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Project information

Inclusive Education: The SMARTboard Project

The purpose of this project is to empower the young people with autism that attend our school, by providing interactive SMARTboards. This technology helps our students, 80% of whom are non-verbal, to communicate, learn and interact in a group setting in a way that lowers their distress and anxiety.

As it is a simple case of purchasing and installing the smartboards, the project will take less than 3 months.

Charity information: Ambitious about Autism

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  • Need


    Currently at TreeHouse School only six of our classrooms have SMARTboards, meaning that some young people in our school are not able to access the most suitable learning tools for them. What SMARTboards offer over traditional learning methods, is that they are more stimulating and adaptable, resulting in a higher level of participation and educational growth. We passionately believe in providing the best education for our young people, which is why it is vital for us to succeed in this project.


    Our learners, aged between 4 and 19, benefit hugely from the tactile nature of a SMARTboard. The technology, which is immediate, is far more suited to our pupils, especially those with limited motor skills. SMARTboards effectively bypass the confusion caused by a computer mouse, and enable learners to look up and participate in learning together, rather than focusing solely on a piece of paper. Students that are less engaged in class, achieve more both in terms of learning and in socialising.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To purchase up to five new SMARTboards for our learners


    » Fundraise the money for the SMARTboards
    » Purchase the SMARTboards
    » Hire professionals to install the SMARTboards

    What success will look like

    We will consider ourselves successful once we have installed all of the new SMARTboards into the classrooms that need them.

  • Impact


    Success for us is difficult to quantify as it is measured by our pupils, and the developmental achievements they make through the use of the SMARTboards. What is certain is that the advances our young people make through SMARTboard technology has a profound affect on their lives and future prospects. Every advance that our young people make in their learning is a hard-earned success. This is why we work so hard to make the ordinary possible for young people with autism.


    We have a busy communications schedule on the run up to The Big Give, which could distract our supporters and make it difficult to have maximum impact and reach specifically about this project.

    In order to combat this, we have coordinated a detailed communications plan to ensure that all of our messages are promoted with equal weight.


    Donors will receive a regular email update with our progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £14,900

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      Amount Heading Description
      £11,905 SMARTboards This is the initial cost for the 5 SMARTboards
      £160 Delivery This is the total delivery cost for all five SMARTboards
      £2,835 Installation This is the total cost for the SMARTboards to be installed.
  • Background


    This project will be located within our TreeHouse School at The National Centre for Autism Education based in north London. This is a sector-leading non-maintained specialist school serving up to 90 children and young people from across London with severe and complex autism, aged 4-19. It provides pupils with specialist, intensive and integrated teaching.


    This project will benefit our learners by helping them to learn, thrive and achieve in a way that suits them. It will also benefit their families, friends, and everyone that our learners come into contact with thanks to their further development in life skills.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Ambitious about Autism believe life with autism should not be a permanent battle. We have two decades of experience of working with children and families affected by autism, and actively work to share this on a national scale. We take this commitment seriously, which is why we established schools to fulfil the needs of young people with autism in our city. Our twenty years of experience mean that we know the needs of our young people best, which is why we want to carry out this project.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Kerry Sternstein

    Kerry is the head teacher of TreeHouse school, and is one of the biggest advocates of the project. She will ensure the project's lasting success.


will pay for one classroom of young people to have an interactive SMARTboard.