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Project information

Helping More People

We help almost 19,000 people in Wales each year. We have set ourselves a strategic goal of increasing the number of households we help by 50% by 2020. Thus far, we have achieved an increase of 29% and to reach our target, we need to raise an additional £399,119 per annum.

October 2017 - September 2020

Charity information: Shelter Cymru

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  • Need


    At Shelter Cymru, we face a very real challenge in that we need to raise significantly more money if we are to be there for everyone in Wales that needs us – both now and in the future. We know that more people need our help:
    1 in 5 calls to our Shelter Cymru Live helpline go unanswered.
    The demand on our support from rough sleepers has increased by 60% in the last year alone.
    107,648 individual users (3.5% of the population of Wales ) visited the ‘Get Advice’ section of our website in 2016.


    Affordable and safe accommodation brings stability and security, providing a gateway to access health services/ GPs. It enhances social and community inclusion and provides the basis for the right to a private and family life. Put simply, a home is vital for good mental and physical health, allowing people to live in safety, security, peace and dignity. Our frontline services are available to all and our free, independent support is highly effective - we avert homelessness in 92% of our cases.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Help 50% more households by 2020.


    » Build a core foundation service and increase our frontline services.
    » Create user-led projects, placing people at the heart of our work.
    » Develop partnerships which support service delivery.

    What success will look like

    By 2020, we will help 11,189 households (and tens of thousands of people) facing homelessness and living in poor housing each year.

  • Impact


    The homeless population currently struggle to access healthcare and tend to rely on A&E at crisis point, which costs £85 million a year. Homelessness increases the risk of poor mental health, severe ill health and disability, lower educational attainment, long-term unemployment and poverty. People cannot, and should not, be expected to make the journey out of homelessness without the right treatment and support.


    In order to invest in the growth of our services and help more people, our fundraised income is vital. Whilst Shelter Cymru has been extremely successful in attracting grants from statutory sources, funding reductions mean that we are no longer in a position to be as reliant upon the public purse. The economics of providing our support to those who need us in the long term is complex and without philanthropic support, the breadth of our services will not reach its full potential.


    Donors will play a key part in the success of this project and we will continue to let them know how they have helped, the difference they have made and the future they have helped to create for individuals and families.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £399,199

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      Amount Heading Description
      £344,197 Salaries FCR. Includes expenses, pensions, NI and Life Assurance. Face to face/ telephone advisors/ support.
      £4,500 Training & Recruitment Staff and volunteers. Much training can be delivered in-house.
      £50,502 Office/ Management Costs Also includes HR, Finance, IT and Project Management.
  • Background


    We provide free, independent, expert housing advice and support on the phone, online and face to face in 75 advice surgeries across all 22 unitary authorities in Wales; our frontline services are available to all.


    Anyone in Wales who is living in poor housing or facing homelessness, regardless of their age, background or circumstance.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    When Shelter Cymru was founded, there was little or no specialist housing advice available to people in Wales; problems of homelessness were largely overlooked or not fully acknowledged. Despite Britain undergoing a long period of affluence/ economic growth in years that followed, poor housing and homelessness has continued. We've made a huge impact in Wales over the past 35 years, helping over half a million people in need and bringing about policy/ legislative changes helping countless more.

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    JJ Costello

    Head of Housing Services - JJ will directly oversee the service delivery of the project.