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Stanley Grange Gamelan

Stanley Grange is an intentional community for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs like Autism, Dementia and Cerebral Palsy. Saved from closure and now owned by the charity formed by families of residents, we are now starting up exciting groups and activities; next is a Gamelan!

February 2018 - August 2018

Charity information: Stanley Grange Community Association

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  • Need


    With the previous owners' intentions to shut Stanley Grange, financial and emotional investment in the site has been lacking for years. Not only are the buildings in need of some TLC, but also the vibrant groups and activities for the residents and the wider communities (local residents and other adults with learning and physical disabilities) have fizzled out. We are gradually starting to get social and training activities back up and running, but there is still a long way to go.


    We have been running a 'Musicality' workshop on Mondays, which is teaching the participants (many of whom have behaviour issues, are non-verbal and who struggle to engage with the other activities on site) about music. Different tones. Different beats. Different styles. The change in the participants is outstanding and we now want to develop this group further by offering the therapeutic and engaging benefits of a Gamelan. We also want to invite the wider community to use this facility.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To extend the benefits and learning from the music group on site into the development of a Gamelan


    » Purchase the equipment needed
    » Upgrade the venue
    » Find a tutor
    » Front-fund the group for 6 months

    What success will look like

    Regular attendance of residents; Attendance from non-residents, feedback about participants' wellbeing; feedback from participants without disabilities; progress of the Gamelan

    Aim 2

    Renovate the near-derelict Victorian pavilion on site into the Gamelan venue, for use by everyone


    » Finish the renovation already started, including getting electricity to the pavilion
    » Engage the community (the residents and our neighbours) in decorating the pavilion and renovating the original Victorian tiled flooring

    What success will look like

    The pavilion is water-tight; windows are repaired; the flooring is renovated; there is electricity in there; it's nicely decorated; storage is secure.

    Aim 3

    To engage Stanley Grange's neighbours and other adults with LD to rehearse & perform in the Gamelan


    » Purchase the equipment and refurbish the venue for the Gamelan
    » Publicise the Gamelan and hold an "open night"
    » Aim for a performance at the Summer or Christmas Stanley Grange fete

    What success will look like

    Neighbours and adults with disabilities not living at Stanley Grange participating in the Gamelan; increased participation; self-sustaining after the 6 month front-funding

  • Impact


    The Gamelan with have therapeutic benefits: The music itself, the learning about the different notes, working with others to create the music and aiming for a performance (long-term) will all provide a meaningful activity for the residents of Stanley Grange. Involvement from other adults with disabilities from across the area, as well as our neighbours, will improve wellbeing, instil a sense of belonging, further integrate Stanley Grange into the community and foster natural friendships.


    The renovations may take longer than we think ( a builder and joiner have already pledged their support for free); we may not be able to find a 'leader' (the leader of the Musicality Group has agreed and is very excited to take this up); the group may not be popular (initial research shows that this could be a very popular group); We may never be ready to do a performance due to the nature of the residents' needs (we need to manage expectations of donors and celebrate the progress of the group)


    Photographs and videos showing progress; testimonials from participants; open invitations to come and visit the Gamelan; an invitation to the performance (though this is a long-term aim due to the nature of the needs of the residents).

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,247

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Refurbishment of the Pavilion This will make the building water-tight, provide electricity, repair the flooring and decorate
      £4,077 Equipment This will purchase starter packs of instruments, additional percussion instruments & teaching aids
      £1,170 Staffing To provide a Gamelan leader for 6 months

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Baily Thomas grant £1,500 Guaranteed
    Donation £3,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Stanley Grange is an intentional community of 9 cottages for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs situated in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire between Preston and Blackburn. Before it was a community it was a Victorian stately home. Most of the grand building is long-gone, however in the grounds is a tiny 'pavilion' still remains. We think it was used by the owners when they played croquet or badminton on the lawn. We would like to bring this back to use as the Gamelan's home.


    The 42 residents at Stanley Grange, as well as other adults with learning and physical disabilities who would come on site to take part in the Gamelan. We also have a wider 'community' of around 50 friends, families and neighbours who will be invited to take part; learning not just about the Gamelan but also integrating with the Stanley Grange residents. Local school children will also benefit, again both from the music but also from getting to know the residents at Stanley Grange.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    SGCA is the owner of Stanley Grange and, between us and the provider of the care and support on site (Future Directions CIC) we are really starting to get some exciting and vibrant groups up and running. There is nothing like the Gamelan in our area - we have the experienced leader to run it, we have a potentially fantastic venue and we have a list of participants all raring to get started!

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    Sarah Coulson

    Charity Manager (inc responsibility for the fund-raising and Big Give project)

    Liam Pemberton

    The Gamelan Leader

    Bea Williamson

    Daytime activities coordinator - Bea is responsible for developing the activities on site at Stanley Grange