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Lets end homelessness in the UK

We want to combat homelessness nationwide by resourcing churches and charities to house people who are homeless. We currently house over 800 people through a network of over 50 partner projects but we know we could do so much more! Please help us by giving generously.

This is an ongoing project.

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  • Need


    Rough sleeping is up 16% on last year with upwards of 4,000 people sleeping rough on any given night. But that's nothing compared to the estimated 265,000 people sleeping on friend's sofas or in unsuitable conditions. Homelessness has a knock on effect on other areas; health, crime, education.


    We provide churches and charities with property that they could not otherwise afford we are releasing them to house homeless people from their local communities.

    We then go on to support our partner churches and charities with guidance and advice on how to manage the project and support their residents through a true transformation.

    We see crime rates dropping, families reunited and people unlocked to realise their potential.

    We believe that together the Church can end homelessness.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide homes in 5 new towns this year


    » Reach out to new groups who express an interest in the work on social media, at conferences and exhibitions and in person presentations.

    What success will look like

    Purchasing houses in 5 new towns in 2018.

    Aim 2

    House more people than ever before


    » Reach out to new groups who express an interest in the work on social media and in person presentations.
    » Support our existing partners to expand their portfolios.

    What success will look like

    Total housed to be more than 827 people.

    Aim 3

    See more of our residents into work or training.


    » Social enterprise grants encourage partners to prioritise sourcing work and training for residents.

    What success will look like

    Percentage of those in work and training evidenced in annual partner questionnaire to be higher than 2017 figures.

  • Impact


    Your gifts enable us to invest in the lives of the vulnerable people we house providing them with a wider range of services. Providing a home and support changes the course of a person's life, improves health, reduces likelihood of crime, reintegrates them with society and gives them a new start. That's long term change.


    Dealing with vulnerable adults always involves some level of risk, you cannot predict how vulnerable people will behave or how their journeys will progress. However, we have ensured that the residents are supported with holistic care so they have the highest possible chance of success.


    Monthly e-newsletters, and social media and for more invested donors, the opportunity to go to visit our founding project to see first hand the impact their support is having.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £200 Media Campaigns Attracting new partners through facebook and print media.
      £150 Admin coordinating projects, recording success
      £9,600 Social Enterprise Grants Encourage 50 partners through grant to stimulate work opportunities.
      £550 Resident Awards Create 10 resident awards to celebrate success
  • Background


    Working throughout the UK; people find themselves homeless in every county - we have over 50 partner projects that we support across the nation. We even projects in areas that homelessness isn't typically associated such as Harrogate and Basingstoke. Our bias is towards the north west where accommodation is more affordable.


    Vulnerable adults who would otherwise find themselves homeless. We provide guidance, grant funding and support to partner projects who would not otherwise be able to successfully afford or manage these projects. Their residents then benefit from the support of our partners.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have grown an invaluable network of over 50 partner projects. New groups investigating starting such a project can be easily released to start their projects knowing they have the backing of a national organisation that will guide and support them.

    It enables groups to utilise the passion and kind support of volunteers and staff already in their network to start a project whilst seriously reducing the burdensome commitment of starting from scratch.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    The Dwelling Place Basingstoke

    They are one of our partner projects. We would like to award them grants to continue their vegetable garden created by residents at their project.

    Fresh Horizons Wembley

    They are one of our partner projects. We would like to continue to award them grants to support their residents back into volunteering and employment

    Freedom Social Project, Barnstaple

    They're one of our partner projects. We would like to continue to award them grants to support their residents setting up their own social enetrprises