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A Lifeline in Winter

The Lifeline Centre is a sanctuary for homeless and vulnerable people in Bath. We offer a warm welcome, basic supplies like food and clothing and practical help to solve complex problems. We want to open Lifeline 6 days a week and increase intensive support to help visitors turn their lives around.

November 2017 - March 2018

Charity information: Genesis Trust Bath

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  • Need


    People come to Lifeline desperate: cold, hungry, homeless or facing eviction with no friends or family to help. Many of them have no local connections so have no right to accommodation in Bath, leaving them with literally nowhere to go. They can suffer from complex health and emotional problems and many are destitute, marginalised & forgotten. Our visitors need a warm, safe refuge away from the streets and more intensive support to turn their lives around.


    Our team of skilled staff and volunteers at Lifeline offer a warm, non judgmental welcome and emotional support to Bath's most marginalised people.
    1) We will offer more intensive individual support to help homeless and vulnerable people start to turn their lives around. When they are ready, we help them find a home, tackle addiction, access healthcare and address underlying problems such as debt.
    2) We will extend opening to Saturday mornings providing a hot breakfast and safe haven.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Meet the basic needs of visitors.


    » Offer food, warm clothing, washing facilities & equipment to help clients cope with life on the streets.

    Last year at Lifeline we gave away 1,500 items of clothing and footwear, 126 bedding items & 640 emergency food parcels. Sadly we expect this to increase with demand.

    Aim 2

    Develop positive relationships with visitors.


    » Staff & volunteers invest time to getting to know clients, developing relationships & gradually gaining their trust.

    We work with clients to record their progress based on their own objectives and measure against a set of nationally recognised criteria.

    Aim 3

    Enable homeless and vulnerable people to tackle housing, health and financial problems.


    » We advocate on our client’s behalf with services and other agencies to access housing, health care, emergency grants, debt, legal advice etc.

    Lifeline has a track record of successfully referring clients for housing, specialist health care, emergency grants etc and we will continue to measure this.

    Aim 4

    Help visitors to reintegrate into society and become active members of the community.


    » Provide emotional support, explore solutions to underlying problems, signpost visitors to specialist support and give them to access online resources.

    Last year we held 358 intensive one-hour individual support sessions. We will track and report on volume & effectiveness of these sessions.

  • Impact


    A warm welcome from a well-briefed team can change lives. With increased intensive support sessions people will make positive changes in their lives; finding accommodation, avoiding eviction and overcoming health issues. Transformation can happen - we have volunteers at Lifeline who started out homeless themselves. A trial last winter of Saturday opening, at the specific request of the Police & Crime Commissioner, led to 20 fewer vulnerable adults on the streets with nowhere to go for help.


    We invest in personal relationships with clients who show respect to staff, volunteers and each other. The Police and Crime Commissioner funded the pilot programme for Saturday opening and continues to be highly supportive. We aim to minimise risk around funding for Lifeline by having a balanced mix of sources including grants & trusts, community fundraising, individual and institutional giving.


    Donors who agree to be contacted by us will receive a regular newsletter featuring all the Genesis projects, individual client stories, volunteer and fundraising news. Lifeline is featured on our website and social media with information regularly updated.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,500 Staff Staff costs to cover additional opening hours & increased need for intensive individual support.
      £500 Rent Premises rental costs
      £300 Utilities Heating & lighting
      £1,420 Catering Food, drinks, utensils etc
      £80 DBS service Disclosure & barring service checks for new volunteers
      £400 Training For staff & volunteers
      £285 Publicity Materials to make clients aware of new service
      £515 Support Management & administration
  • Background


    For clients fleeing violence or other issues, Bath appears a wealthy, pleasant refuge. It can come as a shock that with no local connection they have no housing rights here and can get little help. Bath’s beauty also hides deep inequalities - an appalling 9 year difference in male life expectancy between the poorest and richest suburbs for example. 4 areas are in the most deprived 20% in the UK. One recently entered the most deprived 10% with 37% of kids in poverty and 43% of adults unemployed.


    Lifeline welcomes 30 to 60 visitors a day. 70% are officially homeless and over half are sleeping rough or ‘sofa-surfing’. They face multiple problems: 35% live with mental health issues, 22% are physically ill or disabled and 19% have learning disabilities. More than half are alcohol dependent, 42% have drug addictions and almost all long term unemployed. They often have very low self-esteem and have lost hope in the future. Many need long-term, intensive support to improve their situation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Genesis staff & 700 volunteers have been providing food, clothing, advice and practical help to Bath’s homeless community and those facing deprivation in the city for 22 years. Lifeline’s 3 part-time staff & 12 regular volunteers – 1/4 were once clients themselves - bring people and services together to tackle problems that cause homelessness. Because we are not government funded, we can provide practical help to many clients with no local connection who have no right to be housed here.

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    Gloria Ware

    Gloria founded Genesis Lifeline Centre in 2003, has been the bedrock ever since, and is held in huge esteem by clients and volunteers alike.

    Caleb Mallard

    Manages the Lifeline Centre. He has a degree in Theology and was a youth worker and minister prior to coming to Bath.

    Sean Sutton

    Lifeline Deputy Manager specialising in advocacy - bringing the multiple specialist services clients need together to make change happen.