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Wellbeing Scotland will expand its services into Glasgow, one of the largest areas we do not currently cover. Through this project, Wellbeing Scotland will encompass all areas of abuse and offer a range of services to help support non-abusing families and survivors’ individual needs.

1 year

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  • Need


    1 in 4 will suffer abuse before the age of 18. Different age groups require different forms of support, and those abused in-care also have different support needs. With the Inquiry into Historic Child Abuse and high-profile media cases, more people are coming forward every day. Our resources are limited and we cannot offer a crisis service. We cannot offer services in all areas of Scotland. This means that many survivors are not receiving the support they need and deserve.


    We will expand our services into Glasgow, one of the largest areas of Scotland requiring support, which we do not currently cover. As well as offering our current range of services which include; in-care and adult counselling and advocacy, we will be developing a drop-in service for the first time, allowing survivors to speak face-to-face to staff and to help with crisis situations.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide services in the Glasgow area


    » set up a functioning Glasgow services by; securing premises, establishing client basis and recruiting volunteers

    Success will be an active client base in Glasgow with access to a range of our services, demonstrated by a similar turn-over as our other services and client satisfaction

    Aim 2

    Develop a drop-in service


    » Develop a structure for a drop-in service, including; staff coverage, crisis response, required paperwork and processes that this will incur

    Success will be a functioning drop-in service, available to all clients, which will provide a model for our other areas.

    Aim 3

    Raise awareness of services in the area and issues of childhood abuse nation wide


    » Extend fundraising program to Glasgow area, including; campaigning, raising awareness and funds, and informing community of services
    » Establish relationships with local area and expand volunteer base

    Interest in our services and a thriving volunteer and fundraising base in the area. Support from local communities for fundraisers.

  • Impact


    Support for survivors of abuse in the Glasgow area with access to a drop-in session in addition to pre-arranged appointments with counselors. Greater awareness of the issues facing survivors of childhood abuse and trauma in a major area of Scotland, and access to more volunteers and fundraising opportunities. Success will be demonstrated by long-term services being made available in Glasgow and the continued support of clients.


    Lack of response from survivors is a potential risk; however, we currently receive a number of inquiries regarding services in this area, and therefore do not anticipate that this will be a significant issue. Furthermore, advertising and campaigning will also ensure interest. Many of our volunteers already come from the Glasgow universities and continued advertisements to their departments will also ensure volunteer numbers required for the success of the project.


    Email updates on the project will be available, as well as our regular social media updates. Donors will further be offered our end of year reports, which detail statistics, including; client ranges accessing the service within the year, satisfaction reports and important data figures

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,900 Staff 7 hours staff
      £1,200 Volunteers training volunteers to give sessions
      £1,000 Overheards Rent, equipment, utilities
      £900 Activities workshops and resources
  • Background


    As a large area of Scotland, Glasgow has a diverse socio-economic demographic. Like all large cities, the size of the area means there is a high demand for our services. There are, and historically have been, a number of care residences in Glasgow, further creating demand.


    Survivors of abuse and their non-abusing families

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As Scotland’s leading abuse charity, over the last 23 years we have developed and expanded our services to suit the needs of our clients. Our experience and established processes and reputation mean that we are ideally suited to launch a new base in a busy and in-need city.

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    Janine Rennie

    CEO - as well as handling the business side of the charity, Janine remains active in the daily activities of the charity and work with clients too

    Traci Kirkland

    Deputy CEO - Traci also runs fundraising and handles marketing, awareness and campaigns. Traci will set up the Glasgow base and organize volunteers.

    Fiona Ross

    Admin. Manager - setting up the relevant paperwork and processes, Fiona will also manage the diary and admin staff running the base