team will not physically be able to make contact with this number of people and we therefore envisage our website, newsletters, online resources and products available through our online shop to be a vital part of our outreach.


    Project Tech will see us purchasing new equipment that will enable our expanding team to not only better plan and service our events, but develop our online strategy and provide innovative online resources with which to achieve our aims.

    By developing our website, newsletters and online shop facility we will expand the reach of Pulse Ministries far beyond the bounds of those Churches that we are able to physically visit. Our growing team requires the appropriate technology to service these.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Equip 3 of our team with technology to enable them to reach new and existing audiences.


    » Purchase 3 new laptops with associated hardware and software.

    What success will look like

    As well as being able to deliver quality events and develop resources, increased online sales, website traffic and newsletter subscriptions would constitute the success of our aim

  • Impact


    The team being correctly equipped for their job, allows the charity to be more efficient at achieving it's mission. These resources created using the technology will enable us to continue to reach churches and other organisations. We will demonstrate successes by measuring the number of new newsletter subscriptions and new organisations reached within a year of the purchase of the equipment, as well as the growing team being able to complete tasks professionally and efficiently.


    If our team grows beyond the amount of technology we are able to buy, we will be left with a team who are not as equipped for their role and it will slow down the productivity and efficiency of the charity.

    To deal with this, we will make sure we budget and fundraise in order to account for further team growth.

    Another risk is if the team do not have the skills to use the IT purchased, well.

    To deal with this we will make sure we train/equip the team with the necessary skills required.


    We will report to donors through regular social media updates, news bulletins on our website and articles in our newsletters.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Purchase of Equipment Purchasing 3 new laptops
  • Background


    The technology will be used in our office based in Wolverhampton but the laptops will also be taken to mission events across the whole of the UK.


    Churches and similar organisations and their ministries, individuals of any age, children and youth through improved coordination of events and further development of resources.
    As well as the immediate team as they are given the correct tools to complete the charity's mission and vision.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Pulse Ministries has almost 10 years worth of experience in this field and can demonstrate growth in both numbers of organisations and individuals reached through workshops, holiday clubs and training events as well as online sales and website traffic.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rebecca Crocker

    Operations Manager - Rebecca will make sure the IT is used to benefit the running of the charity.

    Jack Hedger

    Marketing and Media Manager - Jack will make sure the appropriate software is purchased and that the team members are equipped to use the laptops

    Jessie Alexander

    Youth Ministry Co-ordinator - With the use of the new IT Jess ill be better equipped to co-ordinate the online shop and develop youth resources