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Championing sexual health for vulnerable people

To improve the sexual health & wellbeing of 1,325 vulnerable people in India, Nigeria & the UK. Our aim is to improve sexual health knowledge and care for children, young people and adults in difficult contexts.

January 2018 - December 2018

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  • Need


    Good sexual health is essential to the physical & emotional wellbeing of people around the world. Yet many lack knowledge & understanding about sex, sexual health risks, & access to sexual health care. The WHO recognises links between socio-economic vulnerability & poor sexual health & encourages solutions that promote positive choices around sexual health & wellbeing. To champion sexual wellbeing we must address these needs & ensure the participation of those who are most vulnerable & at risk.


    We will equip, resource, & support educators to provide culturally relevant relationships & sexual health education (RSE) & care for vulnerable people. In partnership with local schools, churches, medical facilities, & other organisations, these educators will support vulnerable people to deepen their knowledge about relationships & sexual health and receive relevant care. Key aspects will include engaging them to think critically & empowering them to make informed & considered decisions.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Equip a network of educators to deliver relationships & sexual health education in their contexts


    » Enable 43 educators to deliver relationships & sexual health education and basic counselling to vulnerable people, and monitor and evaluate the work
    » Provide ongoing support & continued training for educators throughout the project lifecycle to help them overcome any challenges

    43 educators will be supported & resourced in their locations & be actively involved in project delivery.

    Aim 2

    Improve sexual health knowledge & care for 1,325 vulnerable children, young people, & adults


    » Provide sessions on topics such as self-esteem, puberty, relationships, reproductive health, sex, STIs & HIV, porn & sexualised media, etc.
    » Develop positive and safe relationships with vulnerable people to support them in decision making regarding their relationships & sexual health
    » Provide medication, counselling, and support for people living with HIV to improve their health and wellbeing
    » Gather feedback forms, testimonials, & other examples to show evidence of changes in knowledge & improvements in health and wellbeing

    Feedback forms, testimonials, & case studies will show improvements in sexual health knowledge & care for 1,325 vulnerable people.

  • Impact


    This project will contribute to reducing unhealthy perspectives regarding sex, unplanned pregnancies, HIV & other STIs, & risky/harmful sexual practices. It will help beneficiaries increase their sense of self-worth & their confidence, leading to better health & improved quality of life. Our educators work closely with local schools, churches, medical facilities, & other organisations through which they will follow beneficiaries’ development & measure impact through testimonies & case studies.


    Political unrest in Nigeria could affect educators’ ability to deliver their sessions as planned. We would either postpone activities or re-direct them to alternative locations should this situation arise. Young people within UK mental health inpatient units may be too unwell to participate in our education programme and this would impact our beneficiary target. We closely monitor our planned outputs and could include an additional educational cycle should this situation present itself.


    Donors will receive regular updates from us via their preferred method of communication, sharing the activities and impact the project is making as well as any necessary changes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £19,278

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,211 Capital investment Equipment & capital investment vital to the project
      £9,972 Project related running costs Travel & supervision, educational resources for facilitators & beneficiaries
      £3,570 Project direction/development Including partnership & best practice programmatic development (in country with UK support)
      £1,219 Monitoring & evaluation Data gathering, analysis, reports
      £1,554 In country base costs Rent, utilities, administrative support
      £1,752 UK fundraising & tech support To enable the project to take place

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Individual donor £5,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    This project will serve vulnerable Nigerian children in rural communities; young people with mental health disorders in the North West, UK; & people living with HIV in Hyderabad, India. Each location features a different approach to the project that is specific to the cultural context. For example, in the UK there is a high correlation between mental illness & risky sexual behaviour & this is addressed through our education delivery.


    800 children in Nigeria, 25 young people within UK mental health inpatient units, & 500 people living with HIV in India will directly benefit through the support given to them. Families will also be impacted as vulnerable people experience improvements in their health & wellbeing. 43 educators will benefit from our support & resources. Local schools, churches, medical facilities, & other organisations will benefit from the expertise our network of educators is able to provide.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    acet UK is passionate about mobilising people to deliver relationships & sexual health education (RSE) and respond to sexual health issues and HIV in their contexts. With the support of beneficiaries & extensive volunteer networks, acet UK & our partners seek to improve sexual health while addressing the particular cultural challenges & needs presented in the communities where we work. We are committed to sharing best practice with each other as we seek to improve RSE worldwide.

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    Sarah Smith, Acet UK Chief Executive

    Sarah has developed RSE projects in the UK & Uganda, supported 1000s of young people & completed the National PSHE CPD programme.

    Dr Lavanya Suneetha, Nireekshana ACET Director

    Dr Suneetha leads a team of medics, counsellors, & volunteer educators to provide holistic care for people living with & affected by HIV in Hyderabad.

    Sunday Musa, ACET Nigeria Director

    Sunday has over 20 years’ experience in HIV prevention/community care. His volunteer team runs Kids Clubs & other projects in underserved rural areas.

    Gareth Cheesman, Esteem Network Director

    Gareth trains & supports our network of educators delivering RSE in youth settings across the UK. He is pursuing a Masters in Public Health.

Relationships and sex education must be provided by trained practitioners in EVERY educational setting for all children, as part of a holistic approach to child protection that includes internet safety and all forms of bullying and harassment and the getting and giving of consent.

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