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In collaboration with New English Ballet Theatre, The English Concert plans to perform Wayne Eagling’s visionary new ballet ‘Remembrance’. Set to Handel’s Ode to St Cecilia’s Day, ‘Remembrance’ is a powerful portrayal of love and loss in wartime and a fitting commemoration to the armistice in 1918.

September 2018 - September 2018

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  • Need


    The strong tradition of touring ballet and large-scale works in the UK is under threat. Due to insufficient funding, mounting such performances is costly and the opportunities for the orchestra to collaborate with other art forms is rare. Instead, the orchestra is continually forced to consider small programmes only. This project seeks to promote one of the finest choreographers active in the UK and a new commemorative work, restoring the historical ties between baroque music and dance in turn.


    This collaboration will offer modern audiences an opportunity to experience the historical pairing of music and dance (an important impetus for baroque composers which has been neglected through the centuries) and a chance to engage with the important issues surrounding wartime. By bringing this production to London and the rest of the UK we will not only resist the decline of touring ballet, but demonstrate its relevance to modern-day audiences.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Present an outstanding performance of 'Remembrance'


    » Bring a successful staging of 'Remembrance' to audiences in London and the rest of the UK

    We will demonstrate success by monitoring audience attendance and feedback from musicians, guest artists, promoters, audiences and the press

    Aim 2

    Showcase one of the world’s leading chamber orchestras, soloists, directors and choreographers


    » see Aim 1

    We will demonstrate success by monitoring audience attendance and feedback from musicians, guest artists, promoters, audiences and the press

    Aim 3

    Explore historical but neglected modes of communicating with the audience


    » see Aim 1, i.e. pairing baroque music with dance

    We will demonstrate success by monitoring audience attendance and feedback from musicians, guest artists, promoters, audiences and the press

    Aim 4

    Expand the ballet repertoire, and create a precedent for future collaborations


    » see Aim 1

    Through future bookings, collaborations and repeat performances

  • Impact


    Although well established as a musical work, we will offer a new entry into the ballet repertoire and form the basis for similar collaborations. By proving that touring large-scale repertoire is still possible, this project will create a viable template for continued cooperation between TEC, major concert halls and festivals as well as other arts organisations. The project will help to reverse the decline of ballet touring and provide an inspiring creative opportunity for audiences in the UK.


    The English Concert’s position as a leader in its field brings with it vast experience dealing with last-minute changes, problems and cancelations. Withdrawals by soloists and key musicians is a common occurrence, but TEC is well placed to source quality replacements quickly and efficiently. Apart from the obvious risk of failing to raise sufficient funds to cover the projected deficit between tour income and costs, there are no other significant risks.


    Supporters will be invited to performances and rehearsals, and will receive regular e-reports as the project unfolds. We will use our website and social media presence to both increase the number of supporters and keep them closely involved.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,000 Director fee contribution towards artistic director fees
      £23,000 Musician fees contribution towards the rehearsal and concert costs of the orchestral musicians
      £2,000 Instrument hire contribution towards hiring keyboard instruments
      £8,000 Soloist fees contribution towards soloist fees
      £1,500 Travel/accommodation Costs associated with travel and accomodation for performances outside of London
      £500 Music hire For the hire of musical parts
  • Background


    Up to 4 performances will take place London’s Peacock theatre, followed by up to 3 additional performances outside of London at opera and ballet festivals around the country.


    Audiences in the UK who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see a work of this kind. The musicians of The English Concert, the soloists, and the orchestra’s supporters whose inspiration to support us will be replenished.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The English Concert is among the finest baroque orchestras in the world. Established by Trevor Pinnock in 1973, it has vast expertise across a wide repertoire which it bestows on new generations of musicians and audiences alike, refreshing its own creative springs at the same time. Under the inspired artistic direction of Harry Bicket, TEC has never been in better shape. Indeed, under Bicket’s leadership, the orchestra has carved an acclaimed specialism in the performance of Handel’s operas.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Harry Bicket

    Artistic Director and conductor. Renowned conductor Harry Bicket is much in demand by orchestras and opera houses across the world

    Wayne Eagling

    Internationally revered choreographer and ballet dancer. Former Royal Ballet principal and director of English National Ballet.

    World-Class Soloists

    a cast of 2 world-class soloists (soprano and tenor) will be performing this much-loved work.