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Expedition Bursary Fund for UK Youth

Raleigh International is committed to increasing the impact of our Expedition programme through diverse volunteer groups. Providing financial support through bursaries will give young people with potential the opportunity to join Expedition and effectively engage in personal and global development.

July 2017 - December 2018

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  • Need


    Over half of the world’s 7 billion people are aged under 30. On Raleigh’s Expedition programme, youth aged 17-24 collaborate with marginalised communities to create lasting change. Diverse volunteer groups, fundamental to the success of Expedition and global development, are increasingly hard to recruit. Expedition is financially unviable for most youth from UK low-income households, denying them the chance to gain skills, experience and find solutions to poverty, inequality and climate change.


    Providing financial support through bursaries will enable young people from low-income households to participate in Expedition who could not have otherwise. We will increase the impact and reach of our programming by creating diverse groups of volunteers from a greater range of socio-economic backgrounds, and by targeting young people with a demonstrable contribution to society, giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential in effectively engaging as partners and leaders in development.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase number of young people on Expedition who would struggle to fundraise full programme cost


    » Market the Bursary with messaging that ensures we generate applications, targeting places and referral partners that will reach disadvantaged youth.
    » Award bursaries to youth who meet all set criteria, e.g. active members of society committed to Raleigh for whom Expedition is financially unviable.
    » Offer three bursary levels to maximise funds available and set award level relatively high to ensure we reach young people from the targeted segment.
    » Cover Expedition support costs, e.g. vaccinations, to ensure these are not a further barrier to participation for youth from low-income households.

    7 volunteers supported by a bursary to join Expedition in 2018 whom could not otherwise have participated. (Number may vary depending on bursary award level.)

    Aim 2

    Equip bursary recipients with skills, confidence and experience to effectively engage in development


    » Challenge each recipient to fundraise a minimum of £800 to learn budgeting, negotiation and marketing (amount to be determined by an approval board).
    » Give fundraising and other pre-placement support from a designated Volunteer Coordinator and attendance at a Pre-Expedition Training Event in the UK.
    » Deliver active citizen training and skills development through participation in Expedition, including in-country induction and youth leadership trek.
    » Volunteer on projects in one or more of Raleigh’s focus areas of livelihoods, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and natural resource management.

    Bursary recipients report significant increase in knowledge and soft skill development in the survey that volunteers complete at the end of their Expedition.

    Aim 3

    Increase diversity of volunteer groups to increase impact and reach of 10-week Expedition programme


    » Include bursary recipients in Expedition groups across the range of our 5 programme countries and 3 programme cycles per year.
    » Award bursaries to young people with a demonstrable contribution to society who would benefit from Expedition to help fulfil their potential.
    » Facilitate structured activities and successful team collaboration in volunteer groups to create lasting change in developing rural communities.
    » Develop, design, implement and measure Expedition to create global change with diverse groups of young people at the heart of our programming.

    Approximately 7 Expedition groups include a bursary recipient. Post-Expedition reports show outputs completed and outcomes achieved for volunteers and projects.

  • Impact


    Raleigh’s youth-led delivery is a proven means for youth to develop skills and confidence, and reflect on, advocate for and bring about change on issues affecting them. Through engaging bursary recipients on Expedition, Raleigh will create a group of diverse young global citizens whose impact and reach will continue after their volunteering with us ends. We will demonstrate success through the actions of our growing global alumni network, and in evaluation reports from our project communities.


    Our internal bursary working group identifies and addresses risks with Trustee guidance in setting up an efficient process that attracts the most appropriate young people. We set a clear eligibility criteria list and a simple application process. The form, optional video, and phone interview will also help our Approval Board check they can cope with the rigours of Expedition without extra support beyond fundraising. Successful recipients will then join our wider Expedition volunteer journey.


    We will share a case study of a successful bursary recipient, who is happy to share their story, with all donors. We will also update on the lasting change created by their Expedition volunteer group, together with communities, using words and photos direct from the field and end of project report.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £26,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £350 Pre-Expedition Training Event Enable bursary recipients to attend pre-departure
      £1,260 Visas Ensure bursary recipients are legally able to volunteer
      £2,450 Vaccinations Protect bursary recipients' safety while in rural communities overseas
      £2,100 Flights Transport bursary recipients' to/from Expedition programme country
      £19,840 Expedition Programme Facilitating bursary recipients' activities during 10-week Expedition
  • Background


    Bursary recipients will be from across the UK. Raleigh runs this programme in rural and marginalised communities in 5 countries: Malaysian Borneo, where the Sabah region lacks basic services; Nepal, recovering after 2015’s earthquake; Nicaragua, second poorest nation in the Western hemisphere; Costa Rica, with 5% of the planet’s biodiversity; and Tanzania, with few opportunities for growing youth population.


    7 young people, whose financial and personal circumstances would prevent them participating on Expedition, will receive a bursary. (Final number dependent on bursary award levels given.) Recipients are likely to be unemployed or in low paid work, from low opportunity areas in the UK, with minimal experience of travel. Additionally, 70+ UK and other international youth, including those from our countries of operation, will benefit indirectly from a more diverse and successful Expedition group.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Raleigh International is a youth driven sustainable development charity creating meaningful and lasting development impact. Our 2017-2020 strategy sets out how we will put young people at the heart of global change, developing solutions and making decisions. By working side by side with marginalised communities, in their own countries and globally, young people improve the quality of services, increase innovation, inclusion and collaboration, and empower communities to take social action.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jessica Middleton, Alumni Coordinator

    Raleigh alumna Jess Middleton will administer the application process, interview applicants and share the approval board’s decision.

    Volunteer Coordinator (Various)

    One of the team, depending on the Expedition country, will support with pre-departure preparation and reaching the reduced fundraising target.

    Volunteer Manager (Various)

    The bursary recipient will work with several trained Volunteer Managers during Expedition, who will guide their development and project success.

    Bursary Recipient (Various)

    The young person who received the bursary is instrumental in the project’s success. Their enthusiasm, passion and commitment will make the experience.