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Project information

The SHINE project

'Students acting for Honesty, Integrity & Equality'; mobilises students with innovations in technology, and education to monitor and demand accountability from project implementers and service providers. Corruption impedes development; information, problem solving and transparency reduces its risk.

January 2018 - June 2018

Charity information: Integrity Action

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  • Need


    Corruption is detrimental to the positive outcomes that funds intended for essential projects and services could achieve; up to 17% of gross domestic product (GDP) in developing countries is lost due to corruption.
    This impacts citizens the most, denying them the opportunity to receive essential, lifesaving services and goods. This ultimately prevents the impoverished from being lifted out of poverty.


    The youth represent motivated positive agents of change in developing communities and we will enable them to champion integrity through 3 mechanisms;1)Introducing ‘Integrity Clubs’ into schools to mainstream intolerance to corruption; 2)Engaging youth monitors to utilise technology to report problems and support them to use information to collaborate with stakeholders to make sure problems are fixed and 3)Training CSO’s to embed education sector anti –corruption and transparency protocols.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    4,400 engaged and supported 14-19yr-olds becoming active monitors


    » Develop training material for youth in Integrity, community engagement and monitoring projects /services in education.
    » Establish 'Integrity Clubs' for students in schools to champion integrity, celebrate successes of monitoring and to mainstream anti-corruption.
    » Facilitate learning sessions between Integrity Clubs to enable a broader understanding of the impact of corruption to society.

    What success will look like

    -4,400 students become monitors, no. of students monitoring after 6 months, no. of training tools developed,no. of Integrity Clubs formed, no. of students in Integrity Clubs

  • Impact


    By working with students in DR Congo, Afghanistan, Palestine, Nepal and Kenya, we intend to build integrity in corrupt environments from grassroots level and reverse the negative impact that corruption has on projects and services that benefit the youth, demonstrated through no. of projects successfully completed and the improvement in the Fix-Rate. Integrity is amplified when youth monitors become working members of society and they influence the sectors and communities they are a part of.


    There is a risk that all students part of the Integrity Clubs will not become monitors.
    To ensure we mobilise 4,400 students to become monitors, we aim to engage 14,400 students in Integrity Clubs.
    There is also a risk that training students to become monitors, facilitating Joint Working Groups (JWGs) and using technology to report problems might not result in fixes. By providing on-going support and learning how to best engage JWGs, we can ensure this has minimum impact.


    Donors will receive a monthly update consisting of activities undertaken, activities due, and data for indicators such as number of Integrity Clubs, number of students in Integrity Clubs, number of trainings, number of JWG meetings, number of monitors and number of projects monitored.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Integrity training Holding 3 integrity training sessions to Integrity Clubs
      £2,000 Training materials Developing training materials in Integrity suitable for young people
      £1,000 Smartphones Purchasing 15 smartphones so students can begin monitoring projects using DevelopmentCheck
  • Background


    Ultimately we want to establish Integrity Clubs in Kenya, DR Congo, Afghanistan, Occupied Territory (OT) Palestine, Nepal and Kenya. This funding will contribute to training materials for Integrity Clubs in all of these countries, and the training in Integrity and smartphones for Integrity Clubs in a specific district in one of these countries. These countries all have environments in which corruption functions to impede development outcomes.


    The students who are receiving training and who are benefiting from the improvement in projects and services intended for them, as well as the wider community who are also beneficiaries of such projects and services. For example, monitoring the construction of the school would directly benefit the student monitor, but also the generations of children following, as well as the parents of the students who rely on the school to educate their children.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our charity is experienced in mobilising citizens to demand integrity from project and service providers. Through our approach, monitors have worked with other stakeholders to fix problems, achieving on average a 55% Fix-Rate.We established Integrity Clubs before in Nepal and Afghanistan, and their success indicates how youth are extremely positive agents of change. Developing tailored training material and the use of our exciting tech tool enables young people to become champions of integrity.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Beth Turner

    Monitoring and evaluating results and taking learning to adapt project to ensure highest impact.

    Annalisa Renna

    As Head of Operations, Annalisa will oversee the development of training materials, the delivery of training and the disbursement of smartphones

    Edward Irby

    Edward will work with our partners in-country to ensure the project remains context-sensitive and on-going support is provided to youth monitors.