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Project information

GANDHI & ME (working title)

Troubled by global poverty and tensions across the globe, this third show in Shôn Dale Jones' trilogy of shows follows on from the UK hits The Duke & ME & ROBIN HOOD. We will again raise awareness and funds to support under represented, global communities through the creation of a story.

January 2018 - June 2018

Charity information: Hoipolloi Theatre

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  • Need


    As the wealth gap continues to grow between the UK and our neighbours across the seas, Hoipolloi's re-newed mission over the last three years is to create work which transports UK and European audiences into the stories of those less fortunate. GANDHI & ME will continue on this journey after the success of The Duke, raising £35K and UK wide awareness for the refugee crisis and ME & ROBIN HOOD on the spotlight to the suffering of street children. This show will explore peace and activism.


    In creating this new show, Shon Dale Jones will bring the spotlight to those less fortunate in a cost effective and impactful way. Working within an incredibly strong network, Hoipolloi brings donation and awareness to UK audiences in a grassroots and emotive way. Galvanising support from the Arts community, this show hopes to encourage audiences to actively engage with ways to peacefully change the status quo.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To make an early version of a new show that is self sufficient and an easily tour to UK audiences.


    » Work in our rehearsal space to write and research the content of this show.
    » Research a charity which works in the field of peace and activism to provide content and to collaborate with, to inform the making of the show.
    » Test the work in front of audiences to see if it is informative, emotive, interesting and engages them in changing the world.

    What success will look like

    We will demonstrate success through live sharings of the new script, created through the project and we will have defined some clear call to actions for the audiences to act on.

  • Impact


    With the creation of this new show focused on peace and activism, Hoipolloi hope to create a show which genuinely encourages a wide range of UK audiences to consider the social divides in society, and take meaningful action to help thos less fortunate than themselves. Through donations, and more importantly calls to action, we will be able to evidence the response of our audiences as well as gathering deeper audience feedback on their psychological change trough evaluations and social media.


    Creating a new show on a budget may restrict the amount of creative support and time Shon has to create a work of excellence, which will connect, engage and motivate audiences. Shon has nurtured a strong network of industry supporters from PBJ Agents to Artistic Directors of some of the UK's best theatres. These supporters and outside eyes offer free guidance which in turn motivates Shon to create the best work possible, on a realistic timeline. They will be a key part of the creation process.


    Hoipolloi regularly reports to its own Board on the progress of new work, touring and future plans and Donors will be able to receive these regular updates and be kept informed, more informally, of how the work progresses as frequently as they wish through the Company Producer.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Fees Artist time to write and research the work
      £1,000 Project costs Room hire, producer time
      £1,000 Technical costs To test low fi methods for touring this new show
      £1,000 Marketing to make sure new and existing audiences know about the sharings and work

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Hoipolloi £1,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The work will be made in Cambridge, where Hoipolloi has been based for over 20years. As a key part of the Cambridge community, the end of project sharings will also take place in the area and previous sharings have happened at The Cambridge Junction. More recently, Hoipolloi has performed in coffee shops, charity shops and pubs to access a more diverse cross section of audiences to gain the best feedback and new support for the work, and charitable mission.


    Shon will benefit from the creation of a third show, completing his trilogy of three. Audiences in Cambridge will benefit from the unique opportunity to input into the early stages of a creative process. And most importantly and widely, a charity will benefit by being directly linked to the creation and promotion of the early stages of this new show, which will have a legacy of performing at Edinburgh in 2018 and touring the UK, beyond this - raising awareness for global audiences.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Having already successfully created two shows in this new model (The Duke and ME & ROBIN HOOD) Hoipolloi have become one of the most legitimate and innovative theatre companies in the UK making low cost, socially conscious work.

    Winning a fringe first in 2016, touring work internationally and gaining over 25 news articles at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe alone, Hoipolloi have demonstrated that their new model has a genuine impact on audiences, the wider arts sector and far beyond.

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    Shon Dale Jones

    As artistic director, writer and performer, Shon Dale Jones will lead the creation of the work.

    Georgina Bednar

    Georgina produces the work for Hoipolloi and ensures that the company is able to deliver, to a high standard.

    Justine Watkins

    Justine leads marketing and social media for the Company and in doing so, ensures word spreads about the Company, our goals and activities.

    Hamish Pirie

    Associate Director of The Royal Court, Hamish will provide outside advice on the shape and quality of the work.